Subscribing To Every Major Streaming Service Costs More Than Your Cable Bill

Individually, the cost of subscribing to a streaming service appears reasonable. However, if you want more than one or two, the cost soon adds up.

The age of physical media is all but over and nowadays, most of us consume our content via streaming and subscription services. Whether it be movies, TV shows, books, or video games, there's a subscription service for that. The TV and movie business is the one that has been affected the most, and satellite and cable companies must be getting pretty worried right about now.

More and more people are cutting the proverbial cable as they realize that it's a service they no longer need. That most of the content they are consuming is coming to them courtesy of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Plus, the monthly cable bill can be a pretty steep one, depending on the package you have.

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A streaming service, on the other hand, will cost you $10 per month. Sometimes a little more, and in a few cases maybe even a little less. However, a streaming service can't offer you as much as a cable subscription. That's fine though, right? Just supplement the service you have with one, two, or maybe even three more. However, those reasonable monthly prices soon start to stack up.

IGN recently listed the monthly fee charged for the top nine streaming services' premium ad-free packages and as you can see, the cost really mounts up. Yes, if you're happy with nothing but Netflix then more power to you. But if you want a slice of every single pie, it's going to cost you more than $90 per month. Then again, we would hope that anyone with that many streaming services at their disposal has access to a lot more content than the average cable customer.

In reality, very few people are subscribing to nine streaming services. Chances are very few of us actually have more than three. That does potentially spell disaster for cable companies. Between streaming platforms and on-demand services, the need for cable companies is probably going to continue to dwindle. Even live sports are finding their way onto streaming services and after that point, what does cable even have left?

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