13 Careers With The Highest Probability Of Cheaters

Some people believe that cheating is simply a matter of timing, circumstance, availability and opportunity. When you mix those ingredients together, you create the perfect storm of potential cheating and adultery, in which virtually anyone is capable of falling prey. Others argue though, that cheating occurs mainly with specific personalities of people and that you can predict the probability of infidelity just by calculating some simple factors.

Even if you disagree with the latter, there is no getting around the fact that studies have gathered up statistics which do point to certain patterns in the behavior and characteristics of those who do cheat. For instance, one study determined that men named Wayne cheat more than men with any other name. And studies have been able to build a general psychographic for the cheating woman. She is in her mid-thirties, married for five years or less with a daughter under three years old. Studies also indicate that higher levels of education can help prevent cheating based on the assumption that education, working outside of the home, and earning decent wages helps to stabilize the home environment. But, there is a catch. There are specific careers in which highly educated people are much more susceptible to giving into the temptation of cheating. For men and women alike, here is a list of 13 careers that studies show the highest probability of workers who are likely to cheat on their significant others.

13 Bartender

Bartenders are one of the most obvious jobs on the list. Working late nights with people who are more than likely consuming large amounts of alcohol, already works against you. But factor in that bartenders usually get better tips with the more attractive they are and the friendlier that they act. This increases the probability of getting hit on by customers tenfold. Life as a bartender is not easy work, but it’s still a nonstop party in some ways. That type of lifestyle does not create the stable environment supposedly needed in order to build a strong enough foundation at home to ensure that no one is willing to stray from the relationship.

12 Real Estate Agents

One of the one more surprising professions that land among the top cheaters is real estate agents. Maybe it has something to do with the erratic hours or maybe getting so closely invested in the personal lives and homes of clients is a factor. There are reports that suggest that freelancers can often have higher divorce rates due to the lack of a structured schedule and instability. Real estate work can often resemble that of a freelancer’s, so perhaps the same basic principles apply. Whatever the case, if you’re dating or married to a real estate agent, you might want to take notice to any abnormal behavior.

11 Entertainers

Entertainers are very interesting to study when it comes to human behavior. Although externally they seem extremely confident and energetic, the high majority of people who make their living as entertainers have suffered most of their life with problems including depression, low self-confidence and psychological issues, such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Because they’re so good at hiding their issues, they can often go unnoticed, but they also lead to extreme and self-centered behaviors such as alcohol abuse, drug use, adrenaline-seeking activities and cheating. Even the biggest names in the entertainment industry who are in relationships with some of the world’s most beautiful people have been caught cheating, like Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson or Hugh Grant with Elizabeth Hurley.

10 I.T. Workers

Reports on divorce rates suggest that online infidelity is quickly rising as the most common reason behind most divorces these days. The internet, social media and chat rooms have made making connections with people you normally wouldn't be able to, easier than ever and the anonymity gives many people a false sense of innocence. And I.T. professionals spend more time online than anyone, so it’s no surprise that they could be more susceptible to the pitfalls. Many I.T. workers also work on a freelance basis, which has shown to factor into infidelity. Long hours and mentally draining work can take a lot out of a person who is not on a structured schedule, which can make stress skyrocket and lead to unhappiness, which in turn can often lead to the first signs that infidelity is possible.

9 Firemen


It’s no secret that the divorce rates for firefighters are higher than most other professions. But you might be surprised to learn that it’s three times higher – that’s second only to military divorce rates. Undoubtedly, a good portion of those divorces are due to a cheating spouse. Those who have worked in the firefighting industry quickly learn that some of the biggest dangers of the job have nothing to do with smoke and fire, but with the mental effects that can develop from working under such dangerous and sometimes traumatizing conditions. Many firefighters spend extended hours at the firehouse with their colleagues and sometimes at adjacent bars, leading to questions of what they’re doing when they’re not home for long periods of time.

