This Is How Much Joey Owed Chandler By The End Of Friends

Joey relied pretty heavily on Chandler during Friends, and someone has done the math and worked out exactly how dependent he was on his roommate.

Many people reading this will probably be able to recall certain episodes of Friends at the drop of a hat. The one with Ross's sandwich, the one where Joey and Chandler get robbed, the one where Phoebe learns to ride a bike. You get the picture. Well, how about the one where Chandler tells Joey how much money he owes him?

It's a brief moment, and maybe an insignificant one to most, but if you're a true Friends fan you'll be able to recall it. Joey is insistent on paying back Chandler all the money he owes him. That is until Chandler jots the number down and shows it to Joey. Upon seeing it, Joey decides calling it quits might be a good idea after all.

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However, the number is never shown to the viewers at home, which clearly annoyed some people. So much so that they decided to do the math. Redditor ASmileThatKills decided to do that math, to be exact. The bills, the food, the coffee, they added it all up and it's no wonder Joey had the look on his face that he did when Chandler showed him the final number.

The first total reached on Reddit was $108,760. That figure was arrived at after tallying up all of the items mentioned above plus Joey's headshots, plus his acting and dancing lessons. However, it was then pointed out that replacing the furniture from when the pair were robbed, which was Joey's fault but cost Chandler money, hadn't been accounted for. Add that to the bill and it arrives at the princely sum of $114,260.

While that is the final figure most fans agree on, and maybe the one Chandler had written on that little slip of paper, it is still disputed by some fans. There's an argument to be made that the money it cost for Joey's hernia surgery should be included too. However, since that episode ends with Joey getting his health insurance back, it would seem as if the dependant star footed the bill for that himself.

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