25 Most Unusual Objects That People Inherited

How cool would it be to inherit something truly amazing? Many of us know for a fact that we will be inheriting various fortunes, houses, or other valuable things when our loved ones pass, and while it's no consolation, it does add a silver lining to a loss in the family. But over the years, people have inherited a lot more than just money. In rare cases, relatives have found themselves the new owners of strange items, and sometimes this can be a life-changing experience. Although strange, most of these items are still incredibly valuable. Indeed, it's because of their rarity that they fetch such a hefty price.

From vintage cars worth millions to strange, unique collections, many people have been passed things that leave them scratching their heads. Sometimes, these precious items have actually been hidden away, leaving their relatives on some kind of wild treasure hunt to track down all of their ancestor's fortunes. At the end of the day, these items say a lot about the personalities of the people who once owned them, and it helps us remember who they were. While some of those who inherited these objects have elected to sell them, others keep them in their possession, perhaps even passing them down to their children when the time comes.

25 A 1937 Bugatti Worth Millions


Without a doubt one of the most awesome things anyone has ever inherited was this priceless vintage Bugatti. You hear a lot about modern Bugattis being some of the most expensive and desired cars in the world, but this one from back in 1937 is actually worth more than any modern Bugatti today, as Chronicle Live reports. In fact, it could be valued at more than any other car in existence, and it's possibly going to be auctioned off for around six million British pounds.

24 A Vintage Corvette Worth $675,000


Although this car is worth significantly less than some of the other cars we've mentioned, it's still worth a pretty penny for the person who inherited it. As car aficionados will no doubt be aware, this is a Corvette. But it's not just any Corvette – this is a 1967 Corvette Stingray, and is worth an approximated $675,000 today. And as Fox News reports, it was once owned by a Vietnam war veteran, who bought it for himself after returning home from combat. Eventually, his son inherited the prized car.

23 A Quarter Million Ancient Arrowheads


So far, we haven't really talked much about truly weird objects which have been inherited. But surely a collection of 250,000 ancient arrowheads fall into this category. The collection includes arrowheads which are as old as 12,000 years. And this collection was valuable – so valuable, in fact, that famed film actor John Wayne once tried to buy it from the couple who collected these relics. But as Fox News reports, the original owners refused to sell. Eventually, they were left in a will to the couple's caregiver.

22 40 Vintage Grand Pianos


It's not very often that you find yourself inheriting not one, but forty vintage grand pianos. But that's exactly the situation a man called Loyd Boyd found himself in. These were no ordinary pianos, and are considered incredibly valuable collector's items by those who are piano experts. Some of the pianos he now has in his collection are worth about $50,000, which gives you an idea of how much the entire collection is worth. Loyd Boyd inherited the collection from his late brother, as reported by Whidbey News-Times.

21 The Largest Autograph Collection In The World


It's interesting how in our society, a simple photograph with someone's name scribbled on it can be worth so much. We're talking of course about autographs, and there was one man who amassed the largest collection in the world. This man was Jack Kuster, and he collected 33,000 celebrity autographs over the course of life, before the collection was inherited by a man called Juan Carlos Saucedo-Campos. PR News does not reveal how much the collection is worth, and the man who inherited it seems to have no desire to sell.

20 13,000 Clown Items


Definitely one of the strangest collections ever inherited by an individual was one made entirely of clown memorabilia. That's right, a man inherited 13,000 clown items after the passing of his father-in-law. At first, he had no idea what to do with all of it, but as NY Daily News reports, he gradually started to grow enthusiastic about it. He decided to bring all of the items into his own home, where he will probably keep most of the hoard.

19 A Ford Model T


For those who understand the history of cars, the Ford Model T will always be a very significant car. That's because this was the first commercially available automobile released by Ford, and one that became immensely popular back in the 1930s and beyond. This is exactly what the Oliveira family inherited after the passing of their relative, as the Modesto Bee reports. It's been kept in working condition by multiple generations, and the family plans to continue owning it and maintaining it for many years to come.

