15 Talented Celebrities Who Fathered A Shocking Number of Children

These 15 celebrities might be known for a variety of things, but one thing they all have in common is that they had no trouble in the baby-making department. From six, seven, to eleven, to fifteen children, these well-known men have certainly spent some serious time spreading their seed. When you consider how celebrities have such busy lives, it's incredible that they have time to procreate, let alone raise a family, but hey, I guess they have nannies for that.

From actors that have hidden their children from the public for years to men with too many baby mamas to keep track of, these guys sure have a whole lot of miniature versions of them running around! While some celebs make headlines when they give birth to their first child (ex: North West), other celebs may have so many children the public can't even keep track! How many of these celebrity babies did you know about?

Which of our favorite male stars has a talent for baby-making? Wonder no more after you check out this list!

15 Steven Spielberg - 7 Children

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This groundbreaking film producer, director, and screenwriter has seven children. Given, two have been adopted from previous marriages, but that's still a lot of kids!

Spielberg met actress Amy Irving in 1976. The two dated romantically for four years, broke things off for a while, and later rekindled their love, getting married in 1985. By the time the couple had married, they had already had one son together, Max. Steven and Amy divorced just three years later due to career stresses.

Spielberg later sparked up a relationship with actress Kate Capshaw, whom he had cast in his film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  The two were married in 1991 and went on to have four biological children together. Spielberg also adopted Capshaw's daughter from her previous marriage to Robert Capshaw and a son, whom Capshaw had adopted prior to her relationship with Spielberg.

14 Mick Jagger - 7 Children

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Rock star Mick Jagger has fathered seven little rock children. Despite being married just once, the musician had relationships with Marsha Hunt, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, and Luciana Gimenez and he went on to have at least one child with each of them.

His firstborn child, his daughter Karis Hunt Jagger, was born in 1970 to Marsha Hunt.

He then met his one and only wife, Bianca De Macias (Bianca Jagger) and married her in 1971. The couple had one child together, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger, who was born in the fall of 1971. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last and Bianca and Mick were divorced by 1978. Bianca had made adultery claims against Jagger.

Jagger then went on to date model, Jerry Hall. Together, the pair had two sons and two daughters from 1984 to 1997. He had one more son, in 1999, with Luciana Gimenez.

Mick Jagger is also a grandfather to five grandchildren and recently became a great-grandfather when one of his daughters gave birth to a daughter in 2014.

13 Kevin Costner - 7 Children

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Kevin Costner is a well-known actor, director, producer, and musician. Costner has seven children.

Prior to fame, Costner met his wife, Cindy Silva, in college at Cal State Fullerton. The two married in the spring of 1975. They went on to have three children together, two daughters and a son. After almost two decades of marriage, Kevin and Cindy divorced in 1994.

Following the divorce, Costner had a brief fling with actress Bridget Rooney. Rooney gave birth to Costner's second son, in the fall of 1996.

Costner found love again with German-American model, Christine Baumgartner in 2000. The couple wed in 2004 at Costner's ranch in Colorado. The couple's first child and Costner's third son was born in 2007. Another son was born a few years later in 2009 and the couple's youngest daughter was born in the spring of 2010.

12 Robert De Niro - 6 Children

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This big name actor has fathered six children with three different women!

De Niro was first married to a Diahnne Abbott. Together they had a son, Raphael, and De Niro adopted Abbott's daughter, Drena, from a previous marriage. De Niro and Abbott divorced after twelve years.

De Niro went on to have two children with longtime girlfriend and former model, Toukie Smith. The couple conceived twin sons, Aaron Kendrick and Julian Henry, via in-vitro fertilization with the help of a surrogate.

Two years after the birth of his sons, De Niro had separated from Smith and married his new girlfriend, Grace Hightower. In 1998, the couple had a son, Elliot, but the relationship ended one year later. Never finalizing the divorce, the couple repaired their relationship and renewed their vows in 2004. In 2011, with the help of a surrogate, the couple welcomed a daughter, Helen Grace.

