The 15 Richest Fictional Villains Of All Time

In the land of comic books, it is surprising to note that there are more wealthy good guys than super rich, bad guys. Crime only pays for very few people it seems in the land of fiction. Nevertheless, there are quite a few heinous villains that actually have wealth. There are no definitive lists on the internet for a villain's net worth. Clues are hidden everywhere. How then, can one possibly calculate the wealth of fictitious countries, minerals and corporations? Apparently many people can, including Forbes and other publications. Hidden deep beneath the comic books themselves are clues that allow smart people to correlate what these companies or assets would be worth in the real world. One would think that the richest villains are those hell bent on ruling the universe; after all, it takes quite a bit of money to raise an army. There are many who own small countries or planets, and there are even evil Gods. Somehow all of these people have no money, just a whole lot of power (except for a couple). There are a few surprises, people who you wouldn't expect on this list, and there is one particular person who should be worth so much more. From the DC to the Marvel universe and every other universe you wouldn't expect here, we present the fifteen richest villains of all time.

15 Magneto: Marvel Comics - $500 Million


The man born as Max Eisenhart is the leader of the evil mutants in the X-Men series. He emerged, unscathed from the depths of a Nazi death camp. After a failed marriage and three children, the man finally meets his long time friend and nemesis, Charles Xavier in Israel. It is there that he gains his wealth after finding a cache of hidden Nazi gold. With this money he went forth to prove to the world that mutants were truly superior to humans. He must have been a poor investor, because his friend, Charles Xavier is actually seven times richer. That's what happens when you invest your money building an asteroid base that ends up having no function and a few other failed human bases. At least he has some left for his evil and diabolical plans.

Interesting fact: his birth name means "hard as iron", which is appropriate for the magnetic man.

14 Tywin Lannister: Game Of Thrones - $1.8 Billion


Here is a surprise. He is the richest man in all of the Seven Kingdoms. His son, Tyrion, was last seen on the show boasting about how he was richer than all of the men trying to take over his new homeland, and this is all Tywin is worth? Tyrion must have thrown away more money than this with all his bribes and women. There are thousands of richer men in the real world, so if you are the richest and the best of your fake world, then one expects a little more than this. Oprah Winfrey is richer for God's sake and her biggest power is promoting books. Where does he get his wealth from? He owns Casterly Rock which sits on a couple of gold mines, leading to speculation that it is this mineral that comes out of his body when he sits down on the latrine. In all fairness to the maniac, his father blew most of the family's wealth and now his children can blow his.

13 Hiram Lodge: Archie Comics - $5 Billion


To a couple of teenagers trying to get it on, the girl's dad can be a real buzzkill. Hence in this respect the father of Veronica is a villain, albeit rated PG. In all fairness to the grouch, Archie's carelessness does become costly for the old man. The richest man in his fictitious world, could also be the richest man in practically any state. He gains his wealth as a titan of industry, turning dumpy properties and items into piles of gold using his mind, which sees things that no one else sees. He also took over a near bankrupt Blossom corporation which eliminated his closest competitor for the title of richest man in his fairytale land.

12 Ozymandias: Watchmen - $7 Billion


He is the smartest man alive in the graphic novel series Watchmen, by Alan Moore. It seems every villain is, but somehow their plans always get spoiled. Wonder why that is? Like almost everyone on this list he has German roots and German connections circa WWII. That Hitler guy really inspired quite a few comic book villains. He has a multi-billion dollar corporation that produces several products and technologies, including a children's franchise based on his superhero persona. He first became a superhero after consuming some hashish in the middle east, but when the buzz wore off he decided that crime was more fun, and with his big huge company, he definitely has the money to finance his evil plans. His intelligence ensures that his money won't run out.

11 Jabba The Hut: Star Wars - $8.4 Billion


Disgusting and fun at the same time, no one messes with this guy. Han Solo tried, and look what happened? Admittedly he escaped and his buddy Luke, killed the giant slug, so maybe that was not a good example of this guy's reputation. But prior to this event, Han Solo was hiding from him for good reason. The man had billions and would spare no expense in capturing his favorite prize, all over a few bucks. He had trap doors everywhere that he'd use almost at will to feed his pets with scumbags that he didn't like. Assets include the private sail barge Khetanna, a palace with nearby access to the Great Pit of Karkoon and carbonite wall art containing a frozen space pirate. All this makes him a billionaire and he is even richer than the emperor himself.

10 Montgomery Burns: The Simpsons - $8.4 Billion


Owning a nuclear power plant can't possibly make you a billionaire eight times over, or can it? Not really, as he owns so much more. His casino was bought out by MGM Grand for $2.1 billion and he also owns Water Works and Baltic Avenue. At 104 years of age, the miser has had all the time in the world to see his fortune rise through wise investments. The man will never die due to his rare immune system. He has every disease known to man, and survives only because they perfectly counteract one another, an extremely rare medical condition known as "Three Stooges Syndrome." Of course the old man credits Satan for his long life. Excellent. Unlike everyone else he is not the smartest guy in the world, just the meanest, rich guy in Springfield.

9 Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin): Marvel Comics - $10 Billion


The first two Spider-Man movies were the best superhero movies ever, no matter what anyone says. The characters were superb as was everything else. The stories were simple and fun, but Norman Osborn added just enough darkness and complexity to keep things interesting. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Norman inherited his wealth from his father. He did however, build Oscorp into a giant. He cheated in order to gain much of his wealth, framing his competitor (Mendell Stromm) for embezzlement before he could complete his super-soldier formula. No one says business is fair. The psychopath, brilliant scientist and brilliant businessman always had a tendency towards violence, but when karma blew up his super-soldier formula in his face, he developed a secret persona that became pure evil. His mind was still smart enough to keep his money stashed away everywhere. This came in handy when he died and was reborn.

