Net Worth Of The Entire Cast Of Lucifer

Earlier this year, Fox announced Lucifer was canceled after four seasons. The fans didn't take it well and started to protest. Lucky for them, Netflix heard their request and decided to give the TV show one more season. They didn't confirm if there will be a sixth season yet.

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The TV show's plot is about Lucifer, who has decided he deserves a vacation from the underworld. He opens a nightclub and is solving crimes during the day. The result is a show that combines investigation and supernatural scenes.

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10 Kevin Alejandro - $100,000 - $1 Million

Kevin Alejandro plays Dan Espinoza, a homicide detective who was married to Chloe. Together they have a child, Trixie. Espinoza doesn't like Lucifer and he is jealous of his relationship with Chloe and his daughter. In the last season, he became more like a villain.

Alejandro was very touched by the fans efforts to save the show. "I couldn't believe it," he told SyFy Wire. "The fact that the fans fought so hard to save us and it actually worked is extremely rare. I'm still a bit speechless. I remember I was cleaning out my garage when Tom Ellis FaceTimed me to confirm the news. It was a joyous, tearful moment." According to Net Worth Stats, he's worth almost a million dollars.

9 Scarlett Estevez - $700,000

Scarlett Estevez has a $700,000 net worth. Not bad if you consider she is 11 years old. She plays Trixie, Chloe's daughter. She is sweet enough to charm the devil — Lucifer gets along very well with her. She is also friends with Mazikeen.

"My favorite roles have been Trixie from Lucifer and Megan from the Daddy's Home movies," she told Blasting News. "Megan is much sassier than I am in real life, so that is fun to play."

After working since she was 3 years old, she's in films and commercials.

8 Lauren German - $1 million

Chloe Decker is a homicide detective who meets Lucifer during an investigation. Both start working on other cases together and they also fall in love. Of course, their relationship is complicated, since she is human and he is the devil.

Lauren German plays the character and most of her scenes are with Tom Ellis considering they get along very well on set.

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The actress had several significant roles before Lucifer. The first one was in A Walk to Remember and she was cast for some horror movies like Hostel: Part II. German has a net worth evaluated on $1 million.

7 Lesley-Ann Brandt - $2 million

Lesley-Ann Brandt plays Mazikeen, a demon that followed Lucifer when he left the Hell and is always trying to protect him. She is also a bartender on his club and develops an unexpected relationship with Trixie, Chloe's daughter.

Brandt loves to be on set. "Our unit, like what we have on our show, is so rare in our industry, sadly," she said during an interview with Brief Take. "We're in a sense like we have a 'no a**hole' policy, and I think that this really stems from the producers because they are so protective of that fact. We all genuinely love each other.

The actress started her career as a model in South Africa and then on television in New Zealand. She has a $2 million net worth.

6 Rachael Harris - $2 million

Lucifer is confused when he meets Chloe. She seems to be the only woman who doesn't feel attraction for him and he feels something for her. To understand what is going on, he decides to do therapy. That is how he meets Linda, a character that grew a lot during the last season.

"I 'don't think Lucifer thinks that Linda yields any power over him, but 'she's kind of armed with the truth and the ability to really ask him to tuck deep into his emotions," she told Ksite TV. "I think 'it's very well established in the pilot that 'he's having an existential crisis."

Rachael has a $2 million net worth.

5 Aimee Garcia - $2 million

Aimee Garcia plays Ella, who became a regular character on season two. Although it is a supporting role, Ella is essential in many situations.

"When I signed for season two, I knew Ella was a woman of faith and science," she told Remezcla. "That was enough of a nugget for me to dig into. She's a scientist and I love representing Latina scientists. Someone mentioned to me that Ella López is the only Latina scientist on TV right now."

Garcia had minor roles in shows like Dexter. She has a $2 million net worth.

4 D.B. Woodside - $3 million

Before God created Earth, he created the Angels. The first of them was Amenadiel, who has been around for billions of years. He is one of the most powerful angel and also Lucifer's older brother. He appears on several episodes trying to make Lucifer comes back to the underworld.

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Woodside has a close relation with Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt, and he believes it has a positive effect on the show. "All three of us are able to bring that into our scenes," he told Collider. Because we have a real friendship, we're also able to suggest things, figure things out, and talk about things. Anything that we can do to make the moment more believable and to make bolder choices and always to keep things fun, we do it.

The actor has a $3 million net worth.

3 Inbar Lavi - $3 million

Everybody has a first love — even if you are the devil. During season four, the public meets Eve, the first woman Lucifer fell in love. Inbar Lavi plays the character.

"She's looking for that passion again, that fire," Inbar Lavi told Metro. "Whatever that feeling was that Lucifer jump-started way back in the day. And so 'she's coming down to earth to get another taste."

Lavi doesn't reveal how much money she has, but several websites estimate it is around $3 million.

2 Tom Ellis - $6 million

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar, the charming devil that is solving crimes in Los Angeles. He is very attached to his character and he was sad when the show was canceled. A month later, Netflix announced they would take over the production of Lucifer.

"Gosh, it was such a weird time," he told Vulture. "When I initially found out about the cancellation, I was pretty gutted. I've become a fan of the show too and loved the story we were telling. We weren't finished. I was gutted."

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The British actor became famous after playing Gary Preston in Miranda, but Lucifer is his most famous work so far. The actor has a $6 million net worth.

1 Tricia Helfer - $8 million

Tricia Helfer plays Charlotte a defense attorney. Her character dies, but Goddess takes over her body and uses it as a human disguise to find Lucifer, her son.

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"Mom has been extremely fun to play because she's layered," she told Empire. "She's definitely set up as if she's hell-bent on revenge, and there is that side to her that we're starting to see come out later in the season, but she's also a mom at the end of the day."

Helfer has an $8 million net worth.

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