10 Worst Media Controversies Blown Out Of Proportion

When the topic of "lowest forms of life on Earth" comes up there are usually a few categories of people whose exploits are suggested. Sexual criminals and child abusers are usually on said lists. Murderers usually are but more often than not, they have their reasons, just lack the control not to act on them. Human traffickers and terrorists often make their way into the conversation of human slime, and rightfully so.

Recently there has been a trend where anyone who doesn't seem to tow the line of current liberal dogma makes their way into lists of awful people. The Caitlyn Jenner hysteria produced some recent examples. Anyone who says anything other than "oh my God, she looks too beautiful" is instantly flamed and shamed online. While social media is a great way to communicate, market and meet new people, unfortunately, it's also a great way for bored, ignorant people with too much time and not enough to do, to try to make their lives mean something. They do this by making a big deal out of nothing and trying to ruin peoples' livelihoods.

Political correctness and sensitivity are the words of the moment right now and sadly, people with personalities and senses of humor are being hunted down. Because the vast majority of people are vindictive, shallow and have an unreasonable lust for schadenfreude (joy at the misfortune of others), media outlets love to collectively blow their proverbial stacks, any time someone on Twitter with an inferiority complex has a rough day and gets offended. Here are several instances of the media overreacting at small, barely newsworthy events.

10 Steroids in Baseball and Jose Canseco's Book


Think about this one: back in 2005, the United States was involved with two wars, neither one of which had a clear end in sight, nor was either one particularly popular. In January the state of California was hit with a mudslide, killing ten and blocking a highway. In February a train accident in California killed a dozen and injured 200 more. February also saw the Kyoto Protocol environmental initiative coming into effect, along with the assassination of a former Prime Minister of Lebanon, and several massive suicide bombings in Iraq, one of which killed 130. This was also around the time that Terri Schiavo's controversial final couple of weeks on Earth took place.

Not wanting to make any tough decisions, U.S. congress decided in March 2005 to create a hearing, interrogating Jose Canseco, who published Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant Roids and How Baseball Got Big along with several other MLB stars including Mark McGuire and Rafael Palmeiro. Okay, it's the country's national pass-time, and performance enhancing drug use in athletics is an ethical issue, but did congress really have to poke their aging, dinosaur noses into professional baseball? Did it really have to be plastered all over the news that tax dollars were being used to grill athletes about what types of bull and horse testosterone they were injecting into their posteriors? Oh wait, they grilled NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about concussions in 2009. There really is no issue over which congress won't try to exact some control. This never had to be made into big news.  

Some people are worried about the separation of church and state, but I'm more concerned these days about the separation of state and sport. Keeping government out of the good things in life is the best way to keep them good. Imagine plane travel without the TSA groping your children.

9 2015's Gay Marriage Supreme Court Decision

There is some controversy over the Supreme Court of the United States' decision to allow gay couples to marry. There are still those that think that marriage should be between a man and a woman. They aren't too happy, but they aren't very vocal, mostly because they probably don't want death threats from the "progressives" who "champion" such causes.

There are a couple of reasons that this entire event and the controversy surrounding it are absurd, much like the media attention it has received. The first is that if people are concerned that allowing gays to marry will somehow damage the spirit and significance of the ceremony, they should consider the fact that for all intents and purposes, marriage is already a joke. It's a day during which families can get drunk and tell some stories about two people while they sign some paperwork, and in some states, it can be done in a matter of five minutes. Furthermore, those who dislike gay marriage because it offends their own beliefs should be aware that no governing body will put a gun up to your head and force you to marry a member of the same gender. Well, not yet anyway, but the government is always thinking up new control methods.

The other reason this entire event is asinine is that in effect, this decision simply gives homosexual couples the ability to apply for marriage licenses. People across the world are missing the point: this is an expansion of the cash-grabbing ability of the U.S. government. The fact is, this should never have been newsworthy, because it should never have happened. If two consenting adults want to marry, licensing from some team of semi-human bureaucrats should not be anywhere near the conversation.

8 Tim Tebow and Focus on the Family

Back in 2010, before the NFL draft, Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother Pam, were featured in a commercial for the group Focus on the Family, a social conservative Christian interest group. As a Heisman Trophy winner, he was one of the most high profile picks in that year's draft. His commercial featured his mother Pam, talking about how there were some health concerns while he was in the womb but she kept him anyway. It was an uplifting commercial that essentially argued that while the road to a child's birth may be a rocky one, amazing things are possible for all lives.

Pro Choice groups hated the commercial, despite the fact that it was one of the tamest, most pleasant things Focus on the Family had ever broadcast. The backlash that occurred as a result of this video was as if to say "how dare you people try to tell young mothers-to-be that keeping their unborn child is okay??!!" While there was obviously going to be disagreement with the idea that maybe every baby doesn't need to be aborted, this ad was innocent and a pleasant reminder that any child can group up to achieve greatness. Nobody in their right mind needed to create any controversy.



For those who missed the stupidest journalism-related prank, this refers to people shouting "F*** her right in the P****" in the background of live news segments in public. It was based on a short series of hoax videos online of such imaginary incidents. People who like shock value humor found it funny. Feminists, on the other hand, decided to argue that the slogan aided and abetted "r*pe culture", and said it wasn't funny. It should be noted however, that these same ladies had great senses of humor, no really.

