Friends: 20 Biggest Plot Holes Every Fan Will Remember

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 15 years since the final season of Friends aired. The show had such an epic following that it was popular right until the very last episode. We still get to relive it today, though, especially now that it’s on Netflix. There have been rumors about a reunion show, but at this point, we think they are probably just teasing us. The whole cast has gone on to do bigger and better projects and some of them don’t want to come back and relive the good old days.

One thing fans have found since binging on the shows is that there were a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions throughout the series. That is the downfall of having TV shows available to view for 23 hours straight. The show definitely had moments that went unresolved as well as storylines that seemed to have no point whatsoever. We've rounded them up for you to mull over. See if you can pick out these puzzling plot holes the next time you are binging. Check out these 20 biggest plot holes every Friends fan will remember.

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20 Chandler and Rachel Don’t Know Each Other

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That epic pilot season had Rachel running into Central Perk in a wedding dress. Monica recognizes her and introduces her to everyone in the group. At that time, it appears as if Rachel and Chandler have never met. But in later episodes, we see that not only has Chandler been at many Gellar holiday events, he was also at the college parties. He would have easily met Rachel numerous times and we even see the two kissing each other at a college party. So how do they not remember each other?

19 The Locked Door Episode

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During a Thanksgiving episode in season ten, Chandler and Monica lock the rest of the gang out of the apartment to punish them for being late. Rachel manages to get the door unlocked by finding an “old key” she had from when she used to live there. There is still the chain on the door that they have to deal with which gave us the funny scene where all the heads are peaking through. The problem with Rachel's key is that the locks were changed in season eight after Rachel moved out. It happened because the superintendent had to break down the door due to a supposed gas leak.

18 The Unknown Middle Names

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The show made it a pretty big joke when it came to revealing some of the characters middle names. Throughout different episodes, we found out that Joey is Joey Francis Tribbiani and Rachel is Rachel Karen Green. We got a good laugh when we found out that poor Chandler had to live with the name Chandler Muriel Bing. Even Ross revealed that his odd middle name is Eustace. But what about Phoebe and Monica? At no point were their middle names ever revealed in the ten seasons of the show.

17 Ross Has Many Birthdays

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This is something a fan may never pick up on until the opportunity to binge episodes became a thing. One thing we have noticed is that Ross either has a lot of different birthdays or he doesn’t remember the day he was born. During the 9th season, Ross is in the hospital after punching Joey and he mentions that his birthday is October 18. During an earlier episode, he tells Gunther that his birthday is in December. Throughout the years, he also had discrepancies in how old he was. For two years straight, he told people he was 29.

16 Phoebe’s Mysterious Boyfriends

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We have seen Phoebe with quite a few boyfriends over the years. We got pretty familiar with Mike, Gary, and David, but there were a few boyfriends that left us hanging. There were a few times throughout the serious where Phoebe would make a great connection with a guy and then we never heard from him again. She met Clifford Burnett who had a broken leg and she met him in the hospital. They both claimed they had an instant connection together which implied they might start dating, but we never heard from him again. She was also connected to Jake who apparently was a long-term boyfriend earlier in the show, but we only saw him in one episode.

15 We Need to Know What Happened to David

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David used to be the love of Phoebe’s life until Mike came around. We saw him last in the Barbados episode when he proposed to her. She ended up choosing Mike over David but we never found out where David went. When David came back to try and win Phoebe back, we learned how terrible his life was. He lost his grant money because he didn’t discover anything and even lost a toe to frostbite. His life seemed miserable and now we will never know what happened to him.

14 The Permanent Ink Disappeared

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During the season five finale, we get to see a drunk Ross and Rachel get married. We also see them walking around with their faces marked up with permanent ink. “Ross, I am a human doodle!” The whole point of that episode was that they were freaked out because the ink would not wash off. So when the first episode of season six came around, they should still have had ink on their face because it was only the next morning. Yet, the ink was gone. How did they get the ink off their faces?

