Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David Will Each Earn $100 Million In Netflix Deal

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have each made hundreds of millions through television contracts with the popular Seinfeld '90s sitcom, and they'll continue to haul in tremendous amounts of cash with Netflix.

Hulu current broadcasting deal with Seinfeld - reportedly at a cost of $130 million per year - expires in 2021. Netflix will take over and begin the streaming of all 180 episodes soon after.

According to a report from Tim Baysinger and Tony Maglio of TheWrap, both Seinfeld and David could land $100 to $125 million each under the Netflix contract. A second source told them it could be "significantly higher."

TheWrap also reported that Neflix's broadcasting deal with Seinfeld is around $500 million. For Seinfeld and David, it's a nice bit of side cash for their giant bank accounts. And of course, their timeless television show will reach millions of Netflix subscribers - and it promises to reel in a large audience of folks who have never seen the show.

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Seinfeld - widely referred to as "the show about nothing" - first aired on NBC in 1989. The show struggled with ratings in the early going, but its popularity began to surge in the early '90s. The 180 episodes were spread throughout nine different seasons - with "The Finale" airing on on May 14, 1998.

The show centered around the comedian career and personal life of Jerry Seinfeld, neighbor Cosmo Kramer and close friends George Costanza and Elaine Benes (his ex-girlfriend). The show focused on everyday occurrences that were turned into storylines about "nothing," as well as the dating lives of the characters - namely Jerry, George and Elaine.

The show ended 21 years ago, but the Seinfeld cast reunited in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, another series created by David - which he also stars in. There have been ongoing rumors about a potential reboot/revival throughout the years, but there aren't any indications that Seinfeld and David will do it.

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