18 3 Million Dollars Worth Of Baseball Cards


All it took was one routine trip to the attic for Karl Kissner to realize he was in possession of a small collection worth millions of dollars. This collection wasn't a pile of gold coins or stock bonds, but something much more innocent – baseball cards. But these were no ordinary sports cards. First printed in 1910, more than 100 years ago, these cards were kept in pristine condition by their original owner, these 700 cards were distributed evenly throughout the family, and many have decided to sell them, as Time reports.

17 A Pair Of Vintage Jeans Worth $50,000


At first glance, this might seem like a normal pair of jeans. But upon closer inspection, experts found that these were made back in 1893, making them the oldest pair of unworn Levi's jeans on the face of the Earth. With a waist of 44 inches, these jeans bring in a hefty price tag, ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. The lucky benefactor inherited the seemingly innocuous jeans from his late relative, as Global Banking Rates reports. It's interesting to note how little jeans have changed after more than 100 years.

16 7 Million In Gold Coins


Now let's talk about something that everyone in their right mind hopes to inherit – a pile of gold. For thousands of years, gold has been seen as one of the most valuable things on Earth, and its value just keeps rising. This meant that a substitute teacher was very shocked when she stumbled upon a hoard of gold left behind by her deceased cousin. The old coins she found were worth over 7 million dollars, as the Daily Mail reports.

15 An 8-Year-Old Had A Big Inheritance


With this story, it's not so much what was inherited that was strange, but rather who did the inheriting. Eight-year-old Pascal Brooks was named as the boy who would inherit his father's thriving winery after his untimely passing at age 38. Even though Pascal was named as the sole owner of the business, he obviously couldn't run the winery at such a young age, so his aunt stepped in to help, as the Portland Business Journal reports. Pascal is now a man, and is very enthusiastic about his winery.

14 Millions In Gold Found In An Inherited House


Inheriting a huge house is one thing, but what if that house was filled with pounds and pounds of gold hidden inside it? That's exactly what one French man discovered after inheriting his deceased relative's house, finding almost 50 kilos of gold stashed throughout the house. But as The Journal reveals, the person who found this treasure will have to pay a whopping 45% in inheritance tax, according to French law. And he might also have to pay 3 years in back taxes if the original owner of the gold never declared the money.

13 The AstroWorld Railcar


In Houston, there lies an amusement park next to the fame Astrodome called AstroWorld. In 1968, a luxury railcar was built that would circle around both the Astrodome and Astroworld, transporting VIPs around the complexes in style. After a few years, the owner had to sell off some of his assets, putting the luxury railcar in storage where it was forgotten for decades. But recently, the item has been inherited by the son of the original owner, as Fox News reports, and he wants to sell it.

12 200,000 Pieces Of Jewelry Used In Hollywood Movies


Ever wonder where all the jewelry in Hollywood movies comes from? Well, a large portion of it was made by one man – Eugene Joseff. After years and years of creating necklaces, rings, and other fine adornments for the biggest stars, Eugene had amassed quite a collection. Eventually, the collection of over 200,000 items was passed down to Joseff's widow's daughter in law. After selling just 500 pieces from their collection, the family had made 2 million dollars. One of the more notable pieces is a pair of earrings worn by Marilyn Monroe, according to Fox News

11 Bonnie Parker's Ring


Everyone has heard about the legendary gangster duo known as Bonnie and Clyde, but did you know about the ring they left behind? Some think it's a wedding ring, but no one knows for sure. The ring is now in the possession of the descendants of a sheriff that almost caught the pair, and was recently auctioned off for $20,000. The sheriff and his team reportedly ambushed Bonnie and Clyde, before the pair jumped out and went to another car. The ring was found in their abandoned car, according to Fox News.

10 The Ultimate "Man Cave"


We've all had moments when we wanted to be alone, to have our own special space that no one could intrude on and disturb us. Well, what about a whopping 20 acres of secluded space buried in elaborate tunnels? That's exactly what a group of heirs inherited, in what Fox News is calling the ultimate "man cave." These tunnels were dug by a man who lived in California many years ago, and he dug deep, complex structures underground that would eventually house rooms and even gardens.

