The 10 Richest Game Show Hosts Of 2019

We all have our binge of television game shows, right? That probably means you're a Bob Barker fan, or probably are in love with Alex Trebek. While these hosts are asking questions, spinning wheels, and giving away money, have you ever stopped to wonder how much they actually make doing it? Spoiler: it can be a lot. While the trend of becoming a game show host has definitely accelerated into Hollywood, some of your favorite game show hosts aren't just making bank from the game, but nonetheless, it's quite the gig. In case you've been wondering, here are the 10 richest game show hosts, who are still hosting shows as of 2019.

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10 Elizabeth Banks: $30 million

Elizabeth Banks is a famous Hollywood actress, and she's also a director, producer, and writer. However, she moved away from Hollywood and joined the world of game shows. Press Your Luck was actually a show on CBS from 1983-1986, but it was picked up this year, in 2019, by ABC. This beautiful and brilliant woman took the role of host, and now it's safe to say that she's dominated both television and film, right?

9 Howie Mandel: $40 million

Howie Mandel is definitely most famous as being a Canadian comedian, but he's also an actor, and he's also been a judge on America's Got Talent for 10 years. However, this television personality is also the host of one of our favorite game shows, Deal or No Deal. This show first premiered in 2005, and was cancelled by Syndication Network in 2010. However, it was picked up last year, in 2018, by CNBC, and of course your main man Howie Mandel will be returning as the host.

8 Alex Trebek: $50 million

Alex Trebek has definitely been our favorite game show host since, well, Jeopardy! premiered on the Syndication Network in 1984. That's a lot of years, and it goes without saying that this man is a game show legend. With an estimated annual salary of $10 million, this man has a current estimated net worth of $50 million. That's not bad for a host of Jeopardy!, right? Considering this is pretty much his only gig, we think that's pretty impressive. We know, you're probably doubted every life choice you've ever made.

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7 Michael Strahan: $60 million

This game show host had a pretty impressive football career with the New York Giants before he jumped over to being a host, so it's not really a secret that he's worth so much dough. However, this heartthrob is now the host of The $100,000 Pyramidand he has been since this version of the hit show premiered in 2016. We're glad this show has stuck around, even if it's morphed a few times, because it's still definitely one of our favorites. Who knew a football player could be such a good game show host?

6 Pat Sajak: $65 million

Pat Sajak is the host of one of our other favorite long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune. He's been hosting the show since 1983, and we couldn't imagine this show without him and Vanna. Pat is said to have an annual salary of $12 million, and has an estimated net worth of $65 million. This man can thank this hit game show for his full wallet, but he can also thank being an actor and television personality.

5 Alec Baldwin: $65 million

Alec Baldwin is also an actor and producer, so he's definitely dabbled in Hollywood and not just on the game show network. That being said, it's not really a mystery why he's so far up on this list. However, this lovable guy took over another classic game show, Match Game, when the ABC Network took it over in 2010. He's been hosting it ever since, and you'll be able to see plenty more celebrities on this hit show.

4 Jamie Foxx: $100 million

Jamie Foxx is definitely not most well-known for being a game show host. In fact, this man got his start as a a singer, but he quickly also became a famous comedian and actor. He's dabbled in just about everything, so why not also be a game show host? Beat Shazam premiered in 2017 with Foxx as its host, and who better to do so than an actual singer and songwriter, right? Right.

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3 Steve Harvey: $160 million

Family Feud has seen a lot of different hosts over the years, but we think it's safe to say that everyone loves Steve Harvey, even if it's just a bit. Steve Harvey has also dabbled in many other things besides being a game show host, but we all know and love this man as the host of Family Feud. He began hosting this show in 2010, and continues to do so. However, he also has his own daytime talk show, so it's no surprise that his estimated net worth is a whopping $160 million. We think it's safe to say we would all love to host Family Feud, let alone if we made this kind of cash.

2 Drew Carey: $165 million

It's no secret that Drew Carey is a super popular television personality. From Whose Line is it Anyway to The Drew Carey Show, this man has definitely been dominating the television scene. More importantly, this incredible man took over Bob Barker's role on The Price is Right in 2007. This is a classic game show, and we were all sad to see Barker leave, but Carey is a pretty stand-up replacement. Anyways, if you ever want to win some money on a game show, you might just want to ask Drew Carey himself to pull out his wallet, or something.

1 Ellen Degeneres: $450 million

Alright, it almost wasn't fair to put this television bombshell on this list. However, if you love Ellen, you'll know that she hosts Ellen's Game of Games, where contestants do some pretty crazy things to win some amazing prizes. This show premiered in 2017, and Ellen does this on top of her insanely popular talk show. We all love Ellen, right? Well, that's probably why she's worth so much darn money. She undoubtedly takes the top spot on this list, and is crowned the richest game show host of 2019.

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