Got A Secret?: The Net Worth Of The Cast Of Pretty Little Liars

“Got a secret, can you keep it?” Fans of the teen-mystery thriller television series, Pretty Little Liars, know those lyrics meant that another episode of the hit show would be starting soon. It all began when the mean-spirited Queen Bee, Alison DiLaurentis, mysteriously vanished, leaving her four friends wondering what happened to their friend. After a year goes by and Alison's body is presumably found, the girls are stalked and tormented by a cyber-bully, known simply as "A". The four girls reunite and try to take down this unknown assailant while also keeping their own secrets from coming to light.

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The show, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shephard, became a huge success and gained a large fandom, particularly on Twitter, as it was one of the most “Tweeted” about shows. Since the show’s finale, the main cast members have continued making strides in the entertainment business. From movies to YouTube series, the ladies ( and gents) of PLL are not slowing down, since they’re no longer being hunted by A.

Here are the net worths of the cast from Pretty Little Liars.

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10 Troian Bellisario - Net Worth: $10 Million

Troian Bellisario played the intelligent and over-achieving, Spencer Hastings, on PLL for the entire seven seasons. Spencer was the "sleuth" of the group, and through her investigative skills, solved many mysterious during the show. Bellisario is no stranger to the television world, as she is the daughter of Donald P. Bellisario, creator of the shows, JAG, NCIS; and actress Deborah M. Pratt. The actress has also created an avenue for herself in the industry, in 2017 Bellisario starred in her feature film, Feed, which is based on  her experience battling an eating disorders.

The actress also starred in the film Clara, alongside her husband, Suits actor, Patrick J. Adams, in 2018. The couple married in 2016 after dating since 2009 and have a daughter that was born in October 2018. Bellisario's net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

9 Ashley Benson- Net Worth: $6 Million

Ashley Benson portrayed the fashionable and kind-hearted former Queen Bee, Hanna Marin, who becomes one of the most popular girls in school after Alison disappears. Benson's career began in 2004 when she made her film debut in the film 13 Going on 30, and portraying Abigail Devearaux on the daytime soap, Days of Our Lives. In 2010, Benson returned to the big screen when she starred in the crime-film, Spring Breakers, alongside, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Rachel Korine. The movie was a box-office success and received positive reviews from film critics.

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Since the end of PLL, the actress and model has formed a partnership with the eye-wear line Prive' Revaux, and starred in the films, Pixels, Her Smell, and Chronically Metropolitan. The 29-year-old actress' net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

8 Shay Mitchell - Net Worth: $6 Million

This Canadian-actress portrayed the athletic and lovable, Emily Fields, on PLL. Shay Mitchell's performance as the star athlete of the group was widely-praised, particularly for how the show handled the character's sexuality and romances. Mitchell was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada before moving to L.A., California to pursue a career in acting. Mitchell has also starred in the films; Mother's Day, The Possession of Hannah Grace, and the TV show, You.

Mitchell also has her own YouTube channel which has over 3 million subscribers. On her channel the actress share lifestyle tips, her travel adventures, and everyday life as an actress. In June 2019, Mitchell announced that she is expecting her first child with her partner. Matte Babel, and her estimated net worth is $6 million.

7 Lucy Hale - Net Worth: $6 Million

The tiny-but powerful actress, Lucy Hale, portrayed the free-spirited Aria Montgomery on PLL. As one of the four girls affected by the disappearance of Alison, Aria also has her own secrets to keep, including her romance with her high-school teacher, Ezra Fitz. Hale is also a singer and released her debut album, Road Between, in 2014.

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Prior to landing the role of Aria, Hale was so famous that she didn't need to audience for the part. Hale has also starred in the shows: Life Sentence, Privileged, Drake & Josh, Baby Daddy; and in the films: Scream 4, Truth or Dare, Dude, and The Unicorn.

The Memphis, Tennessee native's estimated net worth is $6 million.

