10 Celebs Who Became Dangerously Overweight

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Being overweight in 2015 is tough enough as it is, with everybody offering an opinion about how you can lose pounds by cutting out carbs or squatting 100 times a day. Fad diets come and go as often as we change underwear: one minute we’re told to restrict calories, the next we’re told that natural sugars are the devil. Everywhere we turn, there are billboards of gorgeous size 0 models staring down at us and bony men and women trying to sell us whatever they can in television ads. A slim person probably doesn’t notice half of the pro-skinny propaganda being thrown at them on a daily basis, but those who are overweight feel its sting every single time.

While fat shaming is a huge reality in today’s world, there are times where being overweight isn’t just considered unattractive by society but can actually be physically harmful to the person in question’s health. Extreme amounts of extra weight can put too much strain on the human heart and can quite literally kill somebody by heart attack. Besides that, too many packed on pounds can wreak havoc on our hormones and organs, making our body slowly and surely become out of whack. Celebrities have to constantly endure the public scrutinizing every square inch of their body, which isn’t fun for anybody. But sometimes there comes a point where their fans are concerned about their weight problems, not just vilifying them for it. Below, we discuss ten celebrities who are dangerously overweight.

10 Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto is the front-woman of popular indie-dance band The Gossip and has long inspired women and men around the world by seemingly shamelessly parading her 239 pound, 5'2" body across the stage while performing. Decked out in form-fitting jumpsuits and dresses, her message was clear: accept yourself, no matter what you look like. However, the weight she was carrying on her frame was not beneficial to her health and she ended up losing about 50 pounds in 2013. Ditto has spoken out about her weight, saying that she always tries to put a brave face on because if she didn’t keep smiling, she would be frustrated every day.

9 Melissa McCarthy

Growing up, Melissa fluctuated between a size 6 and 8 but has said that she always wished to be a size 2 or 4 and didn’t appreciate the great shape she was in. After giving birth to her children, her weight hit an all-time high and she has been overweight since. She has said that people’s malicious comments can sometimes knock the wind out of her and that she could probably eat less and drink less. But ultimately, she thinks life is short and that it isn’t meant to be spent dieting. McCarthy says that if people can’t accept her for who she is, they should find another actress to hire or admire. In 2014, she lost 45 pounds in an effort to improve her health as she found she was frequently out of breath and having back pain.

8 Jonah Hill

In 2011, Jonah Hill’s co-star Brad Pitt urged him to lose 40 pounds to help improve his health. However, his weight ballooned again in 2014 and skyrocketed all the way up to 270 pounds. In order to have lost the weight initially, Hill ate a diet of only meat and vegetables which reportedly left him with horrible breath and wasn’t sustainable in the long run. He has said that he loves to drink beer, which leads him to make unhealthy food choices. Friends of the actor are concerned about his heavy weight and believe that if he doesn’t stop eating recklessly, it could seriously harm his health or even kill him. The extra pounds he’s carrying are dangerous for his health and put serious strain on his organs – especially his liver.

7 Rebel Wilson

6 Ruben Studdard

A decade ago, Rubben Studdard competed on American Idol and captured the world’s attention with his incredible voice. However, even while he was competing it was apparent that the physical strain of performing was taking its toll on him as he was constantly sweating and often out of breath. In 2014, Studdard joined the cast of The Biggest Loser because he felt “fat as hell” and was experiencing sleep apnea, high blood pressure and became borderline diabetic. At his heaviest, he clocked in at a whopping 462 pounds. Filming of The Biggest Loser took over four months, but Studdard has said that it was more important to find health and get his weight under control than to worry about taking a short pause during his career.

5 Jorge Garcia

4 Val Kilmer

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We all fell in love with Val Kilmer’s handsome good looks and muscled bod in the smash hit movie The Saint. He remained one of the hottest movie stars in the world but then began to put on a concerning amount of weight in the 2000s. In 2006, he had appeared to have gained 50-75 pounds of pure body fat onto his once thin frame. His looks had changed so much that he began to only be cast in roles which required the actors to be fat. While he has displayed a shocking weight loss in recent years and has shrunk down to even smaller than his original size, it has been rumoured that the actor slimmed down due to being diagnosed with throat cancer. We can’t be sure if the cancer rumours are true, but it could very well have been caused by his unhealthy weight.

3 Marlon Brando

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2 Michael Moore

1 Al Roker

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While Al Roker may be considerably slimmer now, his weight story is one of the most popular in the entertainment industry and is worth taking a look back at. The television presenter weighed over 350 pounds up until 2002 due to emotional eating – an issue that many people struggle with. He would eat comfort food when he was happy and sad which allowed the pounds to creep on over the course of several years. He was constantly tired, had blood sugar problems and was at risk of having a heart attack when he decided to have gastric bypass surgery which allowed him to lose 150 pounds. He gained another 40 pounds when his mother passed away after letting himself slip back into unhealthy eating habits. Today, he is fit and slim and is living proof that with the right diet and exercise, anybody can get themselves out of a dangerously unhealthy weight situation – even if they have to consider surgery to kick start their progress.

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