8 Administrative Assistants


Research doesn't specify whether administrative assistants are guilty of cheating on their significant others with just anybody, or if their affairs end up primarily in-office. So, there’s no telling for sure why infidelity is such a common occurrence in this profession. But census information reveals that a staggering 96 percent of administrative assistants are women, with 4 million jobs currently filled in the United States. Infidelity among women is up 18 percent in recent years, so it could be just a simple case of the probability of numbers.

7 Nurses


As of the year 2011, there were 3.5 million employed nurses in the US alone. Although the number of male nurses has tripled since the 1970s, it is still a very female dominated profession. It is an immensely stressful position plagued with long shifts and the psychological burden of constantly being in contact with ill patients. That’s why health.com rated nursing in the top 10 professions with the highest rate of depression. Cheating is often used as a distraction tactic, much like drugs or alcohol, which might explain why nurses cave to cheating so frequently.

6 Lawyers


There isn't a lawyer joke that hasn't been told. It’s not exactly known for being the most ethical of all professions, especially when it comes to defense lawyers. Not all lawyers lie, of course, and plenty of them are in the field to make a difference and do good. But it’s definitely not a stretch to say that there are plenty out there who are masters at stretch and manipulating the truth to fit the narrative that works best for them, either. So the fact that a lawyer lands on the list of professions with the most cheaters probably comes as a surprise to exactly no one.

5 Stay At Home Moms

It has been said that there is no more fulfilling yet, thankless job, than that of a stay-at-home mom. The job of a mom never ends, whether they’re working or not, but staying home adds isolation and boredom on top of the pile of stress. Spouses often grow apart from each other through resentment on both ends. The working spouse grows resentful of all of the hours they have to put in outside of the house and assume that everything in the home should be done. The spouse who stays home grows resentful of their lack of adult interaction and not receiving enough appreciation. And unhappiness and loneliness are two of the biggest culprits of infidelity.

4 Police

Cops have long-since had a reputation for cheating on their partners. Between handling the role of authority along with irregular shift work, long hours and physical and mental stress, police officers already meet multiple criteria for committing adultery or infidelity. But on top of all of that, there is another factor working against them. There are women who specifically hunt down married cops to seduce. They’re known in the industry as “badge bunnies.” Not that it’s an excuse, of course, but definitely creates a formula that shows how and why it ends up happening in so many cases.

3 Physicians


Anyone married to a female physician can breathe a sigh of relief. While the industry of physicians is not gender biased, studies show that the physicians who cheat are primarily male.  Male doctors have always had a reputation for having affairs with nurses and other health care workers in their places of business, whether fairly or not. But it just might go to show that there isn't much of a coincidence of the fact that male physicians and nurses both fall on the same list. Those with crucial roles in the medical industry have to constantly keep their egos in check for fear of developing a God-complex which can easily develop when you’re consistently not only helping other people, but saving their lives.

2 Teachers

One of the most surprising professions to land on this list, makes its way to the very top. Teachers are reportedly one of the most common professions with the highest percentage of people who cheat on their significant others. Although plenty of men are teachers, this one is mainly reserved for the female teachers. The study doesn't distinguish who female teachers are cheating with – whether it’s those whom they work closely with, or if it’s just a case of hunting down old boyfriends on Facebook. Regardless, the numbers don’t lie. And all of those insane teacher-student scandals that have popped up over the past decade have to be doing something to skew the numbers against the rest of the teachers out there who are perfectly honest and trustworthy.

1 Financial Industry

Psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt’s research on why men cheat determined that the more power a man is given, the higher probability that he will cheat. He says that this is due to three factors, including a high income, extensive travel, and routine interaction with highly appealing and desirable people in professional settings. Based on that criteria, it’s no surprise that men in the financial industry nail the top spot as workers with the highest percentage of cheaters. They make a ridiculous amount of money, they’re notoriously power hungry and ego-centric, and there is usually no shortage of attractive, professional people surrounding them.

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