The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Cast Ranked By Net Worth

The Amazon Prime show Marvelous Mrs. Maisel opened to rave reviews. Following the charming adventures of a female stand-up comic during the late 50s as she juggles between her career and domestic life, the show was one of the most refreshing, delightful, and hilarious things we'd seen in a while.

In fact, the show was so successful that it went on to win a number of Golden Globes and Emmys, as well as being renewed for more seasons. With season 3 slated to release on December 6, let's take a look at the top earnings of its wonderfully talented cast.

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10 Michael Zegen- $100,000 – $1 million

Michael Zegen plays the character of Joel, Midge's ex-husband. Although they started out as a sweet lovey-dovey couple, Joel left his wife for his secretary. However, they soon get back together only to formally separate. An aspiring stand-up himself, Joel is initially dismissive of Midge's career, but he later decides to support her through and through.

And if you were wondering where you'd seen Zegen on TV before, well he also played Damien Keefe, the probie firefighter on the FX show Rescue Me.

9 Will Brill - $1- $5 million

Will Brill plays Noah Weissman, Midge's mysterious brother. Although he doesn't have that much screen time compared to the other Weissmans, he still makes a memorable impression, especially when it is revealed that he secretly works for the CIA.

A graduate from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, Will rose to prominence playing the role of Scott Brown in The OA. He's also appeared in Broadway and other theater productions.

8 Marin Hinkle- $3 million

Marin Hinkle's portrayal of Rose Weissman, Midge's mother is marvelously on-point and hilarious. Moreover, we got to see a different side to her character, when, in the beginning of the second season, she briefly walks out of her marriage to live in Paris all by herself.

This Emmy-nominated actress is a veteran in the industry. She's best known for playing Judith Harper Melnick in Two And A Half Men. However this Tanzanian-born actress had initially wanted to become a ballerina, but after sustaining an ankle injury, she decided to move into acting instead.

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7 Rachel Brosnahan- $6 million

Rachel Brosnahan's Midge is instantly likable, full of warmth and charm. Her portrayal of the stand-up comedian drew critical acclaim and a slew of awards.

However before she played the lead in this show, she had also appeared in House Of Cards. In fact, her acting impressed the showrunner so much that her role was expanded to that of a major character.

She's also slated to appear in Ironbark, starring alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

6 Kevin Pollak - $8 million

Moishe Maisel, played by Kevin Pollak is quite the memorable character, with his commanding screen presence as Joel's father and the owner of the Maisel and Roth Garment Company.

And Kevin Pollak has had quite an illustrious career. He has starred in over 80 films and is also a comedian and impressionist, which makes him pretty apt for the role. He's also passionate about poker and has even tried his hand at directing.

5 Luke Kirby - $10 million

Luke Kirby plays none other than Lenny Bruce, a comedian from New York who is actually based on a real historical character. Lenny first encounters Midge in jail, as they have both been arrested for being "obscene" on stage, which soon grows into a friendship, with Lenny going out of the way to help Midge in her comedy career.

In fact, Luke Kirby's guest role even won him an Emmy Award. Performing in numerous shows and theater productions, Kirby started out in his acting career right from when he was a teenager.

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4 Zachary Levi- $12 million

Zachary Levi plays Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg, a handsome doctor who takes a romantic interest in Midge after meeting her at Catskills during the latter's annual family vacation. The duo has sizzling chemistry and instantly hit it off, and, by the end of the second season, he's even proposed marriage. However, Midge decides to focus on her career instead and embarks on a national tour.

And Levi's quite the popular guy. He played the lead character in Shazam!, Fandral in the Thor movies and of course, Chuck Bartowski in Chuck. He even has a Tony Award nomination for his role in the Broadway revival of She Loves Me.

3 Jane Lynch - $16 million

Jane Lynch plays Sophie Lennon, a comedian who is perhaps being set up as Midge's true rival in the show. Although an aristocrat from Manhattan, Sophie's stand-up persona is a frumpy woman from Queens- a polar opposite compared to her real self.

This talented actress has made quite a name for herself by starring in several comedies including Two And A Half Men, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Role Models. She has also voice-acted in several animated flicks and has her own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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2 Alex Borstein- $24 million

Susie Myerson, brilliantly played by Alex Borstein, is one of the most important characters on the show. She starts out as an employee in the Gaslight Cafe, where Joel and later Midge perform their stand-up acts. It is she who notices Midge's talent and self-appoints herself as her manager and gives her the impetus to embark on her comedy career.

The actress has already won two Emmys for her role in the series. She has also voiced Lois Griffin in Family Guy and appeared in films like The Lizzie McGuire Movie and ParaNorman, among others.

1 Tony Shalhoub- $30 million

Next to Midge, Tony Shalhoub's Abe Weissman is probably one of the most popular and funniest characters on the show. A professor of Mathematics at Columbia and a researcher at Bel Labs, the character has been particularly lauded for his hilarious banter with his family.

Of course, Tony Shalhoub's brilliance comes from years of experience in the industry. In addition to his Emmy Awards, he's also the recipient of a Golden Globe and a Tony. He's also acted in several films such as Cars, Men In Black and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among others.

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