Every Cast Member of Girls' Net Worth

Girls broke onto the scene when it debuted on HBO in 2012, making Lena Dunham a household name in the screenwriting and acting worlds, and showing that a raunchy comedy-drama could feature a leading female cast.

Portraying four aimless young women trying to figure out life in New York City, including their careers, love, and becoming adults, it was relatable to Millennials who found themselves struggling with the same questions and making some of the same bad decisions the characters made.

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Since the series ended its run after six seasons in 2017, what have the actors been up to? Many of them had their breakout TV roles on the series, while some were already big names on the theater circuit. And others, still, have gone on to do big things, including appearing in Oscar-winning films.

Here’s the net worth of the 10 main cast members, with most data coming from CelebrityNetWorth.com.

10 Lena Dunham - $12 million

Dunham not only starred in the HBO series as the lead character Hannah, but she also served as the writer, director, producer, and creator. Naturally, this earned her big coin through the series’ six-season run.

She has written other projects as well, including the semi-autobiographical independent film Tiny Furniture, which earned her an Independent Spirit Award. Considered by Time magazine to be one of the most 100 influential people in the world back in 2013 at the height of Girls’ fame, she has also authored books and has appeared in a number of films. She most recently had a role in American Horror Story: Cult.

9 Allison Williams - $2 million

The daughter of famous former NBC news anchor Brian Williams, this 31-year-old had her breakout role in this series, where she played Marnie, the best friend of Dunham’s character.

Also a singer, she wrote a series of Funny or Die sketches and appeared as a recurring character in the CollegeHumor series Jake and Amir.

Her most notable projects since Girls ended have been as Peter Pan in Peter Pan Live!, which aired on NBC in 2014, starring in the Oscar-winning film Get Out in 2017, and appearing in the Netflix horror film The Perfection.

8 Jemima Kirke - $3 million

This English-American artist and actress, who played Jessa on the show, also starred in Dunham’s independent film Tiny Furniture. This, however, was done as a favor to Dunham, her childhood friend, and thus it didn’t contribute to her overall earnings. She also starred in the indie short film Smile for the Camera, and has appeared in several music videos, including Zayn’s “Dusk Till Dawn.”

Kirke paints and held her own art show in 2017-2018 featuring portrait-style paintings. She considers herself an artist first.

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7 Adam Driver - $10 million

The most high-profile of the actors from the series, aside from Dunham, Driver gained a lot of attention following his role as Adam on Girls, securing roles like Kylo Ren in the Star Wars sequel trilogy films and in BlacKkKlansman, which earned him an Academy Award nomination.

He also does work on Broadway, most recently in Burn This, for which he received a Tony Award nomination. In addition to his acting work, Driver also co-founded the non-profit Arts in the Armed Forces that brings arts programming to active duty service members, veterans, military support staff, and their families. Driver, himself, served in the U.S. Marine Corps for two years.

6 Zosia Mamet - $3 million

An actress and musician, Mamet is known mostly from her role as Shoshanna in Girls, as well as small roles in Mad Men, United States of Tara, and Parenthood.

From an acting family – her grandfather was a playwright, mother an actor, and father a playwright, screenwriter, and film director, Mamet also has her own band called Chacha, and has done voice acting for audiobooks. She most recently appeared in a recurring role in Netflix’s Armistead Maupin’s Taste of the City, a drama based on the novel series.

5 Alex Karpovsky – Under Review

The net worth of this director, actor, screenwriter, producer, and film editor, who played the coffee shop manager Ray on the series, is not widely publicized and considered to be “under review.”

His most notable role since Girls was in the Amazon Prime Video series Homecoming, starring opposite Julia Roberts. He has released a number of films, including independent and feature-length, and directed an episode of Girls and one of Love. He earns additional cash through reading stories for live and radio audiences, and has apparently done hundreds of these, including NPR’s Selected Shorts and The New York Times’ Modern Love.

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4 Andrew Rannells - $4 million

Playing Elijah on the series, Rannells is best known as a theater actor, having appeared in a number of productions, including The Book of Mormon and in the 2016 revival of Falsettos, receiving Tony nominations for both roles. He has also appeared in a number of other high-profile Broadway productions, including Hairspray, Hamilton, and Jersey Boys.

Rannells has also padded his wallet through voice work, and has appeared in movies like Bachelorette and in TV series like Black Monday. He has several new projects in the works.

3 Ebon Moss-Bachrach - $1-$5 million (Under Review)

The newest cast member on the list, having joined as a recurring character in season 3 and main in the final three seasons, Moss-Bachrach played Desi, the troubled boyfriend and later husband of Williams’ character. He is also known for playing David Lieberman in The Punisher.

With bit parts in a number of movies dating back to 2001, including in The Royal Tenenbaums, The Lake House, and, most recently, the 2019 film Lying and Stealing, and TV series since 1999, like Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Fringe, and Damages, Moss-Bachrach has also appeared in several small theater productions. Since he's only recently had break-out roles, however, his net worth is still under review.

2 Peter Scolari - $2 million

Playing Hannah’s father Tad, Scolari has a long acting resume to his credit, including on Newhart and Bosom Buddies in the ‘80s, receiving three Emmy nominations for his work on the former series.

Appearing on Girls in a recurring role throughout the entire series run, Scolari has also worked on Broadway, including most notably playing The Wizard in Wicked. Interestingly, he reunited with his Bosom Buddies co-star Tom Hanks for the play Lucky Guy. His struggles with substance abuse and bipolar disorder were discussed in a 2014 episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?

1 Becky Ann Baker – Under Review

Best known for her role as Jean Weir on Freaks and Geeks, Baker was introduced to a new generation with her role as Lareen, Hannah’s mother, on Girls. In fact, she received an Emmy nomination for the role.

With a long list of film credits to her name, including movies like Blue Steel, Lorenzo’s Oil, Men in Black, War of the Worlds, and Spider-Man 3, her net worth surprisingly still remains unknown and under review. She has also done guest spots on many top TV shows over the years as well, including L.A. Law, Frasier, Star Trek: Voyager, and Sex & the City. She, like many others from the cast, is also an accomplished stage performer.

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