10 Wealthiest Real Housewives Cast Members

The Real Housewives series has become one of the most talked-about franchises on television today. Cast members often have over-the-top personalities and they aren't afraid to engage in a little (or in some cases, a lot) of verbal sparring. However, outside of their crazy antics, the Bravo reality series is also about showcasing their stars' opulent lifestyles.

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Many, if not most, of the housewives, are very well off. Of course, some folks may be wondering who the richest of the rich truly are. To answer this question, we are going to take a look at the 10 wealthiest Real Housewives.

10 Shannon Beador ($20 Million)

55-year-old Shannon Beador made her first appearance as a cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County back in season 9. The show often focused on her marriage to now ex-husband David Beador. She also strongly advocates an organic lifestyle and even has her own food line.

As fans of the show know, Beador is a wealthy woman. She is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million. Much of her vast fortune comes from her business ventures. However, a significant portion of her wealth comes from her ex-husband, who is the owner of a successful construction company in California.

9 Dorinda Medley ($20 Million)

Dorinda Medley is a cast member of Real Housewives of New York City who originally hails from Berkshires, Massachusetts. Though she previously made guest appearances, Medley’s run as one of the show’s main cast began in season 7. The 54-year-old is the widow of Richard Medley, who was a successful political power broker, having worked with folks like former US President Bill Clinton.

The reality star has around $20 million in total assets. A good portion of Medley’s wealth comes from her London-based fashion company, DCL Cashmere. She also worked for Liz Claiborne, as a real estate broker, and likely inherited some money from her late husband.

8 Luann de Lesseps ($25 Million)

54-year-old Luann de Lesseps has been a cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City since the very first season. The New York City native was known as the countess, due to her marriage to a French aristocrat by the name of Alexandre de Lesseps. However, when the reality star re-married in 2016, she would end up dropping the title.

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The former countess has made her money in a variety of different ways. The 5-foot-10 reality starlet is a former model, author, and even has her own cabaret show, “Countess and Friends.” Appearing on eleven seasons of the series has helped her amass a $25 million net worth.

7 Bethenny Frankel ($25 Million)

48-year-old Bethenny Frankel is arguably the most well-known member of our list. The Real Housewives of New York City star has appeared on several other television shows. She has starred in her spin-off shows, including Bethenny Ever After. She also had her own talk show called Bethenny, which aired for a season.

She’s made good money from her TV appearances and real estate business. However, the majority of Frankel’s wealth comes from selling her cocktail line, Skinnygirl, back in 2011. The popular reality star has earned a fortune and is reportedly worth about $25 million.

6 Tinsley Mortimer ($35 Million)

Tinsley Mortimer is a socialite who is originally from Richmond, Virginia. The 44-year-old has been a part of Real Housewives of New York since season 9. She has also appeared on several over television shows like America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, and Dr. Phil.

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As her socialite status would indicate, Mortimer comes from a wealthy family. Her father was George Riley Mercer, who made a fortune selling real estate. Mercer passed away back in 2015. Outside of family money, Mortimer also launched a successful line of handbags, which helped add to her net worth. The reality star is said to have about $35 million in assets.

5 Kandi Burruss ($35 Million)

Atlanta, Georgia’s Kandi Burruss, was already famous prior to becoming a reality television star. The Real Housewives of Atlanta mainstay was part of the successful female R&B group, Xscape. The group produced hit singles like “Understanding,” “Just Kickin’ it,” and “Who Can I Run To.” She is also a successful songwriter who won a Grammy for crafting the lyrics to TLC’s iconic tune, “No Scrubs.” The 43-year-old singer had been a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member since the second season of the series.

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Sure, Burruss has made good money as a reality TV star, but the majority of her $35 million net worth comes from her career in music.

4 Dorit Kemsley ($50 Million)

Dorit Kemsley is a native of Woodbridge, Connecticut, who is a main cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 43-year-old is a relative newcomer who debuted on the series back in season 7. She is the wife of Britsh businessman Paul Kemsley, who is a wealthy property developer and vice-chairman of Tottenham Hotspur (an English professional soccer team).

A good chuck of Dorit Kemsley’s wealth comes from her husband. However, she has a very successful swimwear line that’s been quite lucrative. The couple also jointly operate their  talent agency, Nixxi Entertainment. In total, the reality starlet is worth a cool $50 million.

3 Carole Radziwill ($50 Million)

Caroline Radziwill began her career working as a journalist for ABC. She was previously married to Anthony Radziwill, who was a Polish prince and the nephew of Jacquline Kennedy – former First Lady of the United States. Following her husband's untimely death in the late-90s, Radziwill wrote a best-selling book called Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love. She appeared in several seasons of the Real Housewives of New York.

The reality star made good money as both a journalist, best-selling author, and probably inherited some cash as well. Radziwill is tied for the second wealthiest woman on our list with a net worth of $50 million.

2 Kyle Richards ($50 Million)

Kyle Richards has been famous for the majority of her life. As a child star, she appeared in several popular horror flicks like Eaten Alive and 1978'sHalloween. The Hollywood, California native also starred in the hit television series, Little House on the Prairie back in the day. She has been a cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the series began in 2010.

As a young actress, Richards has been earning money for quite some time now. Her Boutique line, Kyle by Alene Too, has also helped add to her fortune. The fact that she’s married to a wealthy real estate mogul certainly hasn’t hurt her net worth either, which is said to be a whopping $50 million.

1 Lisa Vanderpump ($75 Million)

Lisa Vanderpump originally hails from London, England. Like fellow Real Housewife Kyle Richards, the British reality star also was a child actress, who landed several small television roles, beginning in the early-70s. She has been part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the beginning and now has her own spin-off, Vanderpump Rules.

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The 59-year-old made good money as a reality star, but she certainly didn’t need it. Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd have amassed a fortune in the restaurant business. Together, the couple owns 36 restaurants, including hot spots like Bar Soho and The Shadow Lounge. These ventures have made Lisa Vanderpump the wealthiest woman on our list with a net worth of around $75 million.

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