15 Photos Of Maria Sharapova To Make You Forget Her Suspension

Maria Sharapova has been all over the news lately and not for the reasons that she would like. Previously she was all over the news for being one of the best tennis players in the world as well as arguably the hottest. Maria is 6'2", totally gorgeous, has an amazing body, and when it comes to tennis she has long been one of the most successful female tennis players in the world. She has been ranked number one, has won numerous tournaments, and has even medaled in the Olympics.

But that isn't what people are talking about now when it comes to Maria. She has been busted for failing a drug test, which makes one wonder just how dumb she could actually be? She is on top of the world, and she gets busted for doping? She will lose millions from this; she is now suspended so she won't be able to compete for a while (maybe even for years), and her reputation is tarnished, if not ruined.

Well it looks like things are bad for Maria, but not for us, because today we are not going  to focus on any of that and we're just going to think about how incredibly hot she is. And we are going to do that by finding some of the hottest photos of her.

Here are 15 Photos of Maria Sharapova that will make you forget she was suspended, and fast.

15 Polka Dots

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A photo of Maria on the beach is bound to make you forget about Maria's life being ruined, at least for now. If only it were that simple for her. She has been through worse of course. She is originally from Russia and she signed her first deal with Nike when she was just 11 years old.  She has had to spend her entire life growing up in the spotlight. Her parents initially left Russia in 1986. You may think she looks particularly hot here, but you will see as you go through this list that she looks like this all the time.

14 The Onesie

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In this one you can see quite how tall Maria is. She is not only one of the sexiest women athletes in the world, she is also one of the tallest who still somehow remains totally hot. By the way, she says her hobbies are movies, singing, dancing and sleeping. We are not quite sure if sleeping qualifies as a hobby, but we're not going to tell her that right now, as she probably is a tad depressed at the moment. Just a guess on our part.  Maybe she does need a nap.

13 PETA Would Disapprove

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Those legs, though. Oh man, what is up with those legs?  Seriously, Maria is just stunning - this one looks way more like she is a fashion model than a tennis player. The truth is that Maria actually has modeled in her career (of course) and we suppose that if the tennis thing slows down for a while due to allegations of illegal doping, she could always hit the runway again. She certainly has the face and body for it, and those legs... Wait, did I already mention those?

12 Pretty In Blue

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Here is one of Maria looking totally fabulous cruising around in a nice little dress and showing off, once again, those amazing legs of hers. She is so tall she should date a basketball player, which she did once when she dated Sasha Vujacic, who now plays for the Knicks. It didn't last long, though, which was understandable as Maria was forced to go out with someone prettier than her and Sasha was forced to go out with someone that was a better athlete than him.

11 Can't Hide From The Paparazzi

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Here is a good old fashion candid of Maria cruising down the beach in Cancun, not looking glamorous, but still looking totally amazing. The only thing is, what is that right hand doing, though?  The one positive about Maria's situation right now is that she will have plenty of time for vacations on the beach while paparazzi try to take pictures of her. See? Being suspended is not all that bad after all.  At least not for us and we hope not for her. Plenty of time for fun in the sun.

10 The Sweaty Look

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Maria looks great here. Totally hot and all while wearing an adorable tennis outfit. Sadly, this is the one look we are probably not going to see her wear for quite a while, unless you happen to have access to her on a practice court, because she won't be playing in any tournaments anytime soon.  Don't cry for her too hard though; at one point her net worth was estimated at $9o million and she's allegedly the top earner in women's sports.

9 The Model Look

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One thing Maria has that many other female athletes do not is the ability to pull of a classy, stylish look. She isn't one who looks like all she cares about is sports. It is obvious that there is something more to her. She looks stunning in this photo, and shows once again that there is more to her than all her beauty, and talent and millions...and doping investigations.  With photos like these we can see how Maria has the nickname Sibirskaya Sirena which means "The Siberian Siren."

8 Even Wedgies Look Nice On Her

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There is another side of Maria that we don't see that often, and I am not talking about her sensitive side, or that she gives a lot to charity. I am talking about her butt. While there are numerous shots of her in a bikini that one can find out there, pretty much all of them are from the front or the side, so we have to thank whoever the person was who got this candid shot of her on the beach. We are looking at something close to true perfection here. Maria, we salute you.

7 Lounging, Drinking, And Texting

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Here is Maria chilling out on vacation looking totally spoiled and pampered. It was not always this way for Maria; when she and her father moved to the United States they had only $700 dollars (which had been borrowed from her grandparents) and neither she or her father could speak any English. She has come a long way since then. As always, in this photo she looks totally amazing.

6 The Photoshoot 

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This one is a true classic pose. Maria on the beach in a bikini looking as hot as anyone possibly could. This type of picture has been taken over and over again. The only difference is that Maria's whole body does not fit in the photo as she is so tall.  She is one of the tallest tennis players in the world. Akgul Amanmuradova is considered the tallest but I wouldn't expect to see any list of photos of her here any time soon, so for now you will just have to be satisfied with Maria. Sorry about that.

5 Pink Polka Dots

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As we continue up the list, here is yet another photo of Maria on the beach, wearing a bikini and looking totally amazing. Sorry, I know you must be tired of them by now. No? You aren't?  Yeah, me either.  Her face is just gorgeous, I know the eyes go to the body first, but that face! That's the face that is now in hiding because she is the first premier tennis star ever to face a doping scandal. But let's not talk about that now, let's just get back to Maria and how hot she is, as that is what this piece is about after all.

4 All Dolled Up For An Awards Ceremony

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Here is one of Maria showing her style, class and grace. The best thing about this photo though is the chick on the right. "Hey are you taking a photo of me? Why are you looking at me. Seriously? Just leave me alone." Umm, yeah, no one wants a picture of you, get out of the shot please. Meanwhile, Maria looks absolutely fabulous as always, more like a movie star than a tennis player. Now that I think of it, if she gets a four-year ban, doing movies might be her only option.

3 Model Could Be A Good Career Move 

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Have I mentioned her legs yet? I can't remember. Even for guys like myself, that are not true leg men, it is simply impossible to look at her and her legs without thinking about... okay I am not going to go any further - I think you know where I am going with this. One might argue that without her legs she would just be a great tennis player instead of an incredible one, and that she might be just a really gorgeous woman, instead of being somewhat close to a goddess, which she is.

2 Posing On A Beach

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"Hey guys, it's me Maria, just chilling out in the sand looking at you." Once again in this photo she is an absolute smoke-show, while at the same time still looking just a bit classy. This combination is truly hard to come by, especially when combined with immense athletic talent like Maria has. Also, check her feet, she wears size 11 for all you guys into big feet, and if you aren't into them, well then, her feet could also be used as a paddle to propel your boat.  If you know what we mean.

1 She Likes Pink Polka Dots!

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Last but not least is this gorgeous shot of Maria. She, as always, looks pretty amazing here. It remains to be seen what is left of her tennis career, but is seems to be a foregone conclusion that she is not going to be going completely gone anytime soon. It would be a shame for a woman so hot to disappear from the scene, even if she did cheat just a little bit. One thing we know for sure, though, is she won't be playing tennis for a while. Until then you can just keep coming back to check out this list and see what you're missing.

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