8 Emma Frost (The White Queen): Marvel Comics - $11 Billion


The mutant from the X-Men is made from wealth, literally. She can turn into a living diamond. Of course it's hard to place a value on something you can't really sell without dying, so where does her wealth really come from? She inherited it from daddy. But just like Paris Hilton, this spoiled socialite grew her fortune by rubbing shoulders with other rich people. Unlike Paris, Emma can read into people's minds. She uses this ability like an inside trader who can't get caught, thus amassing a fortune through her wise investments. One would think that she could make more than $11 billion as an investor with all this foreknowledge. After all, Warren Buffett has no mind powers and he is worth six times more.

7 Artemis Fowl II: Artemis Fowl Books - $13.5 Billion


He's the richest kid in the world, even richer than Richie Rich himself. At the tender young age of 15, the kid born into evil, inherited his father's organized crime syndicate after daddy disappeared. The young kid saw business opportunities his father never knew existed, expanding into Russia and the Arctic. Even when daddy reappeared the two didn't fight over the money. Artemis maintained control deciding that crime couldn't get him the riches he desired, so he switched to legal business ventures such as building a new hand-held supercomputer. Apple, watch out.

6 Ming The Merciless: DC Comics - $20.9 Billion


He is the biggest adversary of the Flash, as he is the Emperor of the fictitious planet, Mongo. He is the first absolute ruler to appear on the list. According to the NASA program that discovered his planet, it is impossible to distinguish the wealth of the planet from its ruler. In other words he should be worth more. After all, a single medium sized city is worth more than this, so shouldn't a whole planet be worth more? Mongo must be seriously small or seriously economically depressed. Either way the ruthless man is now a lonely bachelor, who can't live without his wife who he murdered himself. Now he has eyes for the woman who acts as NASA's liaison officer. Problem is she is Flash Gordon's girl. Let the fight begin.

5 KingPin: Marvel Comics - $40 Billion


He already made lots of money in his life before deciding that crime held the one thing he wanted most: power. He was an industrialist who made everything, but like many people in this world who seemingly make more doing what they love the most, he expanded his fortune through crime. He is the leader of a syndicate that gets involved in everything from petty crime, gambling and extortion. He is Tony Soprano, only richer and bigger in every respect, including his physical form. He is eclipsed though, by Pablo Escobar who was even more financially successful than this man. Give KingPin time though; as his need for power grows, so will his fortune.

4 Smaug: The Hobbit - $54.1 Billion


His fortune is surprisingly small. After all, one can swim in the gold he keeps in his lair. Even Fort Knox can't compare to the treasures he has. It's not just gold, but jewels and expensive works of art made of precious metals. According to Forbes, everyone who tries to assess his wealth dies, so one must be conservative when estimating his net worth. He is a reptile not to be trusted, initially complimenting those who visit the appropriately called Lonely Mountain, before burning them alive the moment his bipolar personality turns to anger. He lends new meaning to keeping your funds under your mattress. If only he could trust banks, his fortune could be so much bigger through wise investments. Then again, the banks could fail and poof goes the money. He has more than enough as it is.

3 Scrooge McDuck: Disney - $65.4 Billion


He's a lifelong gambler who struck it rich. The Scotsman started out as a diamond prospector in South Africa, then struck gold (actually, even better, he struck diamonds and became the richest duck alive). At one point he gambled away all his money on a single bet to his long-time arch rival, but never fear, as he got it back with a single stroke of the pen. As the name suggests, he mimics that other rich miser in literature, Ebenezer Scrooge. He doesn't share his wealth with his nephew Donald Duck, keeping the angry bird in the poor house. His grandchildren though, get to have all the fun in the world with his money without actually keeping any of it in their pockets. He is thought of as quasi-villainous because he is dirt cheap with his money, preferring to gamble it when given a chance rather than use it for good use. He has also been known to have made quite a few underhanded deals.

2 Lex Luthor: DC Comics - $75 Billion


Everyone knows who this guy is, even those who don't read comic books. He is the arch nemesis of the Man of Steel, the mightiest yet one of the poorest of all superheroes. It's always a battle between the poor working class Joe, and the rich maniacal monster when these two meet. Where does he get his wealth? Lex used his money and natural genius to create the multinational corporation "LexCorp". Some projects include airplanes and other high-tech items. He probably owns all of Metropolis, making him the Donald Trump of this equally sized city, 15 times over. Even though he has all the money in the world and has to spend most of his time running his company, the madman still has time for an evil plot or two, thus keeping Superman employed. What a great guy, creating jobs for everyone.

1 Victor Von Doom (Doctor Doom): Marvel Comics - $100 Billion


Victor was born to a gypsy sorceress in Latveria, a fictitious country carved from Hungary. He grew up harnessing his magic and enriching his mind. He got a scholarship to Empire University in NYC, thus molding his scientific knowledge. Eventually he went back to his home country, ousted the king and ruled it with an iron fist. As long as his citizens fell in line he was good to them, using his brain to create wonderful things that improved life for all. Disobey him and you died or worse. His fortune comes from the fact the he practically owns the country, a time machine and a bunch of robots. Even with all his money and power, the man has one insecurity, his fellow classmate Reed Richards. Even though he is practically better than him in every financial respect, his rivalry with the Fantastic 4 member is too fierce. As such he is willing to throw everything away just to beat this one man at everything. His ego hasn't made him blow all his money yet, but eventually it should.

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