What The 20 Original Cast Members Of Full House Are Doing In 2018

It’s been over 30 years since the first episode of the classic sitcom Full House aired—can you believe it? Although the series technically ended over two decades ago, the love for Full House is absolutely still alive and well today. In fact, so many people missed the show that Netflix even revived it with a spin-off series called Fuller House, featuring many of the same characters we all came to know and love in funny new situations, as well as adding some new faces.

While some of the original cast members returned to star in Fuller House, some have moved on to totally different paths in life. You would be surprised at where some of the cast has ended up today! Some are still acting, of course, but some decided to give up the Hollywood life years ago. Others have chosen to pursue different paths within the entertainment industry—you can find actors that appeared on Full House doing everything from producing films to touring the country as stand-up comics to working in radio. Wondering where your favorite actors ended up? Here is what the original cast of Full House (and a few guest stars) are doing today.

20 Candace Cameron Bure Is A Hallmark Movie Producer

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Candace Cameron Bure, who you probably remember as D.J. Tanner, has taken on a ton of different projects since Full House ended. According to People, Candace took a hiatus from acting for a few years when she chose to get married and start a family, and she is now a mom of three! She also appeared on The View for several seasons, but she left when the filming schedule became too hectic. She also began working with the Hallmark Channel and acted in several movies. Eventually, she went on to become a producer with Hallmark while appearing in Fuller House.

19 John Stamos Appeared in Grandfathered And Scream Queens

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John Stamos, who played everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse on Full House, continues to act on TV shows to this day. According to Fox.com, he appeared on the series Grandfathered, but unfortunately, the show only lasted one season. According to US Weekly, John also appeared on the popular series Scream Queens. However, Uncle Jesse will always be his most famous role, and he clearly missed the Full House crew, and now, he is an executive producer on Fuller House. Of course, he occasionally comes back to the screen as Uncle Jesse, too! It’s so fun to watch him embrace this character again.

18 Bob Saget Is A Comedian

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Bob Saget used to play Danny Tanner on the original Full House series, and since then, it seems like he has never faded from the public eye. According to IMDB, he also did the “Future Ted Moseby” voiceover for the hugely popular series How I Met Your Mother. But according to Entertainment Weekly, outside of Full House, he is mainly known his comedy—he tends to keep things a little on the controversial side, which surprised some fans who knew him from Full House. However, he clearly missed Full House, too, because he often appears on episodes of Fuller House.

17 Dave Coulier Does Stand Up Comedy Tours

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Another member of the Full House cast also went on to become a comedian! Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone on Full House, has also embraced the comedian life. However, he has definitely gone down a different route than Bob Saget. According to Variety, Dave now tours the country with a comedy group called Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater, which he says is clean, family-friendly comedy. He has also taken on projects like the “Clean Guys of Comedy” tour, which featured all family-friendly comics. Full House definitely helped him find his path! Naturally, he has also appeared on Fuller House.

16 Jodie Sweetin Is On Hollywood Darlings

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Jodie Sweetin is best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on Full House, and she also still appears on Fuller House now to reprise her original role. But she has also taken on some other acting roles since then on shows that have gotten lots of positive buzz. According to Deadline Hollywood, Jodie now appears on the hit show Hollywood Darlings. This show is sort of like reality TV, but with an interesting twist. It’s an unscripted series, but it’s not quite candid. Basically, the three main actresses who appear on the show all play “exaggerated” versions of themselves.

15 Mary-Kate Olsen Is A Major Fashion Influencer

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Mary-Kate Olsen (and her identical twin sister, Ashley Olsen) both played the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House. But what are they doing now? Well, let’s start with Mary-Kate. According to Glamour, Mary-Kate began making a huge influence on the fashion world when she began to take on fewer acting projects. You know how bohemian style clothing has become super popular over the past decade or so? Well, Mary-Kate was one of the fashion influencers who was largely responsible for that major trend. It’s clear that fashion has been her true passion for years now.

14 Ashely Olsen Works In The Fashion Industry

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Just like her twin sister Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen has also moved on from acting to working in the fashion industry. According to Digital Spy, both twins officially retired from acting in 2012. Ever since then, they have pretty much exclusively worked on fashion projects. According to Forbes, Ashley has collaborated with her sister on countless fashion-related endeavors since the early 2000s. They have launched several of their own clothing lines, they have designed fragrances, they have been the face of high-end brands like Badly Mischka, and now they’re the creative designers for the Italian sneaker brand Superga.

13 Lori Loughlin Is On When Calls The Heart

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Lori Loughlin was well known for her role as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on Full House, and she eventually returned to Fuller House to play that same role again. So, what else has she been up to in between? Well, according to People, she has been playing the role of Abigail Stanton on the series When Calls the Heart since 2014. In addition to that, she has also appeared in made-for-TV films such as Northpole: Open for Christmas and Every Christmas Has a Story. She has also appeared on episodes of shows like Pysch, Major Crimes, and The Neighbors.

12 Andrea Barber Works At A University

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You probably remember Andrea Barber for playing the role of Kimmy Gibbler on Full House! That face is hard to forget. So, what is she up to these days? After her experience with being on a show as popular as Full House, you might think that she would continue with acting, but she actually took her life in a totally different direction. According to The Huffington Post, Andrea decided to go overseas to England to pursue her MA in Women’s Studies and find a position in academia. Now, she works at a university in the US, and has appeared on Fuller House.

