The First Teaser Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Is Here

Despite the fact we are still recovering from the events of Stranger Things 3, Netflix has already dropped the first trailer for season four.

Thanks to the likes of Netflix, HBO, and Amazon, a lot of the attention which used to be focused on Hollywood has shifted to the world of television. You need look no further than the budget behind every single episode of Game of Thrones for evidence of that. Whether it be GoT, Breaking Bad, or Orange Is The New Black, there are TV shows that seem to garner the attention of almost everyone.

Don't worry, we haven't gone mad. The reason we have left Stranger Things off of that shortlist is because that's the show which will be getting most of our attention. The Netflix hit has become a pop culture phenomenon. When we're not watching Eleven and co fight off whatever the Upside Down has to throw at them, we're counting down the days until the next time we get to watch them do it.

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Since season three of the show only dropped over the summer, we have prepared ourself for a long wait until we pay Hawkins another visit. There was more than an 18-month wait between seasons two and three. However, much to our joy and surprise, Netflix has already dropped a teaser trailer for Stranger Things 4, less than three months later.

You can check the trailer out for yourselves above. As you can see, it doesn't reveal much, but it is meant to be a teaser trailer after all. The show's logo is slowly engulfed by vines from the Upside Down as the show's eerie theme plays. The trailer ends with the words "We're not in Hawkins anymore" appearing out of the darkness.

That one sentence perfectly ties into how season three came to an end. The ending where we were shown that the Upside Down's reach extends far beyond Hawkins, and we were also given a glimmer of hope that Jim Hopper might still be alive. Right now, all we have to go on is the teaser above. However, we're hoping its release means we won't have to wait another year and a half for season four.

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