25 Yachts That Are Better Than Any Mansion

When it comes to the perfect vacation, most people always go for an experience that's farthest from what they're used to in their normal routines. Therefore, it's hard to come across someone who lives next to a beach and his or her idea of the perfect vacation is spending a few days on a different beach unless they're obsessed with the beach.

Therefore, since the greater population of humans lives inland, the idea of going on a cruise excites most people. Most of us opt for vacations that have nothing to do with a cruise because going on a cruise is expensive, and is, therefore, a preserve of the rich in society.

However, a very small percentage of people, who belong to the class of multimillionaires and billionaires, not only afford to go on numerous cruises, but they own yachts, meaning they can literally live in the ocean. Of course, most of these yachts are worth far much more than the huge mansions we find in the most affluent neighborhoods, owing to the amazing features they come with.

This is a list of 25 yachts that we're convinced are better than any mansion we'd find anywhere. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to spend even a few hours on any one of these beauties, they should take it, because the experience will be nothing short of breathtaking. However, they will also need to be ready to part with a tidy sum.

25 Octopus

Via: charterworld.com

The mega yacht Octopus is owned by the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. When he is not using it, Paul normally lends out Octopus for search and rescue, scientific research, and exploration expeditions. He once lent it out to Google Earth when they were undertaking the Explore the Earth Project.

The yacht has 41 suites, a pool, two helipads, a movie theatre, a basketball court, a recording studio, and two submarines. The exterior of the 414 foot Octopus was engineered by Espen Oeino, while the interior features were designed by Jonathan Quinn Barnett.

24 Seven Seas

Via: flickriver.com

Owned by Steven Spielberg, the Seven Seas is valued at $200 million. It has one master suite, 6 double suites that can accommodate up to 12 guests, and has enough space to house up to 26 crew members on board.

It has an infinity pool whose walls double up as TV screens and can be converted to a helipad or entertainment area. The Seven Seas houses a movie theatre, beach club, garage, gym, Jacuzzi, and spa. This yacht can move up to a speed of 20 knots and cruise at a speed of 15 knots.

23 History Supreme

Via: steemit.com

If you have $5 billion in your bank account, you could consider purchasing a yacht made of solid gold like the History Supreme. It is one of the most expensive yachts in the world since it was built using over 10,000 kg of gold and accessories made of diamonds, platinum, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s bones, and meteorite rocks.

It is supposedly owned by a Malaysian businessman, Robert Kuok. History Supreme was designed by Stuart Hughes from the UK who took over three years to finish constructing it. He has never met the owner but was overly excited to be part of such a project.

22 Rising Sun

Via: pinterest.com

The Rising Sun is owned by billionaire David Geffen, who bought it from founder and CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison. They both shared ownership of the yacht before David bought out Larry and became the full owner.

The 454-foot super yacht comes with many luxurious amenities, including a basketball court, and it can host up to 18 guests. The yacht is estimated to be worth $200 million.

21 Eclipse

Via: constative.com

The Eclipse is owned by Russian businessman and billionaire, Roman Abramovich. The 536-foot-long yacht valued at $800 million is one of the largest yachts in the world with 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, 70 crew members on board, two helipads, three launch boats, and a submarine capable of submerging up to 50 meters underwater.

Perhaps the most distinctive features of the luxury boat are its missile detection system and anti-paparazzi shield. If you owned this boat you wouldn't need a home on land.

20 Streets of Monaco

Via: curbed.com

Like its name implies, Street of Monaco is literally a floating street complete with roads, mini cars, an airport, and miniature buildings similar to those in Monaco like the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, and Ca Rascasse.

The yacht is equipped with seven guest suites, sundecks with Jacuzzis, a barbecue area, a waterfall, a café bar with an underwater view, helicopters, submarines, and its swimming pool has a beach. The 500 feet-long yacht is worth $1 billion.

19 Azzam

Via: panorama4piano.com

Azzam is worth $400 million and it's one of the fastest and most complex superyachts ever built since it can clock speeds of up to 35 kph. It has two gas turbines and two diesel engines that produce a total power of 35,000 kW that make it possible for the boat to move at high speeds in both warm and shallow water.

Azzam, which is reportedly owned by a member of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates, is also luxurious and has a timeless design.

