The Net Worth Of The American Horror Story Cast Ranked

American Horror Story is one of the most popular television shows in recent history, with the horror-based franchise proving that violent, creepy, and often extreme shows can work and become popular.

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The show switched things up from the traditional layout of television which normally sees storylines continue from one season to the next, with American Horror Story opting to have totally fresh stories for each season.

While that isn't anything groundbreaking, what was a big change was the fact that they opted to keep the same cast of actors for each season, allowing them to play different roles and grow their stock, and within this article, we will take a look at the net worths of the shows main cast.

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10 Lily Rabe (Net Worth: $2 Million)

Lily Rabe is one of American Horror Story's most popular regular cast members, having appeared in seven of the shows seasons so far, although several of her roles at the start were quite small.

Lily Rabe's big breakout moment in AHS came in the Asylum season, where she was one of the main characters and she put in a fantastic performance, proving herself as one of the shows strongest actresses.

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With a net worth of $2 million that is only set to continue growing, Rabe is one of the most exciting actresses around, and someone that is certainly going to have a big career.

9 Frances Conroy (Net Worth: $4 Million)

The experienced actress has been a mainstay in the American Horror Story franchise, portraying countless different characters in seven different seasons of the show, making her one of the main members of the cast.

Her work in the horror franchise has certainly helped build her $4 million net worth, with Frances Conroy being a fan favorite amongst dedicated American Horror Story lovers, but it isn't her only role.

Conroy is actually best known for her work in another franchise, being a key part of the show Six Feet Under from 2001 and 2005, winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress-Television Series Drama in 2004.

8 Evan Peters (Net Worth: $4 Million)

Evan Peters is one of the fastest rising young actors in Hollywood right now, and one of the main reasons for that is his role in American Horror Story, with Peters playing a large role in every season to date.

While he may not always be the main character per-say, he has always landed a significant role, with his acting range being on full display as he has been tasked with some truly crazy character performances.

Peters has grown himself a net worth of $4 million, which is only likely to keep rising, especially with his success in the movie world as well, with Peters being part of the X-Men franchise as he portrays Quicksilver.

7 Finn Wittrock (Net Worth: $5 Million)

American Horror Story's Freak Show season is often considered to be one of the weaker of the franchise, yet throughout it, the main redeeming quality was the breakout performance of Finn Wittrock.

His impressive work landed him roles in two more seasons of the show, and with a net worth of $5 million already in his career, it is safe to say Wittrock is going to keep growing that in the future.

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Away from the franchise, he has also appeared in LaLa Land, The Big Short, and Unbroken as well as having television roles in the likes of All My Children.

6 Cheyenne Jackson (Net Worth: $5 Million)

While Cheyenne Jackson may not have been in American Horror Story for every single season of the show, when he has appeared on the show, he has been given major roles each time.

Jackson is a fantastic actor who portrays his roles incredibly well, with his performance in Hotel, in particular, being a standout role for him, helping him grow his net worth to $5 million.

The horror franchise isn't the only major series he is part of though, as Jackson has also been part of Glee, Ugly Betty, and Life on Mars, constantly being in demand.

5 Sarah Paulson (Net Worth: $10 Million)

Sarah Paulson has been a part of every single American Horror Story season so far, and while her role in the original Murder House season was fairly small, she has since seen her part grow in importance.

Paulson ended up being one of the main characters in all of the seasons, even playing multiple characters in some, with Ryan Murphy showing his faith in her ability to portray totally different roles to perfection.

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While American Horror Story is the main role she is known for, Paulson has also appeared on The People V O.J. Simpson, Law and Order, and more, helping her grow a net worth of $10 million.

4 Dylan McDermott (Net Worth: $15 Million)

Dylan McDermott really hasn't been a major character in American Horror Story, but he was one of the main characters in the first season, and without his fantastic performance in Murder House, the show would never have got to the place it is at today.

McDermott was a key member of the first season and has only made two small appearances since that point, but the talented actor is often still associated with the show due to his great work.

The majority of his $15 million net worth has come from other projects outside the horror franchise, with roles in the likes of Big Shots, Dark Blue, and the movie, Perks Of Being A Wallflower. 

3 Jessica Lange (Net Worth: $15 Million)

Jessica Lange is associated heavily with American Horror Story with the experienced actress playing one of the main characters in several of the seasons, becoming a huge hit with the fans of the show.

Many were disappointed when she took time away from the show, but her return in the Apocolpyse season was a big hit, and her net worth of $15 million is something that she has certainly earned.

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Away from the horror show, Lange has also appeared in the likes of Big Fish, Blue Sky, and Hush, as well as having an impressive photography career away from the silver screen.

2 Angela Bassett (Net Worth: $20 Million)

Angela Bassett hasn't always been given a major role in American Horror Story, with her spots on Freak Show and Hotel being smaller, yet she was given the chance to thrive in other seasons such as Coven.

It is within those major roles Bassett really showed why she has a net worth of $20 million, with her fantastic performances being well worthy of a higher salary than some of her other cast members.

Arguably her biggest role came through her portrayal of Tina Turner in the movie, What's Love Got To Do With It, which really changed things for her as an actress, with Bassett continuing to land major parts ever since.

1 Kathy Bates (Net Worth: $32 Million)

Kathy Bates may have joined the American Horror Story cast a little later than some of the other members of the cast, but she has certainly made up for that with some unbelievable performances.

With a net worth of $32 million, Bates has certainly had a memorable career, being part of some incredible performances such as her critically acclaimed role in Stephen King's Misery, or her part in Fried Green Tomatoes. 

Nowadays, she is mainly known for her portrayal of various characters on American Horror Story, with Bates often landing important parts on each season she is involved in.

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