Storage Wars: 20 Finds That Were So Epic Even For Brandi

Storage Wars is a reality TV show that has a simple storyline. A group of would-be strangers get together and try to outbid each other for storage units whose owners have abandoned. The person who has the highest bid gets the storage locker with all the potential treasure, or junk, that is holed up inside it. The show premiered on December 1st, 2010 on the A&E Network.

During the first episodes, no one ever anticipated that the show would last through the first season, leave alone run for an entire 10 seasons and have such a substantial following, leading to several spin-off shows for some of the cast.

Some of the finds that have been discovered in these storage lockers include jewelry, statues, old clothing and newspapers and even pirate booty. While some of the cast members have not been quite successful when it came to what they found in their lockers, usually finding worthless pieces that were not worth much; others like Barry Weiss and Darrel Sheets, had a knack for choosing just the right storage unit and have constantly hit it big with their bids.

Here, are 20 items found in storage units on the show Storage Wars that were completely unexpected, and honestly pretty epic

20 Art By Frank Gutierrez

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One of the show’s mainstay cast, Darrel Sheets, also known as ‘The Gambler’ had built a reputation for taking risks that looked uncalculated. Well, he made what has been regarded as the show’s biggest find to date. He bid $3,600 on a locker simply because he liked the looks of some of the artwork inside. After a little research, the artwork turned out to be original paintings by Frank Gutierrez. Much to everyone’s disbelief, the lot turned out to be valued at more than $300,000. Later, Sheets said he spoke with Gutierrez, who actually owned the storage unit, and was nice enough to return some of the artist’s personal items…just not the thousands of dollars’ worth of artwork. Smart man. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

19 Model Grand Piano

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Barry Weiss, another mainstay, who once left the show to film his own spin-off series Barry’d Treasure only to return after that flopped, had never been interested in bidding on storage units until his friend approached him about appearing on Storage Wars. Though he was not very experienced, Weiss hit it big early in the first season after bidding $275 on a unit filled with salon supplies. What at first appeared to be a bust, actually turned into a major victory when Weiss dug a model grand piano out of the mess. He turned a nice $11,625 profit, which we think likely contributed to him staying with the show for so long. (Source: OnlineStorageAuctions)

18 Elvis Presley Newspapers

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Past Storage Wars regular Dave Hester was the buyer everyone loved to hate. He was known for driving up prices of storage units if he knew a fellow buyer was eyeing it. That aside, Hester was a pretty lucky buyer. Case in point: In 2010, a significant amount of newspapers were discovered in a storage unit for which Hester bid $750, from the same day that Elvis Presley passed away, August 16th, 1977. The newspapers were in great and most importantly, readable condition. It doesn’t sound like a jackpot, but they turned out to be limited-edition Elvis Presley newspapers, valued at around $90,000. (Source: DoYouRemeber)

17 Classic Toys

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Couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz were definitely the underdogs, rookies if you may, of the show — they were the hard-working rookies who didn’t employ manipulative tactics like the other bidders. More often than not, they end up losing more money than they gained. However, fate smiled on them later on in the first season. After they expressed interest in a particular storage unit, bully Dave Hester drove the price way up, knowing that the couple didn’t have much to spend. Their persistence paid off, though. After spending $1,700 on the unit, Brandi and Jarrod uncovered a collection of classic toys that netted them a $13,000 profit. Not bad for the underdogs. (Source: DoYouRemember)

16 Vending Machines

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There has yet to be found a craftier and bullish bidder on Storage Wars like Dave Hester. Like them or hate them, his methods were effective. Another big find for Hester came when he employed his acting skills to discourage anyone else from bidding on a unit he felt good about. A cursory glance revealed that the locker was filled with old, broken vending machines. However, his keen eye had spotted that there were new ones in the back. He then continued to rant on how worthless the unit was until the other buyers lost interest. He snagged it for $1,300 and sold the new machines for a nearly $28,000 profit. (Source: SelfStorageFinders)

