10 Beanie Babies That Seem Valuable, But Are Worth Nothing

If you grew up in the 90s, it's pretty likely that you collected Beanie Babies. These small, stuffed toys came in various different animal shapes and were a huge hit during this decade. Many people just had to get them all and believed that these collectible toys would be worth a fortune in the future.

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Unfortunately, as anyone who has tried to unload their collection on eBay or at a garage sale will know, that's not exactly the truth. Although there are a few Beanie Babies that can fetch a good amount of cash, most of them aren't worth much more than they were in the 90s. For instance, these ten Beanie Babies have a lower value than you would ever expect.

10 Teddy The Bear (Old Face)

Teddy the Bear was a Beanie Babie that was released in 1994 before being retired only a year later, in 1995. This Beanie Babie is well-known among collectors because of the fact that it had a very different face than later bears in the collection and it came in several different colors.

Because of the fact that it had this unique face and was only around for a year, it has to be worth something, right? Well... kind of. The first generation Jade version of Teddy, when filled with PVC beads, has gone around $90 recently. But, that's far from the thousands people think some Beanie Babies will go for.

9 Spangle

Spangle was released as part of the International Bears collection and represented the US. It was released in 1999 and is definitely one that many collectors think has to be worth a lot of cash. After all, it was released as part of a limited edition collection of bears and people love all things American, right?

Sorry, but this bear is definitely not going to pay for your vacation. Spangle has been listed for as much as $800 recently, but since the sellers took a "best offer," it's hard to say how much they actually went for. Spangle is often included in lots of other Beanie Babies that go for $20 to $50.

8 Patti

Patti is a platypus and was one of the very first Beanie Babies ever to be released. Patti was first released in 1993 and a second edition of her was released in 1996 before she was retired in 1998. Because of the fact that Patti is one of the original nine Beanie Babies, many people believe she's worth thousands.

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Is it true? Sorry, but no. First edition versions of Patti, before they slightly changed the hue of her body, really don't go for that much. Recent sold listings on eBay show her being listed for up to $400 with the seller taking a best offer. Other sold listings show her going for around $50.

7 Humphrey

Humphrey is a camel and was released in 1994. This Beanie Baby is one of the rarest ones available, because of the fact that only around 25,000 of this Beanie Baby were ever actually produced. That has to mean that this Beanie Baby is worth tens of thousands of dollars, right?

While this Beanie Baby is one of the more rare ones and is worth more than many others, it's still definitely not going to buy you a new car if you pull it out of the attic. This Beanie Baby goes for between $100 and $200, which is pretty good compared to some others, but still not the fortune some people believe it might be worth.

6 Hope

There were a lot of different bears that were released when Beanie Babies were incredibly popular. Bears for all occasions and in all different colors hit shelves and had people rushing to add them to their collection. Hope is among the most unique bears because of the fact that it was permanently posed in this prayer position.

Does the fact that this bear is sitting with its paws together make it any more expensive? Unfortunately, no. Hope is regularly included in lots of other Beanie Babies that go for around $30.

5 Splash

Splash is a killer whale and was one of the original nine Beanie Babies, released in the first batch of these plush toys. Because Splash was one of the very first Beanie Babies ever to hit shelves, there are different editions of Splash and the first edition is definitely the rarest one.

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Unfortunately, even the first edition Splash really doesn't often sell for that much. Splash is a Beanie Baby that tends to sell for around $30 to $100. And no, having a Splash Beanie Baby that had the wrong tag does not make it worth more, Splash with Flash's tag recently sold for a mere $25.

4 Lefty And Righty

Just like Spangle, Lefty and Righty are a pair of Beanie Babies that are very America-specific. Each one represents their own political party and they were popular in 1996 and then again in 2000 as these were each election years.

Since these Beanie Babies represent a really specific American tradition, they've got to be worth something, right? Not exactly. Like Spangle, these Beanie Babies haven't really gained that much value, despite being unique. They sell in bundles for around $20, while the star and stripe-printed versions seem to sell for slightly more.

3 Halo

Halo is a Beanie Baby that is considered to be super rare and regularly shows up on eBay for thousands of dollars - up to $10,000 recently! How can we deny that this angel is worth some serious cash when so many people are listing it for up to $10,000?

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Well, because no one is actually spending that amount on it. Yes, people have listings for Halo that go up to a million dollars. But, if you take a look at the sold listings, you'll see that sellers take best offers for this rare Beanie Baby, making it difficult to see what it actually sells for. Most of the recent auctions seem to price Halo at $50 to $100. Not bad, but not a million dollars either.

2 Millennium

The aptly named Millennium was released to celebrate the coming of the new millennium. It was released as people got excited for the year 2000, and the fact that it was released to commemorate a special occasion makes many people believe it's a really rare, special bear. But does that make this Beanie Baby worth a ton of cash?

According to recent sold listings, the answer is... no. Although Millennium was a Beanie Baby that was really popular when people were preparing for the coming of the new millennium, he really hasn't stood the test of time for collectors. Despite being listed at up to $20,0000, it seems that this bear only gets around $50 to $75, if the seller is lucky.

1 Princess

Princess is a really tough Beanie Baby to discuss because of the fact that she is so highly contested among collectors. Is she worth a fortune? Is she worth next to nothing? The answer is complicated, but the short answer is yes. If you have a Princess Beanie Baby with the exact right hang tag, tush tag, and filling, she can be worth a lot of money.

Princess was released in 1997 to commemorate the life of Princess Diana following her death. Because this Beanie Baby has direct ties to a public figure and so much sentimental value, a figure of $500,000 or more is often put on this rare toy. Unfortunately, if you look at the sold listings and scroll past everyone that took a best offer for their $15,000 bear, you'll find that Princess tends to go for up to $500 for the ultra rare version with most people getting  her for around $50.

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