9 Tons Of Restored Classic Cars


We've mentioned cars a few times in this article, and it seems like automobiles are some of the most common items that people inherit from family members. While we've talked about a few stunning cars, nothing really compares to the collection inherited by the children of an Idaho farmer. These 50 classic cars have all been restored and personalized by the late father, and the children are now selling them – something the farmer himself could never bring himself to do, according to Fox News.

8 A Train Set Worth A Million Dollars


Some of us might remember playing with train sets when we were younger. Some of us might even still pursue model trains as a hobby to this day. But few of us would ever think that a train set could be worth 1 million dollars. But one daughter found herself inheriting exactly that. The train set was the life and joy of her late father, and he made all kinds of wonderful additions and personalizations to the incredible set. The family hasn't sold the train set, but has put it on display at a museum, according to Fox News.

7 Vintage Designer Dresses Worth Thousands


We've talked about all the most predictable high value items so far in this article, and some of the most unexpected. But aside from gold coins and vintage cars, there's another collectible that can reach high values – fashion. In one case a woman inherited some of the most beautiful vintage dresses made by Dior, Chanel, and many other major labels dating back to the 1930's. The woman's godmother was quite the fashionista back in the day, but no one expected her to have such a lavish collection. As Fox News reports, some of the dresses are worth close to $50,000.

6 A Priceless Model Car Collection


We've talked about model train sets, but what about model cars? As it turns out, a collection of these little items can be quite valuable as well. A man who had amassed an impressive collection of over 30,000 model cars over the course of his life left the collection and the house they were found in to his local church. The church believes the collection could be worth well into six figures, as USA Today reports. According to the article, the man would sit and polish his cars for hours and hours at a time.

5 200 Reptiles


So far we've only talked about inanimate objects that people have inherited. After all, you'd expect that things left behind by a loved one who passed away would not be living. But in one case, a man named Karel Fortyn left behind a whopping 200 reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and even large crocodiles. As The Star reported, the man's passing ended with an ownership battle over who would get the reptiles. But don't worry, a veterinarian was on the scene immediately to take care of the animals!

4 One Of The Biggest Record Collections In The World


Another type of collection that can be worth a lot of money is a record collection. And when it comes to records, one man amassed a collection that put most others in the world to shame. The Australian man, who has now passed, collected over 80,000 records, and he left the entire collection to his daughter. She is now assessing how much the collection is worth, as ABC reports, but all the signs indicate that this record collection could be worth a fortune.

3 5000 Dolls


Here's another collection that was inherited, but this one is perhaps one of the strangest we've ever seen. There's something slightly unsettling about this collection, and that's because it's made up of entirely dolls. Some might say this collection is beautiful, however. As KRQE reports, the collection of 5,000 dolls was amassed by a school teacher who asked her male students deploying into the military to send a doll back from wherever they deployed. Her son eventually inherited the dolls.

2 A Very Unusual Collection Left Behind By A Scientist

via: npr.com

Over the years, a San Francisco science teacher spent his free time collecting what he called "bone palace," a room filled with over 7,000 different bones. This was his life and joy, and his impressive collection included rarities such as elephant femurs and many animal skulls. The man passed away at age 90, and the collection was passed on to his great nephew. The bones were eventually donated to science, and they will be displayed along with the deceased scientist's unique handwritten labels, according to CBS San Francisco

1 A Forgotten Painting Worth $400,000


Sometimes, art can be one of the best investments imaginable. But in order to make money from art, you need to be aware of what it's worth, and have some knowledge about the general industry. Two people who had no idea about art were a couple who were downsizing from their house, and found a forgotten painting that they had inherited years ago. They didn't like it, so they were contemplating throwing it in a dumpster, according to Fox News. Just to be safe, they got it appraised, and found out that it was made by a famous painter, with a price tag of about $400,00!

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