20 Female Tennis Players Who Should Go Into Modelling

The tennis world is full of cute female players. Of course, with the mini tennis skirts and the tank tops, you can bet that these pros need to look hot on the court. In fact, sometimes it seems as though these women are way too attractive to have chosen athletics as their calling. They would do a superb job in the modelling industry, if you ask us. So, we have compiled our list of 20 female tennis players who should go into modelling.

Here we have some well-known names as well as some hidden gems that you might not know about, particularly if you do not pay much attention to professional tennis. Yet believe us, after going through this list of tennis babes, you will be keeping track of every tennis tournament that hits the television. And with the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil coming up, maybe we can expect to see some of these younger athletes in action?

If anything, it sure is nice to know that a lot of these female tennis players have endorsed or are endorsing common products and brand names. Think watches, sports drinks, and sports equipment. One or two of these ladies has even delved into business herself and started her own line of products!

20 Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis ace who would be a gorgeous ethnic model. Not only are her looks stellar, but it would be so nice to see more models of color and different ethnicities on the front pages of those glossy magazines! Sania is sort of already in that model mindset. There are rumors that she had very high demands when she was invited to be one of the most important guests at a government sports banquet. The awards event was hosted by Madhya Pradesh, and apparently Sania had some hefty demands which included splashing out on a ritzy makeup crew and arriving in a chartered plane. Well, they didn’t deliver, so she was MIA at the event!

19 Serena Williams

Who doesn’t know about Serena Williams? She is strong, confident, and is one of the most successful female tennis players in history. She is also a great body image role model for some many “other” groups of women. For instance, Serena is not afraid to flaunt her athletic body, and while it may be larger than those petite models, Serena is still in stellar shape. She has muscle, she has thickness, and she is not going to hide it. She was most recently photographed by the famous Annie Leibowitz and appeared shirtless with her muscular back to the camera. It was flawless and fantastic.

18 Monica Seles

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Monica Seles is a Serbian beauty. She was also the Number 1 pro tennis player in Yugoslavia! Besides her innate athletic abilities, she is a wonderful sight to behold. This woman would make a great model, and she sort of dabbled in it a bit. During the peak of her career in the 1990s, she was an endorsement athlete for Fila athletic brand. Seles retired from tennis back in 2008, but she stills looks absolutely stunning. If she ever gets bored, she could definitely jump into the high fashion scene! With her toned physique, she would look ravishing in professional photographs!

17 Agnieszka Radwanska

We bet you never thought of Poland churning out gorgeous model-ready women. Well, this small Eastern European country is the home of Agnieszka Radwanska, and who cares if you have trouble pronouncing her name? She is not only a sight to see, but she has proven herself on the tennis court. Born in 1989, she is still in her prime, and most recently snagged the title at the Women’s Tennis Association Finals in Tokyo and China. She has definitely got that European look, but without the harshness that you might expect. Her brown tresses and her gentle eyes can still hold some fire in them!

16 Urszula Radwanska

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Here we have some sibling rivalry! Whereas Agnieska is the brunette beauty of Polish tennis stars, her sister Urszula is the blonde counterpart. She too is a tennis great, and is actively competing on tennis courts all around the world. Along with her sister, she would make a wonderful fashion model. She places great emphasis on her tennis game and exhibits a graceful kind of movement as she rushes around the court. She is young, vibrant, and with a smile like hers, totally approachable. We are sure she is already inspiring young girls in Poland and elsewhere already! Go, Urszula!

15 Elena Vesnina

Now we move to Russia, where Elena Vesnina first graced the world with her presence. She had a Women’s Tennis Association tour ranking of 33 for Singles and 9 for Doubles. While she is not a model, per se, she has clinched deals with athletic brands and she even had her own calendar. Well, hey, why not? Elena can most definitely rock a swim suit, and that would be our pick for what she should model. Even though she looks great in an evening dress, or heck, even sweatpants, she shines most brightly when she’s posing on the beach. Her shiny blonde hair probably has something to do with that!

14 Gisele Dulko

Gisele Dulko is now 30 years old, which may mean that she had handed in her tennis racket for good, but she is by no means done with being super successful. Gisele comes from Argentina, and well, you can imagine how gorgeous Argentine women can be! She has that olive, tanned skin and legs that any woman would kill for. At 5-foot, 7-inches, she may just make the cut to make it on the real-world modeling catwalk. We would totally support that decision. She’s also got the thin waif-ish look to rival those top models. Come on, the fashion world needs more latin flavor!

13 Steffi Graf

12 Flavia Pennetta

Oh, the Italians. You just can’t beat that gorgeous allure you can only get from Italy. After all, it is one of the most romantic countries in the world, and it is where Flavia Pennetta came from. She totally slammed the tennis world with her skills during her heyday, and in 2015 she decided to call it quits at 33 years of age. Even so, her looks are still going strong, and she would make a wonderful model. Can’t you just picture her on the cover of Italian Vogue? We certainly can! Maybe she can pose with her Grand Slam trophy!

