The 8 Most Likely Endings To A First Date In 2015

Having trouble with the dating game? You’re not the only one. The world has millions of single people seeking love anywhere they can find it. Dating apps, parties, dinners, and blind set ups are a few of the most common these days. Unfortunately, not everyone is successful at building a solid relationship from a first date, or even getting a first kiss. If it’s not meant to be, it just won't happen.

Singletons are spoiled for choice among the tips and tricks offered by online dating experts on how to post photos, respond to messages, or describe yourself to attract potential dates. But what can people expect when they actually land a date? Regardless of how daters meet or what the date entails, it’s always good to know what's in store.

Every date is different, from Paris to New York, from cisgendered love seekers to transexual couplings, but that doesn't mean there aren't certain trends which are identifiable; knowing your chances of the following eight dating results might make dating in 2015 a lot easier. TimeOut surveyed more than 11,000 people all over the world about their average dating experiences. They also asked what are the worst, best, and most common traits people look for in a partner.

So here, then, is an insider’s look at what people can expect on a date in 2015, ranked from least to most common. Some may seem obvious, but others are interesting statistics that might inspire those who are fed up with dating to get back in the game.

8 Casual Relationship - 10%

Monogamy, or some type of serious ongoing relationship, isn’t for everyone. Some people date only to meet someone else who's looking for a no-strings-attached relationship that involves only casual encounters. However, a fairly low percentage of dates in 2015 will end that way.

Only 10% of dates will turn out to be purely sexual, usually characterized as having very little emotion or emotional intimacy. Men and women with British accents may have better luck with this. The accent was rated as the hottest by 27% of those surveyed. The American accent was voted as the second hottest at 8.7%.

7 Serious Relationship - 12%

Intimate and physical attractions are natural - but that doesn’t mean they always trump the need for a short or long-term relationship where both parties take each other seriously. Many single people are hoping to fall in love, settle down, and start a family with the right person.

However, that might not be so easy in 2015 because only 12% of first dates these days end up turning into a serious relationship. Sounds a little gloomy, especially for residents of New York who, according to the survey, are the saddest single people. But not so much for residents of Sydney, Australia, where 31% of people say they are “proud to be single”.

6 Friendship - 15%

The term “friend zone” might be used to describe this percentage, even if it's a stigma that's frowned upon. Although it might be frustrating for some men and women to like someone, go on a date, and have it end only with a new friend, there’s no telling what can happen over time.

New friendships because of dates might blossom into something more meaningful, or people might encounter someone that enriches their lives through those friends they never would have met if it hadn't been for that date. If, after 9 dates, nothing has progressed, you're likely to be a part of the 15% who becomes just friends instead of couples.

5 “Getting Naked” - 20%

Whether it’s a casual encounter or a serious relationship in the making, 20% of first dates in 2015 will end up with partners stripping down to nothing but their birthday suits. In other words a fifth of daters, on average, will end up having sex.

So, getting lucky is more common than making new friends or developing serious relationships. This may be an indicator of people’s motivation to go on dates in the first place. No surprise. Expect to be a part of this 20% if you’re dating in New Orleans where, according to one surveyed female, the best part of dating is “everyone is drunk.”

4 Awkward Goodbye - 21%

Imagine a time when you and a date met up for a meal or drink and had almost nothing to talk about. Chances are there were plenty of awkward pauses and uncomfortable silences that made both of you cringe.

It doesn’t take an expert to predict that this is a bad date, and it probably didn’t end too well. About 21% of dates end with awkward goodbyes, probably because neither dater knows what to say or how to make the first move. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won't be a second date that will result in less awkward conversations and more connection.

3 Disappointing Date - 28%

Dating isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a really frustrating process for the unlucky many who can’t seem to catch a break. It takes two to tango, and both male and female daters can end up with a disappointing date.

More than a quarter, actually. Almost 30% of dates end in disappointment. Bad conversation, no points in common, or just a lack of chemistry all play a part in making a date into a disappointment. Whether we like it not, a big part of a successful encounter is physical attraction - online dating, where daters put their best, most-filtered face forward, might contribute to in-person disappointment. However, it's not all about looks; if someone’s personality is dull or lacks a sense of humour, a connection will be just as hard to manage.

2 Second Date - 40%

There's still hope despite the percentage of disappointing dates these days. Going on a second date may not be as hard as people thought, since 40% of first dates end with scheduling a second meet up.

Dates are often described as interviews. It’s natural for people to be a little nervous or not open up as much as they would after spending more time with a person. If people recognize that, they’re likely to give dating with the same person another shot. On the other hand, some dates go incredibly well, and both people can’t wait to see what else is in store. This might be true especially when dates meet each other through friends, since 62% of people surveyed said this method of meeting someone is the most satisfying.

1 A Kiss - 53%

Dating can be a very exciting experience. Even if it doesn't end with getting naked or a serious relationship, the chances that daters will make a new friend, or at least secure a second date, are pretty good.

The chances of getting a kiss are even better. According to the survey, 53% of people can expect a kiss after a date in 2015. It may be only a peck on the cheek and a little awkward, but getting a kiss is a sure sign that the date went at least okay. This percentage might be increased if you happen to live in Paris, the best city in the world for dating according to the survey.

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