18 Superyacht A

Via: yachtcritic.info

Superyacht A, worth about $320 million, has one of the most unique designs ever seen in the yacht world. Phillippe Starck is responsible for the yacht’s magnificent design. Its shape almost resembles that of a submarine with a big letter A on its rear side, which is the first letter for the billionaire owner’s name, Andrey Melnichenko.

Made from Steel hull and aluminum, A can host up to 14 guests. This yacht, which stands at about 468 feet, has three beautiful swimming pools, with one of the pools built with a glass floor.

17 Al Mirqab

Via: yachtharbour.com

The Al Mirqab, which is a luxurious blue and white yacht, costs about $250 million. Hamid bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar owns this beautiful luxury yacht. It stands at 436 feet and can accommodate up to 24 guests and 55 crew members.

Al Mirqab was designed in Germany by Peter Schiffbau. Its exterior was designed by architect Tim Heywood while the interior was worked on by Andrew Winch. The yacht can move up to a maximum speed of 20.3 knots and cruise at a speed of 18.7 knots.

16 Dilbar

Via: flickr.com

The Dilbar is worth slightly more than $250 million and weighs more than 15,000 tonnes. This yacht belongs to a Russian billionaire called Alisher Usmanov who likes calling it Omar. The 511.9-foot-long yacht which was launched by Lurssen Yachts is made of steel hull and aluminum.

Espen Oeino and Andrew Winch designed this yacht. Espen was responsible for the exterior design while Andrew worked on the interior design. The yacht has two helicopter landing pads and an indoor swimming pool, which all sit on 3,800 square meters of space.

15 Dubai

Via: youtube.com

This all-white sophisticated yacht is owned by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. One of its outstanding features is a circular staircase with glass steps and colored lights.

It has a mosaic swimming pool and a helipad. The yacht which stands at 521 feet and costs about $300 million can accommodate 24 guests. Platinum Yachts is responsible for its interior design while its exterior was designed by Andrew Winch.

14 Al Said

Via: youtube.com

All the 509 feet of the off-white Al Said yacht floating in deep blue waters is a sight to behold. It is both huge and spacious with a guest capacity of 70 people and can accommodate a crew of 154 members.

The yacht which is estimated to be worth $300 million weighs 15,850 tons and is currently ranked as the fifth-longest super yacht in the world. Al Said is owned by Arab leader Sultan Qaboos of Oman. The exterior design was done by Espen Oeino and interior was done by Redman Whiteley Dixon.

13 Al Salamah

Via: youtube.com

The Al Salamah yacht is worth approximately $200 million. It was previously owned by the late Saudi Arabian defense minister and crown prince, Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz but was sold to an unknown buyer. The 457-foot yacht can accommodate up to 36 guests and weighs 12,234 tonnes.

It houses a cinema, library, business center, a fully equipped hospital, two beauty salons, a gym, spa, and an Indoor pool with a glass roof. Al Salamah, which is valued at over $200 million, is relatively fast and can clock a maximum speed of 21.5 knots.

12 Tatoosh

Via: youtube.com

Tatoosh is owned by the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, who reportedly bought it for $100 million. The yacht has a master suite with a lounge, family room, gym, and a private office. There are two additional cabins for children and two cabins that can accommodate four staff.

It also has nine double rooms that can house 20 guests. Tatoosh also has a cinema, heated swimming pool with contraflow jets and two helipads. If you have a few million dollars to spare, you can consider buying this yacht as it is up for sale.

11 Prince Abdulaziz

Via: boatinternational.com

Prince Abdulaziz, a royal yacht previously owned by King Fahd, was inherited by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who keeps it beside his palace. Its most distinct feature is the large lobby on the main deck that was designed similar to that of the Titanic.

Prince Abdulaziz can accommodate up to 65 crew members, and its amenities include a mosque, cinema, and a fully equipped hospital. She is also rumored to have a missile deploy system and an underwater surveillance system.

10 Serene

Via: yachtharbour.com

The Serene is currently owned by Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia who bought it for a whopping $500 million from Russian vodka tycoon Yuri Shefler. Its sleek black and white exterior design is yet again the work of Espen Oeino while the interior was designed by Reymond Langton.

The Serene’s main features are its seven decks, two helipads, a hanger and a submarine that sink up to 100 meters. The yacht must be some piece of paradise if Bill Gates did not mind spending $5 million a week to rent it.

