• Net Worth Of All The Kids on Stranger Things

    Some of them have just recently hit puberty, but they’re already worth millions. When it first premiered, Stranger Things quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. A love letter to the 80s, packed with mystery, action, supernatural activity, and government conspiracies, no one could remain indifferent to such a ground-breaking TV show.

    The cast quickly made their way into our hearts, especially the kids. Already phenomenal actors at such a young age, Stranger Things wouldn’t be what it is without this unlikely squad, and that’s clear by how quickly they rose to fame. With the highly anticipated third season of the show making its way to Netflix (and on the fourth of July, nonetheless), today we're taking a peek at the net worth of all the youngsters on Stranger Things. Have look - you might be surprised!

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    Sadie Sink (Max) - $200,000

    Max was the most recent kid to join our favorite gang on Stranger Things. A tad too dislikable in the very beginning, fans soon began warming up to her as her relationship with the others quickly blossomed. Max is played by the now 17-year-old actress, Sadie Sink.

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    Before making her way to the beloved series, Sadie made appearances in a handful of other popular shows, including The Americans, which kick-started her career, Blue Birds, American Odyssey, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. As of right now, Sink's net worth is estimated to be around $200,00. This will surely go up thanks to the popularity of the show, and the pay rise the actors get along with the new season.

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    Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) - $250,000

    Jonathan gave us one of the most interesting personal journeys out of all the characters. Being the brother of the child that goes missing, hence triggering all of the events depicted in the show, can't be easy. At least we saw him get with Nancy - and a sweet teenage romance is always a win with fans! Even one surrounded by all the craziness.

    Charlie was only 22 when he first started on Stranger Things. Prior to the show, he was a part of a few other projects, including movies Urban & the Shed Crew and As You Are. As of now, Heaton's net worth is estimated to be around $250,000.

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    Natalia Dyer (Nancy) - $800,000

    Even younger than her on and off screen flame Charlie when she began, Natalia was still nineteen when Stranger Things first started making waves. She conquered the fans with her sweet yet brave portrayal of Nancy, and, once again, her character's love story with Jonathan definitely helped. However, Nancy is quite the character on her own, much thanks to the talent of the actress that portrays her.

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    Dyer's career actually began a decade ago in 2009, when she played a part in a movie dedicated to one of Disney's sweethearts at the time, Hannah Montana. Ever since then, Natalia has been working towards becoming a seasoned actress, and she's worth almost a million dollars. We're sure she'll get there soon!

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    Joe Keery (Steve) - $2 Million

    As an actor, Joe only began his career the year prior to the premiere of Stranger Things, where he played bad boy turned father-that-will-slap-you-if-you-breathe-near-his-adopted-children Steve. Arguably one of the characters with the best development throughout the show, Steve's journey was inspiring and meme-worthy.

    Even though as an actor he only started in 2015, making appearances in shows like Empire and Chicago Fire, he went on to star in blockbuster films like Molly's Game. Additionally, Joe is also a fantastic musician and a part of the garage band Post Animal. All of this values him at $2 million.

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    Caleb McLoughlin (Lucas) - $3 Million

    When it comes to musical talent, Joe Keery isn't the only young star in the cast that gets bragging rights. Long before he was playing beloved character Lucas on Stranger Things, the now 17-year-old Caleb Mcloughlin was already making waves in one of the greatest stages in the world - Broadway!

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    He played one of the most important roles in The Lion King musical, Simba. Additionally to his fantastic voice, Caleb has also been practicing the craft of acting, having made appearances in shows like Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU. His net worth is believed to clock in at an impressive $3 million.

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    Noah Schnapp (Will) - $3 Million

    The youngest out of all the cast, Noah Schnapp, was only 11 years old when Stranger Things first made its way onto our TV screens. And even though he's just taking the first steps into teenagehood, he's already worth $3 million.

    During the second season of the show, we got to witness the incredible acting skills of Noah Schnapp, that were missing the first time around (you know, because his character was missing). Besides Stranger Things, he's well known for being the voice actor for The Peanuts movies, playing Charlie Brown himself.

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    Finn Wolfhard (Mike) - $3 Million

    Finn Wolfhard played lovable, sensitive and brave Mike. Undisputably when of the sweetest and most loved characters on Stranger Things, Wolfhard managed to bring to life a beautiful story arch through Mike.

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    Since his journey on the show, Finn has found time to star in other very exciting and lucrative projects, like the movies It and It Chapter Two, and television shows like Carmen Sandiego and Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Finn is well on his way to becoming a seasoned and successful actor, with a net worth of $3 million.

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    Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) - $4 Million

    Gaten won our hearts thanks to his portrayal of a lovable and loyal dork, Dustin on Stranger Things. Out of all the younger cast, Matarazzo is the one with the least acting credits out of the bunch, only having made an appearance on an episode of The Blacklist.

    However, producers and casting directors clearly recognized the raw talent in Dustin, who's made a wonderful job on Stranger Things. Even though he's short on acting credits, he's already worth $4 million. Plus, he has an appearance on the music video for Swish Swish (by Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj) to brag about.

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    Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven) - $4 Million

    Child actress turned social media sensation Millie Bobbie Brown seems to have been born to become a star. Her acting skills were obvious from a very young age, and a talent scout advised her parents to help her make something of it. Once they packed and moved to LA, Millie was offered roles in Once Upon A Time and Intruders, and several cameos.

    After snatching the role of Eleven, she became a Hollywood powerhouse, as well as a fashion icon for teenagers all over the world. All of this has increased Millie's net worth, which clocks in at a staggering $4 Million. With all of her star quality, this number will surely keep increasing over the years.

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