Top 13 Colleges Accepting Tuition Paid By Sugar Daddies

It’s no secret that college tuition is expensive, leaving millions of young adults in debt for years to come. These days, with a newfound freedom of sexuality and the ability to use good looks and a go-getter attitude to your advantage, the concept of Sugar Daddies is becoming less stigmatized. Instead, co-eds are wising up and making the most of men who are willing to spare no expense in order to keep their young counterparts happy…and educated.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that a four-year college tuition is astronomical. And with a less-than-desirable job market available to those who need to start earning money fast, the task of paying off these outrageous debts can seem impossible. Luckily, the folks at Seeking Arrangement have tapped into a previously untapped market – literally. As the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site, Seeking Arrangement knows the art, and business, of keeping good, lucrative company. Founder and CEO Brandon Wade said, “Some see this as a controversial solution. However, SeekingArrangement.com has helped facilitate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of arrangements that have helped students graduate debt-free. That’s more than anyone can say of a particular president or Congress.”

According to Seeking Arrangement, Sugar Baby students receive an average of $3,000 in monthly allowances, which equates to $20,920 more than a student working a full-time job at the federal minimum wage makes. With stats like these, we’re willing to bet you’ll think twice about the community of people who take advantage of such opportunity. Here are the fastest growing Sugar Baby Schools today, with ranking based on the number of new sign-ups.

13 University of South Florida

Growth 2016 – 95 new signupsTotal 2016 (total is number of registered profiles minus deleted or those who removed student status) – 251Growth % (based on growth compared to 2015 total membership) – 60.90%

Tampa is home to a lively bayside community, the annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest, and of course, The University of South Florida. Last year, the school estimated a total cost (including full-time tuition and fees, housing/meals, books/supplies, and other expenses) of over $20,000 for Florida residents, while out-of-staters were left in the dust, averaging a yearly bill of over $31,000.

12 University of Houston

Growth 2016 – 104Total 2016 – 169Growth – 160%

As the third largest university in Texas, it’s really no wonder the state’s capitol is home to a student population of about 43,000 students. While the athletic teams are lovingly known as the Cougars, perhaps we’ll soon be seeing the University’s young men also start taking advantage of older, wiser members of the opposite sex.

11 University of Central Florida

Growth 2016 – 112Total 2016 – 402Growth – 38.62%

Yet another contender from the Sunshine State, the co-eds at the University of Central Florida are also after a little fun in the sun. Although its Orlando location also just so happens to be home to the kid and family-friendly Disney World conglomerate, there is certainly no shortage of opportunists on this campus.

10 Virginia Commonwealth University


Growth 2016 – 120Total 2016 – 280Growth – 75%

Home to the number one hospital in the state – and countless doctors surrounding campus life to boot – Virginia Commonwealth University estimated over $31,000 last year for non-resident students. It appears that “wealth” is actually needed to attend this Richmond school, not just part of its name.

9 Penn State University

Growth 2016 – 121Total 2016 – 284Growth – 74.23%

Whether you know Penn State for being a high ranking institution, to which many refer as a Public Ivy, or you’re immediately brought back to the 2011 breaking news surrounding football coach Jerry Sandusky in the child abuse case that successfully wiped out some of the University’s major players, chances are you are still familiar. Landing the number nine spot on this list, the University continues to make waves.

8 Florida International University

Growth 2016 – 129Total 2016 – 199Growth – 184.29%

Rounding out the state’s list, Florida International University is located on the sun-soaked streets of none other than one of the biggest party capitols of the world – Miami. However, this institution also happens to stand at the forefront of one important category – low tuition cost. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine has ranked the school among the top “100 Best Values in Public College,” and U.S. News & World Report has dubbed the University as a “best buy” in higher education. Way to go, FIU.

7 Georgia State University


Growth 2016 – 131Total 2016 – 947Growth – 16.05%

Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play. A well-established mecca for clubs and home to an overly-indulgent group of Real Housewives, there is no doubt that Atlanta reigns supreme as a place where the players play. Good thing there’s another, less scandalous option for students looking to supplement their tuition with a gig other than working the pole.

6 Texas State University

Growth 2016 – 138Total 2016 – 630Growth – 28.05%

As the fourth largest university in the biggest state in the lower 48, it’s no surprise we are seeing yet another mention from the Lone Star State. You know what they say, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” Perhaps they should change the saying to, “The richer the Sugar Daddy, the closer to graduation.”

5 Kent State University


Growth 2016 – 153Total 2016 – 998Growth – 18.11%

Proud of a diverse student body that urges campus organization involvement, Ohio’s Kent State is also known for serving the community and all their needs. The University currently employs a total of 5,019 students, but we’re willing to bet that those students are earning chump change compared to those who’ve taken up their role of being a Sugar Baby.

4 Temple University

Growth 2016 – 155Total 2016 – 862Growth – 21.92%

Located on the streets of Philadelphia, Temple University is well-known in the academic world, producing a bevy of professionals in the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and architecture. But before students are able to go on to make the big bucks, tuition is still looming. Even if you’re confident you’ll make it out of debt fast thanks to the prospect of a high-paying career, chances are you won’t be making your dream salary fresh out of college, sorry.

3 University of Texas at Austin

Growth 2016 – 163Total 2016 – 672Growth – 32.02%

Home to one of the biggest Greek systems in the country, students at the University of Texas at Austin proudly claim the well-known Longhorns are their athletic team. And as if attending this famous institution weren’t enough, young co-eds are given the chance to live in one of the hippest cities today. Known for having a vivacious music scene, being a foodie’s paradise, and home to a generally eclectic vibe, those who pledge to “Keep Austin Weird” probably shouldn’t have too much of an issue with dating a Sugar Daddy – but only for the right reasons, of course.

2 Arizona State University

Growth 2016 – 189Total 2016 – 1112Growth – 20.48%

As the nation’s largest public University, Arizona State University has garnered notable recognition for more than just an impressive academic standing. In years past, Arizona State University has consistently ranked among the top party schools in the nation. However, although having earned itself a definite reputation, the school’s ranking has managed to fall short more recently. Looks like you’ve got some work to do, ASU.

1 New York University

Growth 2016 – 225Total 2016 – 1282Growth – 21.29%

A school that needs no introduction, New York University has a long-standing reputation of quality education and top-notch academics. The private University has produced impressive talent, including nine members of the NYU alumni community who received Oscar nominations this year. In addition to being one of the most famous cities in the world, the Big Apple also happens to be one of the most expensive, and life for a college co-ed comes with a hefty price tag.

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