15 Car And Motorcycle Parts

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Season 4 of Storage Wars would be Barry Weiss’ final season before his hiatus to film his spin-off show Barry’d Treasure. During the first episode, Barry stumbled upon what would make a very happy season opener for him. He paid roughly $1,700 on a shabby and dilapidated storage unit filled with car and motorcycle parts. At first, the stash looked somewhat worthless, maybe due to the lack of maintenance of the storage unit, but a later inspection discovered that his find would net him a little over $10,000 worth of profits. That’s one way of starting off the season with a bang. (Source: SelfStorageFinders)

14 Pirate Booty

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Back in 2011, Dan and Laura from Storage Wars auctioned off a locker for the average enough sum of one thousand US dollars. In what proved to be one of the most remarkable sales of their career, a hoard of pirate treasure – Spanish gold “Pieces of Eight”, some as old as the 16th century – was found in the locker. The box of coins was so heavy that it required three people to move it out of storage. Upon appraisal, the cache was said to be valued at just over five hundred thousand dollars. Quite a profit! His findings weren’t aired on television as he wished to remain anonymous. (Source: ABCNews)

13 Rare Comic Books

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Risky ventures are nothing new to the bidding champion known as Darrel Sheets. He made a name for himself by taking on risks that many of the other bidders were not willing to. Sheets struck gold yet again when he uncovered a storage unit stuffed to the brim with mint-condition comic book memorabilia. The gambler invested $2,700 in getting the storage locker and when he did, it was all worth it. He struck what could only be termed as comic book heaven; finding seven truckloads of comic books that were still in mint condition. The entire loot was valued at around $91,000. (Source: Today)

12 Mint Action Comics Belonging To Nicholas Cage

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In 2011, a near-mint condition copy of Action Comics # 1 was found by the winner of a California storage auction. The comic was later sold on CommicConnect.com for more than $2,000,000. This wasn't just any comic book. It is the first Superman comic, titled "Action Comics No. 1," worth about $1 million. Bizarrely, the comic's former owner was non-other than Hollywood legend Nicholas Cage who, having purchased it for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in 1997, reported it stolen in the year 2000. It is unclear whether or not the comic was eventually returned to its original owner. (Source: HollywoodReporter)

11 The Beach Boys Memorabilia

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Back in the late 2000s, a Florida USA radio station decided to play the Storage Wars game, purchasing a storage locker for approximately $300. In it, they found "documents and papers." This seemingly boring purchased took an exciting turn when they found out that those “documents and papers” were photographs, handwritten lyric sheets, musical arrangements, contracts, and even royalty cheques belonging to 60s superstars The Beach Boys. When members of the Beach Boys found out about the discovery, they battled for eight years to reclaim ownership of the lost items. The incredible archive was eventually sold via a sealed bid auction for an undisclosed sum somewhere in excess of six million pounds. (Source: RollingStone)

10 Valuable Figurines

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It had not been a good day for Storage Wars power couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schultz. They thought that they hit the jackpot when they purchased a locker for $2,750; but after taking a look at the contents, Jarrod instantly assumed they had made a big mistake. However, just when they thought they were out of luck, a set of green naked lady bookends and lamps Brandi and Jarrod found in a dresser drawer ended up saving the day. The Arthur Von Frankenberg mixed metal bookends and lamps ended up getting the couple another $2,900, bringing the locker's total worth to about $3,840. (Source: AOL)

9 A Collection Of Vintage Video Games

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During the first episode of the 10th season of Storage wars, Rene Nezhoda struck gold. Not literally but something quite close to it. After he won the bid for one of the storage lockers, going up against the stiff competition raised by Ivy Calvin and ‘The Gambler’, Darrel Sheets, the comic book hoarder landed what could only be termed as one of the best deals. The locker he landed was incredibly stuffed full to bursting with vintage video game hardware and cartridges. He literally got a small fortune in video games. After the appraisal, the entire stash was valued at close to $66,000. (Source: Kotaku)