11 Scott Weinger Is A Writer And Producer

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Scott Weinger really made a name for himself when he appeared on Full House as the beloved character Steve Hale. He has also appeared on Fuller House. What has he done outside of that? According to The Huffington Post, Weinger got a little taste of what it was like to be “behind the scenes” of a production when he voiced the character Aladdin in Disney’s adaptation of the story. He eventually realized that perhaps he wanted to do something different than simply act in front of the camera. He now works as a writer and producer on several TV series.

10 Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit Is A Firefighter

Wow, talk about a plot twist! You may remember Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit for playing one of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s twin sons on Full House. His twin brother Dylan was the other half of the set! But according to Romper, Blake chose to go down a completely different path in life after his little taste of fame. While he enjoyed his time on Full House, he knew he wanted to start fresh. When he was old enough, he eventually became a firefighter. But there’s good news for fans: he returned to Fuller House to play his role as Nicky again.

9 Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit Is A Foley Sound Artist

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So, now that we know where Nicky ended up, where did his twin brother Alex end up going in life? Alex was played by Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, and he decided to stay in showbiz—but the vast majority of the time, he is not working in front of the camera. Nope, according to Romper, Dylan actually works as a foley artist now. Basically, he is one of the most important people in the sound crew! He also works on sound for video games. Sounds like a pretty cool job, right? Like Blake, he also returned to play Alex on Fuller House.

8 Tahj Mowry Is An Actor And Singer

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Hmmm, does that last name look familiar? If you just did a double take, you’re not alone—many people will probably notice that Tahj Mowry is related to famous sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry. Tahj played Michelle’s best friend Teddy on Full House. What has he been doing since then? According to IMDB, Tahj appeared in several Disney Channel original movies. He also appeared in movies like Are We Done Yet? and Seventeen Again. Most recently, he got a ton of positive buzz for his role in the ABC sitcom Baby Daddy, and he also released his own six-song EP.

7 Gail Edwards Has Retired From Acting

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Yes, Gail Edwards is another original cast member of the Full House series who has retired from acting altogether. According to Variety, this decision came as a surprise to many people. Gail wasn’t just known for her role as Vicky Larson in Full House—she also had a long career before the show. She appeared in popular TV series like Blossom, Happy Days, Taxi, and M*A*S*H. However, once her time on Full House was over, she decided that it was finally time to hang up her hat and retire from acting. Later, she came back for Fuller House.

6 Anne Marie McEvoy Is A College Professor

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You might remember the former actress Anne Marie McEvoy for her guest role as Kathy Santoni on Full House. But like some of the other original cast members, she has taken her life in a totally different direction since the show ended. According to IMDB, she decided that she was ready to try something new in the early 1990s, and she chose to go to college. She enjoyed it so much that she chose to continue on to get her PhD in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan. Now she is an assistant professor at UC Irvine. Imagine that!

5 Blake McIver Ewing Is A Host At AfterBuzz TV

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Blake McIver Ewing was known for playing Michelle’s good friend Derek on Full House, and since then, he has continued to work in the entertainment industry. According to IMDB, Blake has taken on a wide variety of projects throughout his career. He worked as a dancer in Los Angeles, and he even released his own album. He has also worked on the It Gets Better project, which is aimed at LGBT youth to show them that life gets much better after the difficult teenage years. Nowadays, he mainly focuses on his work as a host for the online network AfterBuzz TV.

4 Whit Hertford Is A Writer And Director

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Whit Hertford made an appearance on Full House in a guest role: he played the character Walter on an episode called “Nerd for a Day.” Although his time on the show was short, he definitely made an impression on the fans! What did he do after appearing on Full House? Well, let’s just say his resume is stacked! According to IMDB, Whit appeared in TV series like Raising Hope and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as making guest appearances on Mad, Glee, and How I Met Your Mother. He primarily writes and directs short films and occasionally feature films.

3 Martha Quinn Is A Radio Host

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Martha Quinn, who appeared as Alison on Full House, now works as a radio host—but she’s just going back to her roots! According to The New York Times, Martha began working in radio shortly after finishing college—she had done an internship with a radio station and really enjoyed it. She became very well known in the era of MTV. Eventually, she began expanding her career interests and took on some acting parts as well. Now, she is a radio host with the super popular satellite station iHeart Radio. You can listen to her show to bring back memories!

2 Roger Lodge Works In Sports Radio

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Roger Lodge appeared on Full House as a character named Roger in The Rippers. He didn’t have a permanent role, but he did appear on a few episodes. After his run on Full House was over, what did he decide to do? According to IMDB, he also appeared on the show Grandfathered—just like John Stamos! Seems like they had a mini reunion. He also appeared on other popular TV shows, including favorites like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, That’s So Raven. He now works in sports radio and, he also came back to reprise his original role on Fuller House.

1 Chelsea Noble Runs A Charity Foundation

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Did you know that Candace Cameron Bure and Chelsea Noble are actually related now? Yup, according to People, they are sister-in-laws! Chelsea appeared as the character in Samantha in Full House. But according to IMDB, she’s primarily known for her role on the popular show Growing Pains. However, her life has gone in a different direction now. According to ABC News, Chelsea and her husband now The Firefly Foundation, and through this foundation, they run Firefly Camp. This is a summer camp for children with terminal illnesses. All children who attend get a free week-long vacation with their families.

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