Canada Might Put Cancer Warnings On Individual Cigarettes

Cigarettes are something that many Canadians enjoy. It's a deadly and fairly expensive habit that can easily lead to someone getting cancer due to the chemicals packed inside.

Health Canada has proposed a new way to try and reduce the number of people smoking cigarettes in the country. You see, in Canada, the packing of Cigarettes only has to contain health information. However, according to Health Canada, smoking is slightly on the rise in the country and that means it's possible Canadians might see those health warnings being printed on each cigarette.

The proposal does state that the design, size, and font are still be considered for the option. This means that what we have right now in terms of images is only a prototype. So, it's possible that there will be more colors but it really depends on what people respond to better, in terms of aesthetics.


Via Global News

This is actually quite important since they're going to see these warnings everytime they go for a smoke, which means you don't want something that simply annoys the person but rather something that draws them in to read what's written on their cigarette.

This isn't the only area that the government is thinking about adding the warning labels. According to Global News, they're also thinking about slapping warning labels on blunt wraps, water pipe tobacco, and heated tobacco.

Smokers are going to wonder what this means for them. Bear in mind that this is just a proposal so, it's likely going to change a lot but it's safe to assume that if it does go through, Canadians might see a very tiny rise in prices. The reason being that it will now cost more to actually create the cigarette, which all translates to an increase in price to offset the production costs.

The idea isn't a bad one, it can actually achieve the goal of reducing the number of people smoking in the country. Generally speaking, people might occasionally read the messages that could be printed onto the cigarettes.

There's some part to this that isn't the best idea. You see, cigarettes have chemicals that are widely known to cause cancer and adding to the number of chemicals isn't a good thing. However, the ink used to actually produce the warning labels will probably be safe to consume.


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