Bees Have Officially Been Named The Most Important Creatures On Earth

Bees have officially been named the most important creature on the planet in the hope that more people will help boost the insect's numbers.

Most humans tend to forget that Earth isn't our planet. We share the world with millions of other species and sadly, our actions are having an even bigger effect on many of those animals than they are on us. We have even managed to wipe some of them out completely whether that be via eating them, hunting them, or destroying their homes.

While it's clear to see that many people simply don't care about that, perhaps those people will care when they realize the absence of certain creatures spells doom for the human race. Most notably, for now at least, the bee. According to Bored Panda, the bee has officially been labeled the most important creature on Earth by The Earthwatch Institute.

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via The Independent

Chances are you will have heard bees be labeled as important to human life on a number of occasions, but why exactly is that? Well, it's to do with pollination. Bees travel from flower to flower collecting pollen and as they do it, they inadvertently pollinate other plants, thus helping the process of creating more. In fact, according to Greenpeace, 60-90% of the food we eat relies on pollinators such as bees.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, important foods such as these rely on bees to pollinate them. No bees, no fruit and veg, or at least very little of it. Meats and dairy products will also take a big hit should bee numbers continue to drop. Almonds rely on pollination to produce nuts, almond hulls are used to feed cattle and chickens, so without bees, there will be less chicken, beef, milk, cheese, you name it.

Put simply, the world needs bees, and many of the 20,000 different species of the insect have been placed on the endangered list. So what can we do as individuals to help bees? Well, don't use pesticides, eat organic foods, and forgo having a lawn in favor of a garden full of flowers. Give your local bees something to do and flowers to pollinate. If enough people do that, we might just turn things around.

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