• 10 Weirdest Guinness World Record Accomplishments
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    Almost everybody wants to be famous. Well, maybe not everyone but a good percentage of the human population wants that fame. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which angle one decides to view this from, not everyone can be a movie star. So depending on how desperate one is to gain fame, one might decide to do something that could get them into the Guinness Book of World Records instead.

    Some of the record-breaking feats that are attempted are acts of human strength, others intelligence while others are just downright weird. Sometimes the ones who accomplish these deeds leave the rest of the human population wondering what the thought process was when deciding to attempt these things.

    Sometimes the easiest way to ensure you get yourself a slot in the book is to try something really easy like the most hours spent in an elevator or to do something many people consider strange, for example the most amount of pegs one can fit on their face at a go.

    Such acts are almost guaranteed to get a person into the book because stuff to do with strength, eating and agility has been done numerous times in the past and trying to outdo them is very strenuous.

    For all you lovers of weird acts people do in the name of having a feeling of accomplishment, read on and find out the weird things people have done in order to earn themselves a slot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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    Longest Jump by a Cat
    Via katzenworld.co.uk

    This seems very adorable. Someone just sat down and thought that it would be appropriate to test how far their feline companion could jump. This person happened to be Samantha Martin from Austin, Texas and her pet cat managed to cover six feet in one jump on October 27, 2013.

    That is a great accomplishment for the cat; it gets into a book that it does not even know exists. The poor thing must have been wondering the whole time why it was required to do all that jumping.

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    Longest Usable Golf Club
    Via standaard.be

    So a lover of golf decided normal size golf clubs are not satisfactory enough, they just had to come up with a longer one. Karsten Maas of Denmark made this particular club, which measures fourteen feet and five inches long.

    Well, if you cannot invent a stunning, life-changing machine, be creative and modify what is already in existence. Work with something you love, like sports in this person’s case. This will ensure that you work whole heartedly and feel passionate about. He probably manages to sink all the balls he shoots on the golf course. Or maybe not.

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    Tallest Teenager
    Via weirdcooldumb.com

    How cool is that? This boy did not even have to lift a finger, he just kicked back and let his genes do the work for him. Brendan Adams of Ellensburg, Washington is a towering seven feet five inches tall; he is even too tall to play basketball! Nike however decided to be good people and get him cool kicks. Get this, they were size twenty-four athletic sneakers. So he gets to set two records. He must be feeling so cool about himself. He does not have to worry about anyone bullying him or anything like that because who wants to pick on someone that big? He also gets to have people look up to him.

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    Longest Fingernails
    weirdest guiness world records accomplishments
    via satucontoh.tk

    Lee Redmond of Madrid, Spain has the longest fingernails in the world and was the defending champion until 2009 when she lost her nails in a car accident. She should share her secret on how she manages to maintain her nails at that incredible length. Plenty of people would find that information useful, but maybe not to this extreme. Her nails are twenty three feet eleven inches long. The effort can be seen, it is not easy growing out nails to that length without them breaking off and frustrating one's efforts, not to mention making day-to-day life nearly impossible. Her manicures must cost a fortune.

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    Most People Throwing Flip Flops
    weirdest guniess world record accomplishments
    via www.ibtimes.co.uk

    One person probably got tired of their flip flops and threw them across the room due to utter boredom. Then, a light bulb went on above their head, divine intervention had occurred! The idea of a record was conceived, so a world record was set. Nice folk story, eh? Good enough to tell to your grand kids. It will definitely end up being a folk tale that can be passed on from generation to generation. The students at Armidale High School in Australia sure know how to kick off the school year.

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    Farthest Basketball Shot Backwards
    weirdest guiness world record accomplishments

    Basketball players have done it all, dribbled a ball continuously for many hours, and juggled while spinning a ball on their fingers while doing some other activity and so on. This is where one decides to go the easy route and throw the ball backwards.

    Thunder Law of the Harlem Globetrotters made it into the book for throwing the ball backwards a distance of 25 meters into an NBA regulation hoop. That is quite impressive seeing as the guy could not see where he was throwing the ball. This shows that some records take true talent to set.

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    Fastest Hundred Meter Run On All Fours
    weirdest guinness world record accomplishments
    via www.guinnessworldrecords.com

    This one is just hilarious; can you imagine a grown human being in his right mind tackling the hundred meters on all fours? That would be quite a sight. This man happened to be Japanese named Katsumi Tamakoshi and he managed to cover the distance in 15.86 seconds.

    His training sessions must have been serious. On the up side they did manage to pay off for him in the end, on the downside the neighbors and family must have thought that a few nuts and bolts were loose in his head. He should however pat himself on the back because not many people would be willing to try and set such a record. He might end up having that record to his name for a while because of its nature.

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    Largest Rice Ball Mosaic
    weirdest guinness world record accomplishments
    via www.telegraph.co.uk

    This is one of the most beautiful records on this list. These people managed to make art from rice. The largest rice ball mosaic was done by Chinese Taoism Folk Culture Association and it measured 1,798 square meters. This was definitely a different way to utilize food.

    The end product was definitely something to admire. Though it does leave the question, did they cook the rice after they set the record? Maybe they threw a party to celebrate. Either way, let's hope all that rice didn't go to waste.

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    The Most Times One Leg Has Been Positioned Behind One's Head in 30 Seconds
    Via moulinrouge.fr

    This is a true test of one’s endurance and flexibility. It happened in France where Adonis Kosmadakis from Greece positioned his leg behind his head 30 times in 30 seconds. The amount of energy and determination it takes to set this record is something to be admired.

    The man must have put in hours and hours of work to get this done. Or perhaps he is just naturally flexible and this was no daunting task for him. He probably just found it to be a simple task and did it like a warm up.

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    Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Penguins
    Via bugaga.ru

    Two questions: How does one think of such an idea? How or where does one get people willing to agree to do this? The mastermind behind this record must have been a very influential speaker, or very rich.

    In the United Kingdom, three hundred and seventy three people who were dressed as penguins gathered at their City Hall. The best part is that they decided to do a 2 kilometer ‘duck walk’ around Tower Bridge first. They must have gotten odd looks from the people on the street.

    Sources: mashable.com, viralcircus.com, businessinsider.com

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