8 Expensive Pieces From Watford And Wallace

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Rene Nezhoda and Dave Hester were going at it because of this particular storage locker. The bidding war was as epic as it was tense as the two went head to head, trying to outbid each other for the locker that both had set their eyes on. As they would find later, this was for good cause. Rene won the bid at $3,900. The locker that Rene and Dave battled over at the auction was chock-full of incredibly valuable items, including paintings, intricately decorated vases and even expensive pieces from Waterford and Wallace. Rene claimed that it was the best purchase of his life, valued at close to $50,000. (Source: AOL)

7 Vampire Hunting Kit

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One of the most favorite finds came on the spin-off that was shot in Miami, where bidders Greg and Lindsey found a wickedly cool replica of a vampire hunting kit. The attention to detail was fascinating, to say the least, and, as a whole, the kit just looked like it was the sort of thing people centuries ago would have wished they could have their hands on if they ever faced an encounter with Dracula. The only thing that would have been better about this find would have been if it was an authentic one from back in the days. (Source: OneNewsPage)

6 A Piano And Vintage Furniture

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The title alone should give you a clue of just how good this find was. The beauty about this storage locker was that it did not just have one find, but rather a fine collection of pieces that far out-valued the price that it took to get it. Maydel had to chuck out $2,600 to emerge the winner of this storage locker. A further inspection of the locker revealed designer luggage, a piano, and vintage furniture. What didn’t this locker have? It’s also important to point out that the bidding war that ensued was just as good as anything Maydel found inside! (Source: Youtube)

5 Shark Tooth

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What’s cooler than a shark tooth? What would you do if you found a shark tooth? Probably make a necklace out of it, yes? What is better than a regular shark tooth, then? We think a 20 million-year-old shark tooth! Kevin scored a six and a half-inch shark tooth that had already become a fossil in Miami. The tooth that had already turned silver gray got him what he called a “Jurassic payday.” After evaluation, it was discovered that the shark tooth was worth $2,000! Now, to find somewhere and someone who could turn it into a necklace. (Source: Youtube)

4 Silver Bars

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You know that it is a very good day in the world of Storage Wars world when you find precious metals! Apart from the other potentially valuable artifacts that they could find, one can never go wrong when they find precious metals. During the first and only season of Storage Wars: Miami, Greg, and Lindsey won big, four episodes in, with bars upon bars of silver in one of their newly-acquired lockers. What was the value of their treasured find? $1,974! Finding gold is always good, and more preferred, but finding silver can be pretty alright too we must say. (Source: Youtube)

3 Ivory Dominoes

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In a bid to save the last of the elephant, it has become a global law that the hunting for and trade in ivory is illegal. This, however, did not stop some ivory enthusiasts from making one of America’s favorite past time games from the tusk of an African elephant. Masterfully and intricately sculptured, potentially illegal ivory dominoes were found by cousins Yorgen and Cristian in a storage locker which they won during a bid in Miami. Don’t get us wrong, it’s sad how these had to be created, but it hurts just a little less knowing these were crafted about 100 years ago. (Source: Youtube)

2 An Alligator Head

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Florida is known for several things, and its alligators are close to the top of its list. What would Florida be if not for its gators? Well, probably still a nice place, but it wouldn’t be the Florida we know. In episode 4 of the first season of Storage Wars: Miami, Kevin’s bidding won him an alligator head that he decided to take back to its natural habitat in the Everglades so that it could be evaluated. There, he was met by real-life alligators who expressed their disapproval of Kevin holding the head of one of their own. Despite the hissing, Kevin walked away with a head that can retail for $300. (Source: Youtube)

1 Vintage Tricycles

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The cousin duo of Yorgen and Christian from Storage Wars: Miami found some vintage-styled Skyking tricycles that just got us feeling all nostalgic. They may not have been the original but were pretty close to the original-run mini trikes, so these reproductions still managed to be valued at $250 apiece. However, Yorgen got so taken aback by the find that he did not even wait for the vintage cycle to be evaluated. He decided to rekindle his childhood and give it a test run, and the poor thing could not even hold together for long, as it had wheel damage. Yorgen, how could you? (Source: Youtube)

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