The Net Worth of the Cast of Will & Grace

In 1998, a new sitcom premiered on NBC and became one of the most successful television shows to have gay main characters. Will & Grace did more than just deliver unforgettable comedic performances, but for 10 seasons, the show educated fans on LGBT issues and improving public opinion of the LBGT community in America. The show follows the life of two roommates and the ultimate besties, Will Truman and Grace Adler; and their friends: drunken socialite, Karen Walker, and witty-actor Jack McFarland.

The show ended in 2006, but after a brief reunion special in 2016, the show has returned for a ninth season. Due to the success and cultural impact of the show, the cast and several guest stars have continued to strive in the entertainment industry. How much are the girls and guys of Will & Grace worth today?

Here is the net worth of the cast from Will & Grace.

10 Erick McCormack - Net Worth: $15 Million

Canadian actor and singer, Eric McCormack, portrays lawyer and the gay best-friend of Grace, Will Truman. Throughout the show, Will is seen as an uptight, over-bearing man, but his love for his friends, particularly Grace, showcases his softer side and his undying loyalty to the ones he loves. McCormack began acting in high school and played in numerous stage productions after leaving Ryerson University.

In the 1990s, McCormack had minor roles before making his film debut in the movie The Lost World. Prior to gaining recognition for his role on Will & Grace, the actor was featured in the shows Ally McBeal, Street Justice, Lonesome Dove: The Series, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. McCormack also had a main role in the show Travelers. Reportedly, McCormack was paid $125,000 per episode, rounding out his estimated net worth to $15 million.

9 Debra Messing - Net Worth: $20 Million

Grace Adler is a Jewish interior-designer who was once engaged to Will, but after discovering he was gay, the two broke-up. Years later, the two ran into each other and reconnected, forming an unspeakable bond that fans envied for 10 seasons. Debra Messing portrayed Grace, and it is considered to be her break-through role. Before she became the erratic roommate of Will, the actress had a few minor roles on Ned & Stacy and Prey.

Messing then transitioned to the big screen and was seen in the films Along with Polly, The Women, The Wedding Date, Searching, and Lucky You.  From 2012-2013, Messing played Julia Houston on the NBC musical-drama, Smash, and homicide detective Laura Diamond on the show The Mysteries of Laura. The Brooklyn-native's estimated net worth is $20 million.

8 Megan Mullally - Net Worth: $15 Million

Actress, comedian, and singer Megan Mullally, portrays the spoiled, rich, borderline alcoholic Karen Walker. Karen is married to multi-millionaire Stan Walker and lives in a mansion with maids and staff members she usually mistreats. Karen also works as an assistant to Grace out of boredom and is occasionally seen doing some sort of hilarious scheme with Jack.

Mullally received several accolades for her portrayal of Karen Walker, including eight Primetime Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. From 2006-2007, the actress hosted her own show, The Megan Mullaly Show, and appeared in several films and shows, including Why Him?, Boston Legal, Parks and Recreation, and Bob's Burgers. The actress, who is married to actor Nick Offerman, has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

7 Sean Hayes - Net Worth: $18 Million

What would Will & Grace be without the unashamedly vain and ultimate Cher-fan Jack McFarland? Sean Hayes makes this character simply unforgettable. Jack is a not-so-talented actor that has no problem living off the success of his friends, particularly Karen. While Jack may seem as an opportunist, he also is a firm supporter of gay rights and was also the one who helped Will come out in his 20s.

Hayes also gained acclaim and accolades for his portrayal in Will & Grace and has continued to lend his talents to the acting and theater world. Hayes has starred in the films Cats & Dogs, Soul Men, The Bucket List, and Pieces of April. The actor received a Tony nomination for his performance in the Broadway show Promises, Promises as Chuck Baxter. In 2014, Hayes married his partner of eight years, Scott Icenogle, and his estimated net worth is $18 million.

6 Shelly Morrison - Net Worth: $800,000

Shelley Morrison is best known for her role as the scrutinized but equally sassy maid Rosario, who worked for Karen. Morrison's character was originally created for a brief one-episode appearance, however Rosario became popular with the show's fans and was added as a recurring character. Morrison has been active in the industry since 1961, however, after Will & Grace ended she officially retired from acting.

Morrison currently resides in California with her husband and her estimated net worth is $800,000.

5 Michael Angarano - Net Worth: $4 Million

In season 3, Sean Hayes' character Jack was informed that he had a biological son named Elliot. Elliot's mom used Jack's sperm donation and the two develop a relationship throughout the show. Michael Angarano portrayed Elliot from season 3 the series finale and again in the show's revival. Angarano was a child actor and appeared in several films including Almost Famous, For Richer or Poorer, and Sky High. Most recently, the actor has had a recurring role in the NBC drama This Is Us.

The actor's estimated net worth is $4 million.

4 Harry Connick Jr. - Net Worth: $45 Million

Harry Connick Jr. is a Grammy and Emmy-winning singer, composer, and actor. The singer sold over 28 million albums worldwide and was ranked number 60 on the best-selling male artists list by the Recording Industry Association of America. In season 5, he joined the cast of Will & Grace as Dr. Marvin Leo Markus, who causes a brief rift between Grace and Will. Leo and Grace fall in love and the two marry quickly, however their relationship deteriorates after Leo cheats on Grace.

Connick Jr. has also had prominent roles in the films Independence Day, Copycat, Memphis Belle, and Hope Floats. With his album sales, television appearances, and hosting, the singer's net worth rounds out to $45 million.

3 Debbie Reynolds - Net Worth: $85 Million

Debbie Reynolds was one of America's golden actresses, having had a career that spawned over 70 years. Reynolds was best known for her breakout role in the film Singin' In The Rain, but she reached a younger audience at the turn of the millennium when she starred in the Halloweentown film series and Will & Grace. Reynolds portrayed the bossy and hilarious Bobbi Adler, the mother of Grace.

Reynolds was the real-life mother of actress Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Fisher passed away at the age of 60, and the following day Reynolds unfortunately passed away after being hospitalized. Reynolds was also a singer and businesswoman, and her estate's net worth is $85 million.

2 Blythe Danner - Net Worth: $45 Million

Blythe Danner is probably most recognized from her role as Dina Byers from the films Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, and Little Fockers, but this actress has also starred in several other films and also portrayed an important role in Will & Grace. Danner played Marilyn Truman, Will's eccentric-but loving mother. Danner appeared in several episodes throughout the series and returned to reprise her role in the show's revival. Danner is also the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow and the widow of Bruce Paltrow. Her estimated net worth is $45 million.

1 Bobby Cannavale - Net Worth: $8 Million

Bobby Cannavale took on the role of Officer Vincent "Vince" D'Angelo, Will's long-term boyfriend. Cannavale reprised his role for one episode in the show's revival. The actor is also best known for his portrayal in the show Boardwalk Empire as Gyp Rosetti. Cannavale, who was born and raised in New Jersey, has a very impressive acting resume and has also starred in the films Annie, Ant-Man, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and The Other Guys. Cannavale's partner is Australian actress Rose Byrne, with whom he has two children. Cannavale's estimated net worth is $8 million.

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