Top 20 Most Powerful Countries In The World Right Now

There are many ways to tell where the countries of the world stand on a global scale. Usually the main measure is the money and budget the countries have available, while it is also good to look at their education system and their healthcare quality. As the old adage says, a country can be judged by how well it cares for its poor, ill and disadvantaged. Then there is also the measuring of imports and exports, the GDP and of course, the military might of the nation.

In the past, countries have been labelled first, second and third-world, but now the proper terms are either developed or underdeveloped. What does it truly mean to be developed? Most of these countries seem to have it all, and due to their recent power and financial success, immigration and trade is only growing stronger. Everyone wants to live in a stable and peaceful country-- but does power always mean stability and peace?

20 France

Though recently rocked by the tragic events of the recent terrorist attacks, France still stands strong as a country with stable foundations. France boasts a healthy economy despite its falling job market but offers a great public education system for families. Like most European developed countries, France also has a supportive health system. Most of all, France is a very culturally significant nation, considered the home for fashion, trends and generally prestigious.

19 Japan

Similarly to Germany, Japan had recovered well from its losses and the devastating nuclear attacks it experienced in World War Two. Despite having such a large population of more than 120 million, Japan boasts a very safe and politically stable climate, but with a fairly competitive job market. Its education system is top-notch, and as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, there is plenty to discover for travelers and its own citizens as well.

18 Israel

Despite many conflicts, Israel itself is still a powerful country. Its power mainly rests on its expansive military, which ranks eighth in the whole world. It is slowly building its international alliances, though in terms of everyday family life, it is hardly suitable due to the dangerous environment and political instability. Due to this, its economy struggles, and along with it many work opportunities.

17 Saudi Arabia

One of the strongest factors in Saudi Arabia’s power is its immense wealth from oil mining, though business-wise, it is quite corrupt and highly bureaucratic. For those seeking a completely unique lifestyle, Saudi Arabia definitely offers a very unique taste of culture, building and atmosphere that is not like any other country. However, it lacks in quality public education and only has a developing public healthcare system.

16 South Korea

The home of K-pop, South Korea, in lieu of being in a silent war with its Northern counterpart and having been invaded in World War Two, has been quite a successful country. It maintains a strong military in defense from the North while maintaining good alliances with international nations. South Korea is also ideal for settlement in terms of business and work opportunities as it is more affordable than Europe as well.

15 Canada

There is always more to Canada than being the butt of ‘sorry’ jokes and moose puns, this large country with its growing population of 35 million is in great economic shape. Rated as the number one country for its great quality of life, Canada is somewhat more affordable than Europe and offers great safety, a large job market and amazing education and healthcare systems. It’s a good place to move to, once your favorite candidate doesn’t win the presidency.

14 Iran

Just like Saudi Arabia, Iran’s economy grows from oil and gas exports, this in turn had led to their forming of a great military, despite having lesser political and international influence. As for its quality of life? The rankings are quite low for jobs, safety and political stability. As a place of travel, Iran offers many great sights, colorful mosques, madrassas and great shrines that are architectural masterpieces.

13 Australia

Put another shrimp on the Barbie, mate! Despite the exaggerated views of Australia as a far-off desert country with wild insects and animals, it has fared well and grown exponentially from the time it was first settled in the 1700s by the English. Though its population is a humble 23 million, Australia has great international alliances and offers a great environment for families as well, albeit being a little expensive.

12 India

As the second most populated country in the world after China, it is no surprise that India also has great power. This mainly stems from its population, as it is a massive workforce of skilled workers that engage with many international businesses. However, India is ripe with crime and its political system is reported to be heavily corrupt. In lieu of all this, it makes sense that living there would also be incredibly cheap.

11 Italy

A cultural tourist hotspot, Italy’s history is rich and attracts many travelers every year, which counts for a big portion of its economy’s income. Its international alliances are strong, as well as its influential ties with other European countries. While its crime rate is not too high, the job market in Italy is not thriving as much as its neighbors and the cost of living is high, especially in the city of Rome.

10 Pakistan

Most of the power in Pakistan lies with its military, and the quality of life for individuals and families is quite low and to be fair, just a little worrying. Due to many recent conflicts regarding al-Qaida and the Taliban, Pakistan has suffered greatly and most of its efforts go to trying to keep the country safe and stable through the military.

9 Turkey

As many of us are probably aware, Turkey is a country that is full of heritage and wonderful sights, with a fairly strong military force and great relationships with its many international allies. Though it is easy to afford living in Turkey, it unfortunately comes with high crime rates and an unstable political climate, in addition to recent terrorist attacks.

8 Sweden

Only second, right behind Canada as a country with a pretty great quality of life, Sweden is also second for its various business opportunities. Low in corruption and crime, Sweden offers a great place for families due to its recognized peaceful political status. On one note though, as you might imagine, it is a very expensive place to live.

7 Netherlands

Similarly to our previous number 7 entry, our eighth entry, the Netherlands, is a close neighbor that has a very similar environment. In fact, its citizens are considered among the happiest in the world, and it is to be expected since its work and educational opportunities are secure, and its people are supported by an impressive healthcare system

6 Spain

A former world superpower and once a mighty conqueror, Spain is a beautiful and culturally rich country whose language has spread over many nations due to its expansions over hundreds of years ago. Though its economy has better times, Spain is not necessarily financially demanding to live in and is fairly safe and family-friendly, not to mention all the breathtaking historic sights.

5 United Kingdom

Of course among the most powerful countries would be the UK, with its great international relations and influences. With a moderately strong military, the UK, similar to Germany has a lower rate of crime but a high cost of living. While its job market is not as strong, UK’s economic health fares much better than its competitors and has great political stability. Like the United States, it also has many great opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

4 Germany

Though not as strong in its military as other superpowers, Germany has definitely risen from the ashes since its defeat in World War Two. However, Germany is rated highly for its strong international alliances, rising political influences with a great growing economy and job market. It is not quite affordable, but in return is very safe and suitable for family life due to its well-established education and healthcare system.

3 China

Ranked after Russia in terms of power, China is often viewed as the growing superpower from the East besides Russia. Its large population makes for a strong workforce that is responsible for a lot of the world’s product manufacturing, which generates plenty of the country’s income. While judged as more economically stable and has a better job market than Russia, China is quite unsafe due to high crime rates and its increasingly polluted environment.

2 Russia

Another military superpower just behind the United States of America, Russia boasts a strong army and forces, however the economics of the country are a little different. Hardly safe and hardly affordable, Russia is considered rather underdeveloped when it comes to healthcare and education, with little economic stability. In terms of business, many believe that Russia is a hotbed for corrupted business and politics.


Is this entry even a surprise? Considered the country with the most military might, it is also worth considering that while this is a basis for power, it is not quite economically stable due to recessions, and is barely affordable to comfortably live in for many indebted citizens. It is a wonderful place for entrepreneurs to flourish though, as there is a very large population and capital, with a lot of connections internationally

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