9 Lady Moura

Via: yachtcharterfleet.com

The Lady Moura is estimated to be worth approximately $200 million. She is owned by businessman and billionaire Nasser al-Rashid, who is one of the advisors of the Saudi royal family. One of her most notable features is the 24 karat gold lettering of her name on the exterior of the yacht, which is visible for miles.

Lady Moura, unlike most other yachts, can sit at the waterline, a feature made possible by her sand covered hydraulic platform. She can accommodate 30 guests and up to 60 crew members.

8 Ice

Via: wikiwand.com

The 300-foot explorer yacht designed by the famous British boat designer Tim Heywood was built for Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov. Ice is an environment-friendly yacht that has a built-in water waste management system and eight electric generators.

It also filters its exhaust gases of soot before releasing it into the sea and has low levels of noise and vibrations. It is named Ice to reflect the purity of its green concept. Most of its interior is made of marble and gold. Ice was awarded the Yacht of the Year award in 2006 for its effort towards conserving the environment.

7 Yas

Via: yachtharbour.com

The Yas yacht, which is made up of over 500 pieces of glass, is owned by Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This beautiful yacht can accommodate 60 guests and 56 crew members. Its amenities include a swimming pool, a spa, a helicopter landing pad, an elevator, and a state of the art sophisticated audiovisual entertainment system.

This 4,700-tonne diesel powered yacht with its two propellers can attain a top speed of 26 knots and cruise comfortably at 23 knots.

6 Topaz

Via: superyachts.agent4stars.com

The Topaz, an all-white superyacht, was built by Lurssen Yachts in Germany in 2012 and is estimated to be worth about $527 million. The interior and exterior styling of the boats were designed by Terence Disdale and Tim Heywood respectively.

Topaz's superstructure is made of steel hull and aluminum and houses a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a fitness room, a cinema, conference room, underwater lights, a tender garage, and twin helicopter landing pads. It also has eight decks and can reach speeds of up to 25.5 knots.

5 Ocean Victory

Via: youtube.com

Ocean Victory was designed by Espen Oeino. It has 14 cabins that can house 28 guests and an additional 28 cabins for the up to 56 crew members required on board. The yacht is estimated to be worth $300 million and is owned by the Russian billionaire, Viktor Rashnikov, who is the majority shareholder of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, one of the largest producers of steel in the world.

Ocean Victory has seven decks, six swimming pools, a tender garage, a helicopter pad with a lifting platform, a hangar, and an underwater observation room.

4 Musashi

Via: m.feadship.nl

The Musashi is named after the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi. However, former owner of the Rising Sun yacht and co-founder of Oracle Larry Ellison is the current owner of this beauty. He sold the 454 foot Rising Sun because he found it too big to travel around in and bought Musashi, which is 288 feet long.

Larry is also a big fan of the Japanese culture, which is vividly seen in the design and art used in the yacht. Musashi can fit up to 18 guests and 23 crew members and has a large cinema and glass elevator.

3 Mayan Queen

Via: superyachtfan.com

The Mayan Queen is valued at $140 million and is owned by one of the richest men in Mexico City, Alberto Bailleres. It can host up to 16 guests and 24 crew members. Prior to owning this yacht, Alberto had a smaller version of the Mayan Queen.

One of its superior features is an invisible balcony that slides out only when needed in order to maintain the exterior design of the yacht developed by Tim Heywood. Its interior design was done by Terence Disdale.

2 Kingdom 5kr

Via: superyachttimes.com

The Kingdom 5KR, which cost $100 million to build in 1980, is owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who has named the yacht after his investment company Kingdom Holding Company. His lucky number 5 and his children’s initials K and R.

Its previous owners include Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi. The yacht, which has been featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, has five desks, a disco, cinema, helipad, a swimming pool, and two tender garages. It also has 11 opulent suites and accommodates 48 crew members.

1 Symphony

Via: youtube.com

The 3,000-tonne motor yacht is yet another masterpiece of the great designer Tim Heywood, which can accommodate 16 guests in its six staterooms. It has one VIP cabin, several guest cabins, and can carry 36 crew members.

Symphony is owned by French business magnate Bernard Arnault and its amenities include a six-meter glass bottom swimming pool with a waterfall, an outdoor cinema, a Jacuzzi, a gym, beauty salon, a beach club, and three custom-made tender garages with various toys.

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