6 Sasha Pieterse - Net Worth: $2 Million

Alison DiLaurentis would've probably put Regina George to shame, that's how bad this former Queen Bee was. Sasha Pieterse portrayed Alison for all seven seasons but her for the first four seasons, Alison was only seen in flashbacks before the season 4 finale when it was revealed that Alison was indeed alive. From there, the former bad girl turned a new leaf and in addition to regaining the trust of her friends, Alison also began a romance with Emily.

Pieterse was 12-years-old when she first appeared on the show. The South-African actress began her career in 2002, when she portrayed Buffy on the show, Family Affair. Pieterse is also a singer and now has her own YouTube channel, Sasha in Good Taste. Recently, she announced that will be releasing a cookbook in October 2019. In 2018, the actress married her boyfriend, Hudson Sheaffer, in Ireland. Pieterse's net worth is reported to be $2 million. 

5 Janel Parrish - Net Worth: $700,000

Before taking on the role of the brilliant but manipulative, Mona Vanderwaal, on PLL, Janel Parrish played the real-life version of the infamous Bratz doll, Jade, in the teen-film based on the dolls. Parrish was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and began a career in acting when she was cast as Young Cosette in the National Touring Company of Les Miserables. Following this, Parrish landed her first television role in the show, Baywatch.

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Parrish's character, Mona played a major role in the show, particularly in season 2 when she was revealed to be one of the "A"s that was torturing the girls. Parrish has since starred in the films, To All The Boys I Loved Before, Tiger, Hell Is Where The Heart Is; and she reprised her role as Mona in the spin-off show, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, alongside fellow cast member, Sasha Pieterse.  The actress, who married her boyfriend, Chris Long in 2018, has a net worth of $700,000.

4 Ian Harding - Net Worth: $4 Million

Ian Harding took on the role of the dreamy-teacher Ezra Fitz on PLL, and even though he was easy on the eyes, Ezra had just as much of a hard time as his students who were being secretly tormented. Ezra was involved with his student, Aria, which not only made a target of "A" as well, but also but a strain on his profession when the secret got out. Nonetheless, Ezra stuck by his girl and the two eventually tied the knot at the end of the series.

Harding released his first book, Odd Birds, in 2018, and was also featured in the shows: Chicago Med, NCIS: Los Angeles, and the film Adventureland; rounding out his net worth to be $4 million.

3 Keegan Allen - Net Worth: $2 Million

Keegan Allen's character, Toby Cavanaugh, was an interesting and mysterious character in the beginning of the show. Initially believed to be the one who killed Alison, Toby spent majority of the first few seasons proving his innocence, which eventually paid off.

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Not only was Toby cleared of even wrong-doing, he also won the heart of Spencer Hastings, and the two became one of the show's most popular couples.

Allen is also a an accomplished photographer, and has published two photography books. In addition to his role on PLL, Allen was also featured on Zoey 101, Big Time Rush, and Young & Hungry. Allen's net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

2 Tyler Blackburn - Net Worth: $1 Million

Caleb Rivers was another outcast that arrived in Rosewood hoping to start a new life. Little did Caleb know that his life would change when he fell for Hanna Marin and became entangled in the hunt of "A". Tyler Blackburn portrayed Caleb for all 7 seasons of PLL in the spin-off show, Ravenswood, that was centered around his character's chilling past. Blackburn had guest roles in Nickelodeon show, Unfabulous, Cold Case, Gigantic, Charmed, and now has a main role in the show: Rosewell, New Mexico.

Blackburn's estimated net worth is $1 million.

1 Holly Marie Combs - Net Worth: $14 Million

While PLL was focused on the lives of the girls that was tormented by "A", their significant others and parents were also affected by "A's" horrific games. Holly Marie Combs played Ella Montgomery, the fiercely, protected mother of Aria Montgomery. Fans of the show were quick to recognize Combs as she was also a star of another popular sitcom. From 1998-2006, Combs portrayed Piper Halliwell on the fantasy-drama, Charmed. Just like her character on PLL, Piper was the maternal middle, later eldest sister of the trio of witches who protected mortals from unknown demons.

Combs also starred on the show, Picket Fences, and the films, Born on the Fourth of July, Simple Men, and Chain of Desire. The mother of three has an estimated net worth of $14 million. 

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