15 Of The World's Most Insane Water Slides You NEED To Visit

Water slides are a great way to have fun, get some adrenaline flowing, and beat the heat. They're fun, fast, wet, and wild and chances are you don't have to go very far to find one! They're all over the place and can be found anywhere from hotels, water parks, amusement parks, or at a resort. Going on some of these slides may be the ride of your life, some are long, some are fast, some are just crazy inventive. The great thing about water slides is that they can be made in so many different ways. They can be tall and straight, they can curve all around and bring you a leisurely ride while getting wet, and they can even dive underwater and bring you an amazing experience of being underwater, in an aquarium, and a part of the aquatic life.

Many of you have enjoyed the experience of a water slide before and can imagine how they feel with the water under you, the feel of the slide going by, and the darkness of the tunnels they may have. Some have tunnels with intense lighting visuals, some are open to the world and allow you a great view of the surrounding area from a high vantage point. Some water slides are 100% inside, and some are 100% outside. They come in many forms and styles, but they all have one thing in common: they are all fun! These are some of the coolest, craziest, most innovative water slides in the world that you can visit!

15 King Cobra - New Jersey, USA

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This water slide is at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey. This is a very unique water slide that features two "dueling slides." At the top of the ride is a figure eight that the rider goes around before dropping 25 feet and reaching speeds of over 30 mph! Imagine going over 30 mph in your car and sticking your hand out the window and feeling the wind. Now imagine you're not in a car, you're on a water slide going over 30 mph, getting wet, the slide flying by behind you, and water flying everywhere! At this point the rider enters the "Sidewinder" element that looks like a cobra's head. Think of it as a water slide-vert-ramp, where the rider goes up one side after coming down really fast, then up the other side before coming to a stop... eventually. This is a really unique and fun coaster and it was actually built over a large volleyball pit. What a great change, huh?

14 Insano - Brazil

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The Insano lives up to its name. This slide was a world-record holder for the world's tallest water slide at over 130 feet tall! That's as tall as a 14-story building! It gives you a great view of the Atlantic Ocean while you're up there. This slide is not for the faint of heart, and not for those who are afraid of heights (unless you like exposure therapy!). Once you get to the top of this monster, you plummet down the initial drop and hit speeds of up to 65 miles per hour! Imagine going down the freeway, passing cars... on a water slide! Of course, the ride only allows one person at a time because nobody wants a 65 mph collision on a slide. This is one of the most extreme water slides on the planet and if you can stand the height, you can ride this monster and tell everybody that you went down the previously tallest water slide in the world!

13 Master Blaster Water Coasters - Dubai

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The Master Blaster Water Coasters in at Atlantis The Palm Resort in Dubai is a series of water slide-coasters. You know how they love to manipulate nature in Dubai and make it exactly how they want and this resort is no different. It is built on the Palm Jumeirah; a man-made island that looks like a huge palm tree! Dubai is exploding with some of the most innovative, expensive, and insane stuff in the world from buildings like the Burj Khalifa, to water parks like this one. These are beautiful works of art that took years to build. There are actually 4 slides that start from the top of a Mayan-style pyramid and rockets the riders around twists, turns, open-top slides, and full tunnels. If you ride these slides, you even go uphill you're going so fast! If the series of water slides wasn't cool enough, remember, the island that you're on is a giant palm tree!

12 The Scorpion's Tail - Wisconsin, USA

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This water slide is a part of the world famous Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin, USA. This slide is on a 70-acre water park in the heart of Wisconsin Dells. The Scorpion's Tail is a part of the Noah's Ark Water Park. This slide is very unique and will take you for a wild ride! It's ten stories tall, 400-feet long, and the first drop of the slide will rocket you to a speed of more than 50-feet per second! This allows the rider to go around a nearly-vertical loop that is totally unique to this slide! Can you imagine going around a loop... on a water slide? You'd have to be going pretty darn fast, and the Scorpion's Tail does that for its riders with ease and insanity! If you're ever in the United States, specifically Wisconsin, visit Wisconsin Dells. It is really the waterpark capital of the world with tons of different parks and attractions in one area that gives you tons of different options for fun!

