Australian Scientists Testing Climate Resistant Coffee Beans To Save World From Crisis

Could Australia really save the world from a coffee beans crisis? Scientists from down under are trying to prevent just that, and they are currently testing climate resistant coffee beans to help stop it.

According to The Guardian, climate change is going to have a dramatic effect on coffee beans. By the year 2050, the demand for coffee is expected to double, while the suitable land for coffee bean growing will not be useable. Therefore, unless something drastic is done now, there will be a severe shortage of coffee.


Scientists at Southern Cross University in Australia are stepping up in an attempt to prevent the shortage by test 20 different climate resistant coffee bean varieties. Prof Graham King is one of the leading scientists on the project. He recently shared that this month up to 900 plants are going to be planted in Alstonville, northern New South Wales, at a tropical fruit research station.

King went on to explain that it will take up to five years for the trial to produces any significant findings. However, government funding from government-funded AgriFutures Australia runs out in May. He is unsure if more funding will become available or not as the group has not been overly engaged with the project.

Duncan Farquhar is the business development manager for AgriFutures, and he shared the coffee sector has been giving funding from the organization since 2014. Farquhar went on to explain that the coffee industry has been invited to compete for a new round of funding.

World Coffee Research is doing its part by encouraging those in the coffee industry to contribute to the Checkoff program to help safeguard the future of coffee beans. The program is there to support such trials as the one King is working on, to help keep those initiatives funded. It is pretty clear that something needs to be done today or the future of coffee is going to be in jeopardy. Expanding Australia's plantations into climate resistant coffee beans won't prevent climate change, but it will help keep prevent a coffee shortage in the future.

What do you think about Australian scientists testing climate resistant coffee beans? Can it work or not?


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