NASA Astronomers Want Newer-Better Space Telescope To Find Alien Life

Some scientists are arguing that NASA needs a little bit of an upgrade in terms of their telescope. The argument is mainly focused on the technology to actually locate intelligent lifeforms and planets.

This idea comes from a report made by members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. They were tasked by Congress to come up with an effective method for studying and exploring planets that are outside of our solar system.

Of the many things the group listed, the most important suggestion they had focused on the telescope which they want to be powerful enough to take images of planets, specifically those that we can't see directly on our own.


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This will be very costly. NASA literally spends billions on some of the current telescopes they've got and a project like this might cost them even more, especially since they're constantly investing in new technology such as the James Webb Telescope. That project alone has run NASA a whopping $9.66 Billion. That's a lot of money, but this proposed telescope would likely cost even more. The reason behind that is because the technology has never actually been tested in space, which means it will take a long time to develop a vehicle capable of ensuring safety and effective use of the tools on board.

One thing that seems to be consistent in the thoughts of the scientists behind the report is that they want to learn more about how planets and stars are formed. Their reasoning behind this is that our current knowledge of it is not the best. This means that if we created a satellite without more advanced knowledge, we could regret it in the future.

This would for one make the lives of astronomers easier and also ensure a more accurate representation of planets in the Milky Way. According to The Verge, most planets are discovered when they pass in front of their parent star, which blocks light and allows satellites to measure the dip in brightness.

Overall, this is not an easy task. NASA needs to manage both costs and time while also keeping themselves orientated with new technologies and vehicles that need to be developed in order to make such a monumental project even happen.


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