11 Verrückt - Kansas City, Kansas, USA

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Another monstrously tall water slide, the Verrückt in Kansas City is one wild ride, and speaking of world-records, this one's got it. The Verrückt is the world's tallest water slide at 168 feet high, making it taller than the Statue of Liberty! It's as tall as a 17-story building with 264 steps to get to the top, which may seem like a lot and take a lot of energy to get there but trust me, it pays off. The height provides the rider with something amazing; an over 60 mph drop! Not only does it drop you at over 60 mph, it sends you and 2 other friends down in 3-person rafts! Once you go down the initial drop, the raft cruises back up a 55-foot hill and back down the other side. If you're looking for the tallest water slide in the world, this is it. If you ride this monstrosity, you can say that you rode the tallest water slide on the planet!

10 Head-First Racer - China

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Everybody loves a good race, and when you combine that concept with a water slide, you've got something awesome on your hands. Located at the Chimelong Water Park in China, the Head-First Racer is a sight to see. With eight different tubes to go down, you can line up racers of your friends or other people at the park and race them down to the bottom! Not only do you get to race other people, you get to ride a small raft, head-first! As you slide down the initial drop, you can look over at the other riders and see how their technique compares to yours and you can come up with the best technique to get the most speed and be able to beat anybody that challenges you to a race on this awesome water slide. There is even an official down at the bottom of the slide to announce the winner so you can get the respect and admiration your water sliding ego needs!

9 Vertigo - MSC Preziosa, MSC Cruises

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Ok, cruise ships are cool enough, but an insane water slide ON a cruise ship?! Now that, is awesome. If you ever get a chance to go on the MSC Preziosa cruises, take the chance! It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride one of the coolest, most inventive water slides in the world. The Vertigo water slide offers riders of the cruise a way to 'cruise' even more on the ship. This amazing water slide is over 42-feet high and almost 400-feet long (394 ft)! The average speed of this beautiful water slide is 20 feet per second, making it a cruise slide, on a cruise! Inception much? This slide also has a clear tube that gives riders the experience of flying over the side of the ship. The clear tube goes out over the side of the ship and riders can see out over the ocean and over the side of the ship. The 394 foot water slide offers twists, turns, drops, and an amazing ride around, and off the ship.

8 The AquaLoop - Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin'

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An AquaLoop is an awesome type of attraction where a water slide has a near vertical slide that is an inclined loop. Imagine doing a full 360˚ loop on a water slide! Now, that's cool! This ride was built in 2012 and has been attracting tens of thousands of people to it every year, and with good reason. AquaLoop slides are few and far between, making this gem a rare type of slide that riders all over the world crave to ride. This ride stands out, not only because it is an AquaLoop, but because it's a quadruple AquaLoop! Making it available for 4 people to ride at the same time and race to the bottom. Choose orange, green, red or blue, and race your way to the bottom while doing a complete 360˚ loop. These types of slides are not only cool because they loop, but really cool because you can race other people!

7 Summit Plummet - Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World 

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Now, we all know that Disney World comes up with some amazing rides and water slides. Every kid in the US grows up wanting to go to Disney World or Disney Land, and with good reason. They are some of the biggest, most advanced amusement parks in the world. Not to mention the Summit Plummet water slide at Blizzard Beach in Walt Disney World. This is a high-speed, very intense water slide that will get your adrenaline pumping for sure! With a height of 120 feet and a top speed of around 50 mph (for kids) and 60 mph (for adults) you will surely get your adrenaline fix with this amazing water slide! The initial drop is almost 90 degrees and you can look over the edge to see what's in store for you. Some riders even momentarily float above the actual slide since the drop is so steep! Now imagine that; a hover-water slide! Disney World does it again!

6 World Waterpark - Alberta, Canada

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A water park... in Canada? How does it stay warm, you ask? The entire water park is enclosed in a giant building! Not only are there a lot of water slides but there are tons of other water-related attractions that are frankly, pretty awesome. A surf simulator that shoots jets of water into a wave-like form so you can ride a board on it, a giant wave pool, and even a zip-line! There are actually 15 active water slides inside the park and they range from beginner to extreme. Now, of course we want to talk about the extreme ones, right? The tallest slides in this amazing water park are the Twister and Cyclone, which are both 83 feet high. The Cyclone starts at the top of Twister Sliders with a vertical trap door. Once the floor disappears from beneath you, there is a straight drop with a gravity defying loop that eventually shoots you out into the splashdown chute by another water slide. Now this may not be one single water slide, but the World Waterpark is definitely a sight to see and would be an awesome place to visit!

