Amazon To Convert 700k-Sq-Ft Abandoned Mall Into Fulfillment Center

Amazon is using existing resources in Akron, Ohio by creatively taking a 700k-square-foot abandoned mall and turning it into an Amazon fulfillment center.

A once-thriving mall in Ohio, the former retail spot known as Rolling Acres has been empty since 2013. Not only have their been no retailers operating out of the mall since that time, the location has become a place of worry for the city. Over the past six years, the location has remained a dangerous destination, often in the news because garage,  bodies and more have been found on site since the mall closed. Amazon hopes to change all of that.

The massive corporation is planning to build an equally massive facility at the site of the former mall. It will be one of two fulfillment centers the company is opening in Ohio.

Once home to over 140 stores, falling customer traffic forced the mall to close but the location seems ideal for the consistently growing Amazon, at least after they do a bit of cleaning. The location has seen nature take its toll and there will need to be some serious renovations to make the spot workable as a location where millions of packages will be sorted and shipped out every year to a growing base of customers.

Amazon Gets Creative

Amazon could have built a brand new facility. They certainly have the money and resources to do so. Instead, the company is taking a problem and an eyesore for the area and making it a place that will attract hundreds of employees and new residents to the area.

As Amazon works its way into new business projects and the land of retail slowly dies, one has to wonder if the 700k square feet the former mall offers will even be big enough.

It is somewhat ironic that Amazon would take over a building they probably helped destroy because shoppers have almost all but stopped shopping retail since Amazon became a household name.

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