"Zoey 101" Cast Members Drop Major Hints About A Reboot

It's been 11 and a half years since the final episode of Zoey 101 aired, but there have been ongoing rumors about a reboot since the summer time.

With the exception of Jamie Lynn Spears, the other main cast members recently reunited over the summer. They've posted several photos together on Instagram page over the last couple of months, leading fans to wonder if a reboot will really happen.

Well, Spears recently dropped a major hint that something big is indeed in the works. On her Instagram page, Spears posted a photo of a script that showed the name of "Sean." This seemingly refers to actor Sean Flynn, who played Chase Matthews in the show.

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As you can see, Flynn, Erin Sanders (who played Quinn Pensky) and Christopher Massey (Michael Barrett) also commented on Spears' post. But the teases and hints didn't stop there.

Paul Butcher, who portrayed Zoey's brother Dustin in the show, also sounded off on the possibility of a reboot during an interview with Seventeen.com. Butcher wouldn't give many details, but he strongly indicated that a reboot could indeed take place.

"I’m not going to say exactly what it’s for, but things are definitely happening," Butcher said.

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In the interview, Butcher also detailed Flynn's suggestion for what a reboot could look like. The premise would see Zoey going through a divorce, and Chase would pursue his ex-girlfriend. Of course, Butcher added that nothing is "concrete."

The first episode of Zoey 101 aired on Jan. 9, 2005. The show produced 61 episodes, with the final season airing from Jan. 27, 2008 to May 2. The finale saw Chase and Zoey finally become a couple, while Quinn and Logan also announced their love for one another at the prom.

In Sept. 2015, TeenNick showed a clip "What Did Zoey Say," where Michael reunites with Chase, who's about to propose to his girlfriend. At the end, Chase realizes he still loves Zoey, and he leaves his girlfriend behind as he pursues his ex.

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