A reporter in Toronto, Canada, was pranked in this manner after a soccer game, and turned her attention to an adjacent group of men, and started an impromptu interview over why it was funny. They had no real answer, but keyboard warriors took to Twitter and got one of the gentlemen fired anyway. It was interesting because he actually didn't say the words and wasn't the one who carried out the prank. Of course, it was treated as a victory that a man who hadn't done anything wrong was fired from his job, and the journalist was hailed as a hero.

6 Gilbert Gottfried's Insensitive Tweets

Gilbert Gottfried is one of those polarizing comedians who is known for pushing limits, you know, what all comedy is about. A few short weeks after September 11th, 2001, he made a joke about the event, after which he was launched into a rendition of "The Aristocrats"; a joke that describes horrible acts including but not limited to necrophilia, bestiality, and incest.

Many media outlets lost their minds when Gottfried, the at the time voice of the Aflac duck, Tweeted clever one liners about the tsunami that hit Japan back in 2011.

The Tweets read as follows.

"Japan called me. They said 'maybe those jokes are a hit in the U.S., but over here, they're all sinking."

"I was talking to my Japanese real estate agent. I said 'is there a school in this area.' She said 'not now, but just wait.'"

These Tweets weren't his best work, but they were pretty tame. Asking a shock comic not to make fun of current issues, no matter how touchy, is idiotic. Did you hear about the diet fad that swept through Asia after the tsunami? It was called "swim fast". It's funny, get over it.

5 Memories Pizza Shut Down


This is another example of an event that should never have even been close to the news. Kevin O'Connor, a pizza restaurant owner from Walkerton, Indiana, indicated that his establishment was open to all members of the public, including homosexuals, but that gay weddings violated his beliefs and he would not cater such an event. This response came after a question about a law passed in the state that allowed such a refusal.

The restaurant's owners received threats and hatred via Google Reviews and Yelp, and closed briefly. They reopened after a few days and a successful GoFundMe campaign. None of this ever needed to come into the public eye. If a business owner wants to turn down business, that's their business. On top of that, anti-religion activists are as unnecessarily aggressive as religious fundamentalists in situations like these.

4 Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson


This whole controversy basically started back in late 2013, with the old man from Duck Dynasty graphically detailing why he thought homosexuality is wrong in an interview with the magazine GQ. He's a Christian redneck; who on Earth thought he would have a positive view of homosexuality? He also said that premarital sex was wrong, and that liars, drunks and thieves were wrong to do what they do. Not to compare these things to homosexuality, but when you add it all up, he sounds like a man who has read and believes the bible.

The word "homophobic" literally means a fear of homosexuality and has come to be equal to a hatred of homosexuality. Phil Robertson never actually said anything that implied he was scared of or hated gays. It's among the many things that, in accordance with Christianity, are against his values and beliefs. 

3 Tiger Woods' Affairs

The entire controversy over Tiger Woods' marital infidelities could have been summed up and dealt with in one sentence. "He's a male and wanted some strange tail, shouldn't have gotten caught". There it is. That's all anyone needed to say. The fact that people acted confused over the causes of these affairs was mind-boggling.

While at one point, a couple may be so in love that they get married. Down the road, the spark may disappear and either party may start to look elsewhere. Tiger Woods realized that with his athletic skill and money, he could basically get a woman in any bar in the United States. So, as many of us would, he did. No reason to be confused, no reason to discuss this for more than ten lines. It was very simple but we heard about it for far too long.

2 Justine Sacco and Lindsey Stone


Now into the world of people whose lives have been ruined by activists on social media. These two ladies are just two of the many examples.

"Going to Africa, Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding, I'm white!" It's a stupid thing to post on Twitter. Not only Africans have AIDS, and white people can get the disease. It's offensive and ignorant, no question, but the fact that someone with 170 Twitter followers became worldwide news and got fired over a stupid Tweet is a shame, and another example of sad, boring people with too much time on their hands. That was the story of Justine Sacco, whose unfortunate Tweet got her fired from a PR job with a large corporation.

Lindsey Stone took a picture pretending to yell with her middle finger extended at the Tomb of the Unknowns. She and her friend had an ongoing joke on Facebook where they took pictures of each other mocking and disobeying signs. In this case, in context, it's edgy but still pretty harmless. 

These women (and many like them) have had their lives ruined by racy social media posts. They were meant to only be shared with friends and people who would get a brief kick out of them, but instead, overly zealous keyboard warriors with a mistaken view of what is meant by "social justice" issued threats of death and violence along with demands that they lose their livelihoods. Welcome to the liberal, progressive world folks, don't you dare step out of line because there are millions sitting behind screens with no skills and no hobbies who are constantly searching for targets.

1 Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars


The creator of Family Guy was selected to host the Academy Awards back in 2013. He made jokes about many touchy subjects, including Adele's weight, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Mel Gibson's history of racial slurs, the beating scandal involving Chris Brown and Rihanna, and of course a song about female nudity in film.

Many people were offended, and voiced their displeasure over the course of the following week. Many of these people must have thought something to the effect of "Oh, it's the Oscars, he'll tone it down". Unfortunately these misinformed cretins obviously didn't realize that his career has been built on a foundation of not "toning it down" and ridiculing anything and everything. Anyone who showed public outrage after MacFarlane's performance at the Academy Awards played right into his hand, giving him the same kind of press that Family Guy has received for over a dozen seasons; the kind that helped it grow to the program it has today.

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