Jerry Seinfeld Reveals Hilarious Condition For Rebooting "Seinfeld"

It's been over 21 years since Seinfeld aired its final episode, and some fans continue to hold out hope that there will be a revival or reboot of some sort down the road.

Well, the show's co-creator and main star Jerry Seinfeld took to Twitter and revealed a hilarious condition for rebooting the '90s sitcom - and it has something to do with New York Mets rookie slugger Pete Alonso.

Alonso finished the season with a whopping 53 home runs, which is the most ever for a rookie. He broke the record that was set by New York Yankees All-Star Aaron Judge, who clubbed 52 in the 2017 season.

Seinfeld is referencing "The Boyfriend" two-part episode which included a cameo appearance from Keith Hernandez, who was playing for the Mets at the time. The episode aired on Feb. 12, 1992, and Hernandez was a central figure in the entire plot.

In the episode, Jerry meets Hernandez, and the two form a friendship. However, Kramer (Seinfeld's neighbor), and Newman (Kramer's friend and Jerry's nemesis), allege that Hernandez spat on the both of them when the two heckled him following a Mets loss.

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On top of that, Keith begins dating Jerry's close friend and ex, Elaine Benes, much to Jerry's jealousy. The two eventually call it off, while Kramer and Newman realize that Hernandez wasn't responsible for the spitting incident. As a result, the two sides make up - and they help Hernandez move some furniture.

Seinfeld's final episode - The Finale - was broadcast on May 14, 1998. The cast reunited for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which stars Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. Jerry and other cast members have reprised their roles in commercials, but there aren't any serious indications about a potential reboot.

Seinfeld's deal with Hulu ends in 2021, and Netflix will be taking over afterwards. It's been reported that Seinfeld and David will each earn $100 to $125 million through the Netflix contract.

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