11 Elena Dementieva

At 34 years of age, Elena Dementieva is now retired from her sport, but she is still keeping herself busy, as any awesome woman does. Elena hails from Russia and exhibits that delightful European beauty that we long for when thinking about foreign women. We must say; gold suits Elena just fine. After all, she clinched the gold medal in the women’s singles tennis event at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Besides that, the leggy former athlete (she is 5-foot, 11-inches) recently welcomed her first child in 2014. Yes, spread the attractive gene, Elena! We can only image how gorgeous that kid is going to be.

10 Maria Kirilenko

Another Russian belle is Maria Kirilenko. A pretty name and an even prettier girl. She is in her late twenties and is a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court. Don’t mess with her! While not a “model” model, Maria has been the famous endorser of the Adidas brand by Stella McCartney. And, for all you guys out there, in 2009 she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. So you know she’s gotta be super hot! Blonde, tall, toned…yes, she is everything you could ask for. Plus, she knows how to get sweaty on the court, and that just seems to make her even more attractive!

9 Sorana Cirstea

We move now to Romania, where we can find Sorana Cirstea. Or maybe not, considering that she goes all over the world to show off her awesome tennis skills. A 25-year-old professional, Sorana managed to snake up to Number 21 in the world rankings. And get this: other people have noticed her stellar beauty as well. In fact, she was named one of the most beautiful women in sports in 2011. As far as her athletic prowess is concerned, the reputable Bleacher Report named her one of the top 25 tennis players to follow on Twitter. We are definitely going to be following this cutie!

8 Maria Sharapova

7 Tatiana Golovin

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She’s tall, she’s blonde, she’s French – what’s not to love? She is Tatiana Golovin, born in Russia and born with an ambitious desire to rule the tennis world. And she is doing a pretty good job at it if we do say so ourselves! Tatiana is 27 years old with a bright smile and strong arms and legs that helped her win various tennis tournaments. She retired in 2008 (why?) and got married in 2014. Tatiana was a firecracker in her heyday, winning the 2004 French Open in the mixed doubles category. And she is still so young, she could totally venture into modelling!

6 Caroline Wozniacki

This young gun is just 25 years old, and held the Number 1 slot on the Women’s Tennis Association ranking for a whopping 67 weeks. She is a Danish delight, and at 5-feet, 10-inches, she is definitely made up to be a high-fashion model. Oh, how we would all love that! Well, there is a little bit of hope: Caroline modeled for Sports Illustrated and appeared in the famous Swimsuit Edition in 2015. This strong blondie is smart, too! She is trilingual and fluently speaks Polish, Danish, and English. She was previously engaged to another athlete; golfer Rory McIlroy for a few months, but decided she wasn’t ready. There’s hope, boys!

5 Victoria Azarenka

Here is another young lass; this one from Belarus. Victoria Azarenka is 26 years old, a lithe six feet tall, and the winner of two Grand Slam singles titles. She is currently sitting pretty as the Number 20 top player in the Women’s Tennis Association. She was actually Number 1 in the past. Victoria turned pro in 2003 and has since gone on to endorse various products and brands, such as Bike, American Express, and Red Bull. In 2013, she was the 4th-highest earning professional female athlete in the world. She earned that! She is an aggressive tennis player, and with that height, we wouldn’t cross her!

4 Ana Ivanovic

Hotness alert! There is a reason why Ana Ivanovic is Number 4 on our list. She is a 28-year-old Serbian beauty who is currently ranked Number 6 by the Women’s Tennis Association. She measures out at six feet tall and besides being absolutely stunning, she is a really good person, too! She recently appeared at the Manchester United for Unicef gala and was one of the beautifully-dressed athletes in attendance. She showed up with her athlete boyfriend, Bastian Schweinsteiger (sorry, guys) and looked so perfect in a little black dress. Seriously though, why isn’t this girl modelling? She is beyond fierce!

3 Gabriela Sabatini

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We had to include Gabriela Sabatini in this list because she is living proof that you can totally rock a hot body well into your 40s. Much like Steffi Graf, Gabriela had a totally stellar tennis career and was the winner of a Grand Slam single title. She was one of the leading ladies on the tennis court and helped to pave the way for all of the younger professional tennis players we see today. Now, Gabriela is still showing off her Argentine allure, and we have a mad amount of respect for a woman who has been crushing it since she was six years old.

2 Anna Kournikova

My goodness, Anna Kournikova, are you sure you aren’t a Greek goddess reincarnated? Even people who aren’t in-the-know as far as athletics are concerned will know about Anna. She was married to Sergei Fedorov and is now the leading lady in Enrique Iglesias’ life. This Russian superstar was not only a force on the tennis court, but she has made an impact in other arenas as well. For instance, she has been lauded by Sports Illustrated, People, ESPN, Maxim, and she’s even used in slang! A White Russian cocktail is named for her, and so is a Texas Hold’em move.

1 Martina Hingis

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And…Number 1 is Martina Hingis, a Swiss tennis player who was Number 1 in the Women’s Tennis Association for 209 weeks. Holy guacamole! She may be in her thirties, but she won a total of five Grand Slam singles titles and eleven Grand Slam doubles titles. She endorses Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, a clothing label in which she has her own line: Tonic Tennis by Martina Hingis. She is also a cougar and married for a second time, to Thibault Hutin, a French horseman. They broke up, so apparently she is back on the market! This hottie has a body and smarts; she speaks five languages!

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