10 Most Expensive Birkin Bags, Ranked

The fashion industry seems to get women pretty well. And there's no better example of this than the insane amount of bags they get to choose from. There is an entire market solely based off of these accessories that, in many cases, can make an outfit go from just okay to absolutely fantastic. Just like in any other industry, you can find the bag of your dreams for $20, or $200,000.

When the Birkin Bags were first introduced to the world, they quickly established themselves as the symbol of opulence and wealth. Everyone knows that if you can treat yourself to a Birkin, you're probably doing pretty well in the finance department. But just how expensive can these bags really get? We've done the research! Here are the top 10 most expensive Birkin bags in the world, ranked!

10 Hermes 2002 26 Bag - $36,000

The first item to be featured on this list is also the only one you can expect to find retailing for less than six figures. It's also one of the few that isn't incrusted with some sort of extremely expensive material, which explains the modest price tag of $36,000.

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This beautiful model, available in a statement orange, is made out of matte Mississippiensis alligator skin, one of the staples of the brand. If you dream of possessing one of the priciest bags out there, then this one would be the best option. Keep in mind it still costs more than your average car, though!

9 Brighton Blue Porosus Crocodile Birkin - $113,525

This is one of the Birkin bags that broke records back in 2011. Of course, the brand wouldn't settle for that and, as we're about to see, they kept breaking records ever since. The Brighton Blue model was auctioned at $113,525, which was a record-breaking number eight years ago.

The coloraturas is stunning, reminding buyers of the blue skies of places like California. Even though it fails to include precious stones and materials, it does feature silvery-white palladium hardware. It's not what the common mortal could afford for a bag, but let's call it one of those "treat yourself moments" in life.

8 Metallic Bronze Chèvre Leather Hermes Birkin - $117,000

Curiously enough, when the Metallic Bronze Chèvre model was produced in 2005, it retailed for $10,000. Still, a price tag that would make the most price-conscious buyers out there roll their eyes to the back of their heads, it's far from being the final price-tag that put this particular bag on the map.

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Featuring gold hardware and a stunning orange color, the model ended up being auctioned for $117,000 back in 2017. When it comes to Birkin Bags, you have to think real-estate - the more time goes by after production, the more its worth increases. You might want to check if you have any old models hanging around!

7 Dark Blue Crocodile Skin Birkin - $154,000

Yet another Birkin bag that broke auction records in Europe is the Dark Blue Crocodile Skin model. In 2017, it was auctioned for $154,000 which was, at the time, the most expensive bag ever sold at auction. It's still far from being the most expensive one the brand can brag about having produced, though!

This particular model includes, of course, crocodile skin. However, it takes one step further in regards to the ones we previously mentioned in this list. In addition to its main constituent, this bag features white gold and 18-karat diamonds. Not too shabby!

6 Shiny Améthyste Porosus Diamond Birkin - $160,000

This beautiful bag is actually the same model as the Dark Blue Crocodile Skin Birkin we just mentioned. But when it comes to high-fashion, the colour does make a difference after all. No two bags are quite the same, and when we're talking about something of Birkin's caliber, this statement could not be truer.

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This time around, the brand presents us with a gorgeous amethyst color, and, of course, white gold details and 18-karat diamond embellishments. It sold at auction at Christie's for the spectacular amount of $160,000, a few thousand dollars more than its dark blue counterpart.

5 Fuchsia Crocodile Birkin - $222,000

Talk about a statement piece! Even Barbie would be jealous of anyone who was lucky enough to lad this stunning Fuchsia Crocodile Birkin model. But if we're being real here, not even Barbie herself could afford to drop $222,000 for a bag. Even if that bag is bright pink and...oh right, a Birkin!.

This is yet another Birkin piece that broke records in 2015, by becoming the most expensive bag ever sold at auction in Hong Kong (are you sensing a common theme here?). The lucky one ended up being a phone buyer, who can now brag about the fact that, once upon a time, he/she broke a world record. Thanks, Birkin!

4 Blood Red Hermès Braise Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin - $298,000

Back in 2016, this bag became so popular that Forbes dedicated an entire article to the model. Three years ago, $298,000 was the highest price anyone had ever offered at auction for a bag. The anonymous buyer ended up dropping an incredible $298,00 for this extremely hard to find piece.

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The Blood Red Hermès Braise Birkin includes everything you'd expect from such an exclusive bag. The finest crocodile skin, gold, and diamonds. This is the sort of accessory that exudes opulence and decadence, and it's almost more suitable for a museum than it is to take on an afternoon walk to the park.

3 Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin - $379,000

And speaking of records, it's finally time to meet the bag that currently holds the world-record we've mentioned so many times. The Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin sold at auction for the staggering price of $379,000. It's okay, we'll give you a minute to recover from this information.

Only two of these are made every year. Add that to the fact that the piece is made out of Niloticus crocodile skin, over 200 diamonds, and 18-karat gold details, and you can understand why everybody went crazy for it. We're not sure which bag will break the record next, but if we'd have to guess...we'd probably say a Birkin.

2 Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka – $1.4 Million

If you think we're done counting down the most expensive Birkin bags in the world, you might want to think again. Just because something wasn't sold at auction, it doesn't mean it's cheap! And the perfect example of this is the Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka, designed by, you guessed it, Ginza Tanaka. No brain muscles stretched there.

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This piece could easily blind an innocent bystander - it includes 2000 diamonds on the outer shell, plus an 8 karat detail that you can actually wear as a brooch. Plus, the diamond sling is detachable and wearable as a bracelet or necklace. We love versatile accessories! We just wish we could buy the $1.4 Million ones.

1 2012 Sack Bijou Birkin - $1.9 Million

Closing downs this luxurious list is the most expensive Birkin bag known to mankind. With a price-tag of $1.9 Million, you can pretty much forget owning one of these unless you save for a few decades. And maybe not even then! Why the enormous price tag, you might ask? Well, for one, only three models were produced.

And there's also the minor detail of its materials. Completely made out of rose gold and encrusted with over two thousand diamonds, this bag alone includes more precious stones than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes. For now, this is the most opulent Birkin to ever be made. But we can't wait to see how the brand tops itself!

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