In March of this year, the actor announced that his son, Elliot, had been diagnosed with autism. He has since been publicly involved in efforts discover its cause and new treatments.

In addition to his six children, De Niro has four grandchildren.

11 Willie Nelson - 7 Children

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The infamous musician, singer, songwriter, author, poet, actor, and activist has been married four times and has fathered seven children.

He had his first three children, two daughters, and a son, Willie "Billy" Hugh Jr., with his first wife. Nelson ended the marriage because of domestic abuse on his wife's behalf. Nelson claimed one incident occurred where she sewed him up in a sheet and beat him with a broomstick.

Nelson did not have any children with his second wife, Shirley Collie. In fact, Collie found the bill from the maternity ward where Nelson's mistress and soon-to-be fourth wife, Connie Koepke, had delivered her and Nelson's daughter, Paula Carlene Nelson. Collie filed for divorce shortly afterward.

Koepke and Nelson got married and had another daughter, Amy Lee Nelson. After over a decade together, the couple divorced in 1988.

Nelson quickly recovered, marrying his current wife, Annie D'Angelo, in 1991. The couple had two sons together- Luke Autry and Jacob Micah.

His son, Billy, tragically committed suicide in 1991.

10 Mel Gibson - 7 Children

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Director, actor, and producer Mel Gibson married Robyn Denise Moore, a dental nurse from Australia, shortly after filming Mad Max in 1980. The couple has had one daughter and six sons together and they also share three grandchildren.

After over a quarter of a century together, Gibson and Moore called it quits and announced their separation in 2006. His wife filed for divorce in 2009, but the divorce was not made official until 2011. Gibson's settlement to his now, ex-wife, is said to be one of the highest in Hollywood history at over $400 million.

It was rumored that Robyn decided to file for divorce after photos of her husband surfaced of him lounging on the beach while embracing Russian pianist, Oksana Grigorieva.

Robyn's suspicions were obviously correct, as Gibson and Grigorieva announced the birth of their daughter, Lucia, in the fall of 2009.

9 Mike Tyson - 8 Children

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Mike Tyson is a well-known boxer and a former Heavyweight Champion. Tyson has been married three times and has fathered eight children during his lifetime. One of his children is his second wife Monica Turner's child from a previous relationship that Tyson considers his own.

In 2009, Tyson lost one of his daughters, four-year-old Exodus, to a tragic accident in which she was strangles by a chord attached to a treadmill in Tyson's home. Eleven days following the incident, Tyson got married for a third time to long-time girlfriend, Lakiha Spicer. The two went on two have two children together in the past couple of years.

8 Eddie Murphy - 9 Children

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Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy recently welcomed his 9th child this past May (2016). Murphy fathered the child with long-time girlfriend, 36-year-old Paige Butcher. The couple named their first daughter together Izzy Oona Murphy.

Murphy previously fathered 5 children with ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell, a son with Tamara Hood Johnson, another son with Paulette McNeely and a daughter with former Spice Girl, Mel B.

7 Master P - 9 Children

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Percy Robert Miller, a.k.a 'Master P' is a rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor, author, filmmaker, record producer, philanthropist, and former basketball player. With all those traits, you can imagine that is what made him appealing to Sonya Miller, who he married in 1989.

He is also father to nine children, including son 'Lil Romeo and daughter Cymphonique, who have gone on to start their own entertainment careers.

Two of his other sons, Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder, have also gone on to pursue their dreams of being rappers.

6 Muhammad Ali - 9 Children

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Recently deceased, former professional boxer and activist Muhammad Ali fathered nine children during his lifetime. Ali was married four separate times and had seven daughters and two sons - four with his first wife, two with his second, and one with his third. It should also be noted that Ali fathered two more children during extramarital affairs.

One of Ali's daughters, Laila, continued her father's legacy, becoming a professional boxer in 1999. Ali's son-in-law, married to daughter, Hana, is UFC middleweight fighter, Kevin Casey.

