Apple Offers Repair Program For Faulty Keyboards

Apple has finally acknowledged that issues do exist with the "butterfly" mechanism built into the keyboards of newer MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. As a result, they have created an extended keyboard service program in response.

According to The Verge, the Keyboard Service Program is designed to cover the replacement of one or more keys on a keyboard, or the entire keyboard if it's deemed necessary based on the customer's problems.

This program has been a long time coming for customers, who complained for months that Apple's keyboards have broken down due to dust, but with the Keyboard Service Program put in place, customers will be able to have their laptops with the aforementioned issues addressed by Apple. This program is longer than AppleCare Plus, which customers felt to be more limited.


Via Business Insider

According to Apple, the Keyboard Service Program will cover annoying repeating letters, letters and characters that don't appear at all, and keys that don't respond to typing. It will cover eligible MacBooks and MacBook Pros that were purchased no more than four years prior.

While many customers may argue that Apple was slow to respond to all the issues brought up about their laptops' keyboards, it's good to see that they're finally taking the appropriate steps to make things right. Apple products are expensive, and many customers deal with that premium price point because there is a perceived level of quality unmatched by other providers. After shelling out that much money, it is a little disheartening to see the build not live up to Apple's reputation.

 Thankfully, The Keyboard Service Program will fix problems that couldn't be addressed previously through AppleCare Plus. This will help create more happy customers and a stronger, more positive reputation for the tech giant.

Customers who want to learn more about the Keyboard Service Program are encouraged to visit Apple's support page.


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