Net Worth Of Fan Favorite Late Night Hosts

Most comedians have the dream of eventually having a chance to host a late-night talk show. It is an ideal job for any experienced comedian to make a sweet living with a great income for many reasons. The struggle in the early years of any comic will see them making little money while working extremely hard to create fresh stand-up material every week. After enough success, the name value of a comedian could land them a late-night talk show on network television.

The high-paying job will also usually set up the comedian for life with fame coming from appearing television nightly. Most of the past and present talk show hosts in the late-night hours have found their net worth rising to impressive levels. We will look at the most relevant ones to see how they rank against each other with the net worth of these fan-favorite late-night hosts!

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10 Samantha Bee: $7 million

Samantha Bee is still relatively new to the late-night talk show world, but she is a huge success story. The comedic talk show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has become a fixture of the TBS lineup. This show has been around for over three years now with another season picked up heading into 2020.

Bee’s net worth is currently at $7 million with that figure likely to continue rising through the years. The success of Bee’s show is not as high as the others on the list, but the growth is important. Not many people would have known Bee five years, let alone expect her net worth reach $7 million.

9 Seth Meyers: $10 million

Another talk show host expected to move up the net worth list in future years is Seth Meyers. NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers is the network’s second most important late-night talk show. It has been going strong since 2014 with no end expected any time soon.

Meyers’ net worth is now listed at $10 million to thanks to his overall success hosting a popular show. The acting gigs of Meyers have slowed down to make the talk show field his main priority after years of working as a rising comedian.

8 John Oliver: $10 million

HBO decided to go after John Oliver as one of their main faces of the network. Oliver has found success in the entertainment industry as part of The Daily Show along with a normal acting gig on Community for a season.

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Last Week Tonight would become the biggest project of his career with weekly recap shows on HBO often digging into important and interesting stories. Oliver found the perfect mix between delivering insightful commentary and providing funny jokes to entertain the audience. It helped raise his net worth to $10 million with that number only going up in the future.

7 James Corden: $12 million

The Late Late Show with James Corden has become a top hit for CBS over the past few years. Corden’s work as a comedic actor has seen him rise in the entertainment industry. The impressive net worth of Corden is now at $12 million thanks to the hosting and acting gigs.

Corden’s net worth is positively impacted by hosting Carpool Karaoke in addition to the Late Late Show. Acting credits in recent successful films like Ocean’s 8, Trolls and Yesterday just helps his value grow in general. Corden is racking up the jobs as a top late-night talk show host.

6 Trevor Noah: $13 million

The talented Trevor Noah would score the dream job of his life when succeeding the iconic Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. Noah took over for Stewart in 2014 as the new host of the Comedy Central late-night talk show centered on a comedic look at important issues.

The net worth of Noah is now at $13 million thanks to a fast rise to the top. Noah’s success in other fields like his stand-up comedy and the release of his autobiography also play a role in the net worth. Expect the number to go up as Noah is just 35 years old with a lot of talent to continue thriving.

5 Carson Daly: $40 million

Carson Daly has remained a fixture in the talk show world for decades now. The start of his career ascension would come on MTV as the host of their daily successful talk show looking at the top music videos titled TRL.

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He would score a late-night NBC show titled Last Call with Carson Daly that aired after the two bigger shows Daly served as the host for 18 seasons until it recently just ended. The net worth of Daly is at an impressive $40 million thanks to the long run of his late-night show along with hosting duties of The Voice along with other NBC events.

4 Jimmy Kimmel: $45 million

The comedic career of Jimmy Kimmel would get to the next level when ABC decided to get into the late-night talk show race and make him their top host. Jimmy Kimmel Live has been going strong for 17 seasons since its start in 2003.

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The net worth of Kimmel is $45 million to show his value as a top entertainer on network television. Kimmel has changed his style from a bit juvenile before making it big into one of the most insightful interviewers in the talk show world. It certainly is leading to great success given the net worth.

3 Jimmy Fallon: $45 million

Jimmy Fallon would see a long road before landing his place into the late-night talk show scene. The pressure of performing in front of a studio audience wasn’t as hard for Fallon after he spent years as part of the SNL cast as a beloved member.

NBC would give him another break when a talk show spot opened. Fallon eventually worked his way into the top late-night slot hosting The Tonight Show. The spot appears to be Fallon’s for the foreseeable future. His net worth is at $45 million and is expected to continue going up since his career is stronger than ever.

2 Stephen Colbert: $50 million

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert helped the comedian transition into one of the most important spots on television. Colbert replaced the iconic David Letterman as CBS’ top late-night talk show host and has found great success in the role.

The net worth of Colbert is $50 million as one of the most valuable comedians on late-night television. Colbert’s experience on The Daily Show helped prove he would do well in the talk show comedy style along with his great track record as a comedian in general.

1 Conan O’Brien: $85 million

The controversial ups and downs for Conan O’Brien in the late-night talk show world all paid off with his massive net worth of $85 million. O’Brien’s success in comedy came both on and off screen since he thrived as a writer for The Simpsons, SNL and other shows.

NBC wanted him to replace Jay Leno as The Tonight Show host after Conan thrived with his own show in the secondary slot. Leno returning led to O’Brien ditching NBC to land a $12 million salary hosting Conan on TBS. This and other individual projects helped his net worth reach incredible new heights.

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