5 Clint Eastwood - 7 Children

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Renowned director and actor Clint Eastwood was a busy man during his off time. Eastwood is a father to seven children by four different women.

Eastwood married his first wife in the late '50s after six months of dating, but it was his first mistress, dancer and stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis, who fathered his first child. Kimber Eastwood was born in 1964. Her identity was kept secret from the public for four years. His wife, Margaret Johnson, and Eastwood later reconciled and had a daughter, Allison, and a son, Kyle.

By the 1970s, Eastwood had claimed his relationship with Johnson had fizzled, and he began seeing actress Sondra Locke. Johnson and Eastwood did not officially divorce until the mid-80s.

After the divorce, Eastwood went on a spree of relationships with women. Jacelyn Reeves, was a stewardess he met at a hotel who later went on to have two of his children - Scott and Kathryn. He was still living with Locke at the time of their conception.

In the '90s, Eastwood got together with actress Frances Fischer. The two went on to have a daughter, Francesca Eastwood. A few years after that, he was dating a news anchor he had met during an interview, Dina Ruiz. Dina and Clint married in 1996 and had daughter, Morgan, that same year.

4 T.I. - 7 Children

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Rapper T.I. is a father to seven children. He has been in a relationship with former Xscape member, Tamika Cottle since 2001. The couple married in the summer of 2010. The couple went on to have two sons together. The rapper also adopted one of Cottle's daughters from a previous relationship as his own. The couple recently welcomed another daughter in March of this year.

He previously had two sons with Lashon Dixon and a daughter with R&B singer, Ms. Niko.

3 DMX - 12 Children

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Earl Simmons, a.k.a. DMX, is a rapper from Yonkers who is about to be a father to his 12th child. DMX married Tashera Simmons in 1999 and was with her for 11 years, up until his legal issues and incarcerations began in 2010.

DMX took part in multiple extra-martial activities; some of which resulted in children. It is known that he fathered a child to Maryland resident, Monique Wayne in 2004 and another child to an unknown woman in 2008. DMX refused to admit that Wayne's child was his or pay child support. DNA testing was admitted and DMX was ordered to pay Wayne $1.5 million. Some with ex-wife Tashera Simmons, but many with women he had affairs with throughout the marriage.

2 Bob Marley - 12+ Children

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Reggae music legend Bob Marley was a father to at least 12 children, with even more rumored to be his. The singer's religion may have played a role in his growing family as Rastafarians do not use contraception. It may have been Marley's belief to be as fruitful and multiply as much as physically possible.

Marley had many of these children with other women, while he was married to his wife, Rita. In fact, Bob had eight children with eight different women, not including Rita. Rita and Bob had four children together during their marriage. Cedella Marley is Bob and Rita's oldest child together. She was a part of the family group, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. Ziggy Marley is Bob and Rita's oldest son together and front man for the group.

1 Marlon Brando - 15 Children

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Marlon Brando was considered one of the most eligible bachelors of his day. The successful actor, film director, and activist had a total of 15 children. The infamous Godfather actor was known for his many indiscretions with women and was a very desired man. Given, three of his fifteen children were adopted, but the man still fathered 12 of them!

Brando had his first child, a son, with first wife Anna Kashfi. He had a second son and a daughter with his second wife, Movita Castaneda. Following that, he had another son and daughter with third wife, Tarita Terripaia. And if Marlon wasn't busy enough juggling three ex-wives and multiple children, the man went on to father three more children, a daughter and two sons with his housekeeper, Christina Ruiz. Oh, and he also has three sons and another daughter whom he fathered to unidentified women.

The actor also adopted his third wife, Tarita's daughter and niece while they were married. Lastly, he adopted his assistant's daughter, Petra Brando-Corval. It seems when it came to children, it was the more the merrier with Brando. Brando is even suspected of being the biological father of Linda Carroll, Courtney Love's mother. He is thought to have had a fling with her mother, novelist Paula Fox, around the time of conception.

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