The 10 Fattest Countries in the World

Like it or not, Americans are getting wider and wider by the year. The bad news is that there are countless nations following suit!

The fact of the matter is that we now live in a fast world. With the passage of time, we have faster transportation, faster communication and a whole lot more of everything. With this fast paced lifestyle we find ourselves putting up with rising health concerns, including obesity.

The problem, as research suggests, is becoming graver by the day. As per the statistics revealed by the World Health Organization, nearly 1.6 billion people across the world are either overweight or outright obese. The reasons behind their obesity are rather varied ranging from a luxurious lifestyle to the regular consumption of fried foods. With that, here’s a look into the top 10 fattest countries in the world:

10 Malta

Malta leads the whole of the EU in having the highest rates of overweight and obese individuals. It is believed that around 21.1% of all Maltese citizens are either overweight or obese, thereby making it one of the fattest countries in the world.

The whole of Europe is known for its high rates of drinking and smoking. This obviously holds true for Malta as well where nearly 11 liters of pure alcohol is drunk per person on a yearly basis. Not only does this excessive consumption put them at risk of obesity, it also increases their chances of cancer and heart disease.

9 Mexico

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Mexico is known to have an obesity rate of nearly 32.8%. Food standards in the country have dropped rather quickly ever since processed foods were introduced in the 1980s. Mexico has actually declared obesity a national health issue as its people continue to prefer low-cost meals that are high in sugar, fat, salt and calories over a balanced and nutritious diet. With the passage of time, it is becoming all the more necessary for food regulation authorities to put up regulations and offer recommendations over good consumption.

8 Belize

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It isn’t just its border that Belize shares with Mexico, the two countries have a common weight issue as well!

Nearly 34.9% of the population of Belize is obese. Because of this high statistic, Belizeans are being urged by the Ministry of Health to eat more ground foods and whole grain so as to reduce blood sugar levels and control the onset of obesity. The Ministry of Health has also suggested reduced intake of fats, salt and sugar as their consumption only leads to even more health related issues together with obesity.

7 Kuwait

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Nearly 50% of all women in Kuwait are obese, with about 42.8% of its entire population being extremely obese. The reason why obesity is so prevalent in Kuwait is because the people there get to enjoy an extremely affluent lifestyle. Together with a fascination with fried foods and red meat, the sort of life that Kuwaiti citizens live adds to the risk of obesity.


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UAE happens to be a fairly rich and prosperous country where a majority of people get to enjoy a lavish life. However, the outcomes of living a luxurious lifestyle aren’t always great. It is for this particular reason that nearly 47.5% of UAE citizens are overweight with a BMI of between 25 and 30. On the other hand, a full 13% of its citizens are outright obese.

If anything, there has lately been a sudden explosion of fast food chain in the UAE together with a boost in consumerist behavior – and all of this has led to a rise in obesity. That and well, middle eastern countries are known for their consumption of fatty food, particularly red meat, which is also a reason why people in the UAE have grown so obese.

5 Libya

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Women in the Arab world are commonly overweight or obese. The reason for this is simple – cultural norms in the Arab world do not encourage women’s mobility. It is for this reason that women in countries like Libya live extremely sedentary lives and binge eat, thereby leaving Libyan women at high risk of obesity.

Obesity has long been a problem in Libya. Back in 2013, nearly 53.2% of Libyans were found to be extremely overweight. However, with the passage of time and increasing awareness, the stats have dropped and now nearly 30.2% Libyans are considered overweight.

4 Bahrain

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According the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, an estimated 66% of Bahrain’s adult population has major weight related issues. As with other Arab countries, females are more prone to obesity with about 42.4% of girls between the ages 12 and 17 being obese and 29.9% of boys in the same age range being obese.

The people of Bahrain, like most other Arab countries, enjoy a rather sedentary lifestyle and have a fascination with fast food. For this reason, nearly 15% of the Bahraini citizens suffer from diabetes and increasing rates of obesity. According to research studies, an average adult in Bahrain consumes about 2,889 calories per day and the average weight of adults is about 13.6 per tonne. With over a billion adults nationwide, there is no doubt that obesity is a rising problem across Bahrain.

3 Venezuela

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As per the statistics revealed by the World Health Organization, nearly 67.5% of Venezuelans over 20 years of age are overweight. The reason behind Venezuelans being obese is simple – most of them cannot find enough to eat. The country experiences rigid price controls and a lack of U.S. dollars makes it just about impossible for necessary supplies to even be imported by the country’s largest food company known as Empresas Polar SA. For this reason, even basic necessities like flour and milk are in short supply.

Such conditions make it hard for the average Venezuelan to have balanced meals. Instead, they eat fried foods excessively together with goods prepared using flour to fill up. This lack of a balanced diet is what leads to them getting obese over time, thereby listing the country in the top 10 fattest countries across the world.


As per data acquired in September 2015, obesity rates are higher than 35% in Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas. As for the rest of the states, 22 states have over 30% obese individuals, 45 states are over 25% with the rest being above 20%. On the whole, it is believed that two out of every three Americans is either overweight or obese.

Research suggests that nearly 120,000 preventable deaths occur in the United States on a yearly  basis due to obesity. With that, an obese person is known to spend about $1,429 in medical expenses each year.

1 Nauru

Obesity has long been a major health concern for the citizens of Nauru. According to statistics revealed by the World Health Organization, nearly 94.5% of the country’s citizens are overweight, and 71.7% of its people are outright obese – the highest in the world.

Nearly ninety percent of the land area in the country is said to be packed full of phosphate deposits, which has made them inarable. For this reason, the people of Nauru rely on importing processed foods that are high in both sugar and fat as they have very little arable land. With their diet being so full of fat and sugar, it is no surprise that Nauru is the fattest country in the world.

Sources: timesofmalta.comindependent.co.uk

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