5 Boeing 747 - Oregon, USA

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Now, when you think about a water slide, airplanes don't really come to mind. However, this water slide in Oregon, USA, is based around a Boeing 747 airplane. The slide actually starts inside a real Boeing 747 airplane that has been decommissioned! The slide winds its way around the water park going inside the park and far outside in tunnels with darkness and tunnels that are clear and allow you to see everything outside. Not only is it just one water slide, it is a dual slide that allows riders to start at the same time. Not only is there the 747 water slide, there are a number of other water slides in the park including the Mach 1 that drops the rider 60 feet, vertically! Not only is this a water park, it's also a museum; the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, to be exact. There are over 200 aircraft at the complex including military jets, helicopters, private aircraft, and even spacecraft! If you want to go to an awesome water park AND learn a few things, this park is for you!

4 Twister and Speedy - Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa, Austria

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Now just take a second and look at that picture... Okay, now you want to ride it, don't you? Twister and Speedy are two water slides in Austria at the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa. They are some of the finest water slides in the world and for good reason. Speedy is a really long water slide at 460 feet long and allows riders to hit very fast speeds. Twister is even longer! At 660 feet long, Twister allows riders to go on a really fast, intense ride. They wrap around the building and have clear material on top of the tubes so that riders can see out over the land they are cruising through. Now, these slides may make you dizzy because of their insanely crafted around-the-building style, but what more can you ask for in a premium water slide (Speedy is the red slide and is the faster of the two if you want to get some real fast speed!)?

3 X-Treme Faser - Galaxy Erding, Germany

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The X-Treme Faser water slide in Germany is an amazing water slide in an amazing water park complex. This slide has had a lot of controversy attached to it due to the injuries it has produced. Not only is it 220 feet long, it will get riders to a speed of over 45 miles per hour! This slide is labeled "only for the brave" and "men only" (for security reasons; due to the female anatomy). This is a dangerous water slide and has injured multiple people (hence the exclusion of women from the slide). With a free-fall that gets a rider up to 45 mph, it has injured at least 6 women because of its intense speed, drops, and use of water. The park is currently working on the slide to make it less dangerous and available to women, so if you want to ride the original X-Treme Faser, you better book a flight to Germany as soon as possible!

2 Cliffhanger/F5 Twin Twisters - Texas, USA

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Now, we've already seen some water slides that will make you dizzy, and even one called the Twister, but these two slides in Galveston, Texas are amazing. These slides are available for two riders to go at once and they go around each other over and over... and over. They're unlike any other water slide and not only do they go around each other many times, they are completely dark. It was made this way to be intentionally more confusing and scary to the rider. The tunnels have no lights, and no light gets into them, making the ride extremely dark and scary. When you are going down the slide, cruising fast, not knowing if you're going to go up or down, it can be very confusing and intense. You have to climb an 81 foot tower just to get to the entrance of these slides, but it's well worth it for the amazing ride you have ahead of you!

1 Cannonball Loop - Vernon Township, New Jersey

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Now you may be thinking, "no way, that's photoshopped!" but indeed, it is not. This was hailed as the most dangerous water slide ever created. This water slide was built in the mid-80's, and features a completely vertical, 360 degree loop. Reports say that employees were offered $100USD to test the slide to see if it worked and if they got hurt. It was only open for one month before it was ordered to be closed because there was too many injuries, including bloody noses and back injuries. The Cannonball Loop may have been a water slide ahead of its time and wasn't properly executed when built. It reopened a few more times in the mid-90's but more and more injuries forced it to be closed down. Don't let that get you down, though! A new, similar Cannonball Loop is set to open in 2016 that features a vertical drop, a teardrop loop, and a cage that riders will be in that is shaped like a coffin! Get your nerves ready for this one!


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