The 10 Biggest Cut Diamonds in the World

Earth has given humans some remarkable things that many take for granted such as a breathable atmosphere, enough natural drinking water, and fauna and flora. Earth has also showed us some of the most amazing and beautiful creations ever seen in the form of diamonds. Diamonds with their brilliance, their forms and colors have always interested people. Human beings have made it a stone of rich people and the search for bigger and clearer diamonds is still on.

Craftsmen have discovered a way to show off diamonds by setting them on rings and other types of jewelries for a long time now, starting with Kings and Queens. Nowadays different techniques exist to find the precious stone (X-rays for example) and to cut it to a desired shape without losing too much of the carat from the rough diamond. So what are the largest cut diamonds the world has ever seen? Take a look and find out for yourself.

10 The De Beers Diamond

The name of the diamond comes from the mine it was discovered in back in March 1888. The De Beers mine is one of the two found on the land of Nicolas and Diederick De Beer near Kimberley in South Africa. The yellow primrose diamond presently weighs 234,65 carats, after being cut,with its original weight being 428,50 carats. The place where it was cut is unknown, but probably in Netherlands because of the superiority of the country for cutting diamonds at the end of the nineteenth century.

9 The Jubilee

This diamond was found in South Africa. The rough diamond was cut and ended up being two diamonds; one of 13,34 carats and the other one of 245.35 carats, referred to as the Jubilee. The diamond is of E grade and is colorless. Since the diamond was so pure and rare, it was supposed to be presented to Queen Victoria. Unfortunately for the Queen, she never received it because the owner decided to keep it. Nowadays, it can be seen in the collection of diamonds of Robert Mouawad, but it changes ownership frequently.

8 The Centenary

The diamond was discovered in 1986 in South Africa. New technologies and X-rays were used to discover this diamond. It weighs 273.85 carats and its white color is of D grade, the highest grade for colorless diamonds. The diamond is also flawless. This diamond is exceptional due to the number of facets, it has 164 on the stone and 83 on the pavilion with heart shaping. The stone is insured for more than $100 million. The actual owner is an unknown businessman from the United States and has been the owner since 2008.

7 The Nizam

The Nizam was discovered in 1857 in Golconda, India and got its name from the Prince of Hyderabad, Nizam. The rough diamond weighed 440 carats. The stone has been cut in a pear shape and now weighs 277.80 carats. It is owned by a private collector in India.

6 The Great Mogul 

The Great Mogul was discovered in the mine of Kollur in India in 1650. It is a round pink diamond of 280 carats. The original stone is believed to have weighed 787 carats. The stone has been lost since the assassination of its original owner, Nadir Shah, in 1747. Before that, the French gem merchant and traveler, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier had the chance to see the stone and he states that the stone shape was the same as an egg cut in half. Some stories are saying that either the diamond Orlov or the Koh-i-noor one could have been cut from this stone.

5 The Spirit of Grisogono

The spirit of Grisogono has been cut, as its name indicated, by the famous Swiss jeweler Grisogono, who nowadays still owns the ring on which it has been set. It is the biggest cut black diamond in the world. It was discovered in Central Africa several decades ago before being imported to Switzerland. The rough stone weighed 587 carats and the cut version only weighs 312.24 carats. The cut diamond was set on a white gold ring with 702 small white diamonds putting the total number of carats to 348.93.

4 The Cullinan II 

Discovered in the same mine as the Cullinan 1 but “only” weighing 317.40 carats, it has a size “pillow” and is white in color. The Cullinan has been cut into nine stones numbered I to IX. The original stone, in which all nine diamonds have cut from, had 3106,75 carats. Like the Cullinan I, this stone has been set on the British crown.

3 The Incomparable

Its name comes from its incomparable and unique shape, a triolet shape. It was discovered by a little girl playing on a heap of rubble in 1982 in the Congo Republic, in the area of Mbuji mayi. It weighed 890 carats before being cut and now its weight is 407.48 carats. This diamond has been graded as flawless in 1988 by the GIA, Gemological Institute of America. It was the biggest brown diamond ever found and the fourth largest diamond of color ever found. Before being offered and exposed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, the owner tried to sell it on Ebay for $15 million without finding any buyer.

2 The Cullinan I

The Cullinan was discovered in South Africa in 1905. This amazing white diamond weighs 530.20 carats, it is the largest white cut diamond in the world. The particularity of this diamond is that it doesn't have 56 verges, but 78 in pear shape, which make it even more brilliant. Its nickname, in the world of diamonds, is the Great Star of Africa. The story says that three lapidaries were needed in order to cut and polish the diamond to its pear shape and its weight of 530.20 carats. In 1908, Edward VII obtained the diamond and since then it has been set on the British Imperial Scepter. Nowadays, it is displayed in the London Tower with all jewels of the British crown.

1 The Golden Jubilee

The biggest cut diamond in the world is called the Golden Jubilee. It was discovered in 1985 in the Premier mine in South Africa. The brut diamond weighed 755 carats before being cut. It was cut by Gabi Tolkowsky. Once cut, the stone weighs 545.67 carats and has a fancy yellow-brown color. It was offered in 1995 to the King of Thailande and set on his crown in honor of his 50th anniversary of his coronation. It is displayed in the Royal palace in Bangkok with the rest of the royal jewels. Its value is between $4 to $12 million.

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