13 Introducing Bruce Willis

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We have to admit we loved having Jennifer Aniston date the handsome Bruce Willis. Of course, on the show, he was not Bruce Willis but just an average rich guy she happened to meet because she was Ross’ college girlfriend’s father. But considering Chandler, Joey, and Ross were obsessed with the movie Die Hard, you think there would have been some comment about how much Rachel’s new boyfriend looked just like Bruce Willis. Even a joke about it would have been cool. But instead, they completely ignored it.

12 Chandler never remembers

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There was a point in the series where the group was watching an old prom video of Monica’s. This is where Chandler’s memory loss comes into play. During the episode titled "The One With The Prom Video," Monica explains her size by saying that the camera adds ten pounds. So he asks her, "How many cameras were on you?" He acted like this was the first time he saw the overweight version of Monica, yet he went to college with her brother and attended events at her house, so he would have known her during those years. In one of the Thanksgiving flashbacks, he even makes a rude comment about her weight.

11 What Happened to Phoebe’s Dad?

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Throughout the series, Phoebe’s paternity remains, for the most part, a mystery. We learn that she was abandoned by her father before she was born. Then during season two, it is revealed that her father is Frank and he lives upstate. But then in season three, we find out that her real biological father is a man named Phoebe Abbott who was in a polyamorous relationship with her mom. It all starts to get a little shady and when Phoebe finally meets Frank, he tells her that he used to sing to her when she was a baby. But if he left before she was born, then how did he sing to her?

10 Ross before Carol

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When we are first introduced to the relationship between Ross and Carol, we find out that his relationship with her was his first intimate experience. He continues that story even when he gets involved with Rachel. But then in the seventh season, Ross accused Chandler of being intimate with the cleaning woman, but Chandler makes it clear that it was actually Ross. It’s weird that Ross would suddenly forget his “first time” even if it was with the cleaning lady in college. So, it’s not really explained why, for the first few seasons, he said he wasn't intimate with anyone until Carol.

9 Phoebe's Issues With Language

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During the episode called "The One With Rachel’s Date," Phoebe didn’t seem to know what "sous chef" meant, yet she’s supposed to be fluent in French. We didn’t notice it at first, but she should have known about the word if she knew the language well. That was one of the inconsistencies in the show. Later on in the series, she takes it upon herself to teach Joey how to speak French since he needed it for an upcoming audition. It’s definitely one of the many plot holes that seemed to pop up in the show a few times.

8 Phoebe’s Friend Denise Disappeared

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During the beginning of the series, Phoebe had lived with her grandmother until she passed away. After that, she had a roommate named Denise whom she talked about from time to time. At one point, Rachel wants to move in with Phoebe because she finds out that Ross didn’t get their marriage annulled. Then Phoebe tells Rachel that she can stay with her for a little while because Denise was out of town until December 26. The problem is that Denise never comes back and she’s never brought up again.

7 Chandler Does Cry

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There was a whole episode focused on the fact that Chandler is unable to cry. It was called "The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry" and his friends spent the whole episode trying to make him cry. The problem is, in the earlier seasons, the gang got together and during an episode, they were making fun of Chandler because Phoebe made him "cry like a baby." So, clearly, he can cry and it made the later episode completely pointless. It’s things like this that are noticeable if you watch the seasons one after another.

6 When Ross Says "Rachel" At His Wedding

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One of the most epic scenes was wedding between Ross and Emily where Ross calls her "Rachel." Considering what that statement would mean to the dynamic of Ross and Rachel, the two never discuss it. Rachel’s original plan was to go there and tell him that she was in love with him, so you would think after that moment she would have approached him and asked him what he meant. Instead, Emily and Ross break up because she can’t trust him anymore and Ross and Rachel go on with business as usual. Was it just an accident that he said her name or was there deeper meaning behind it?

5 Is Rachel Unemployed?

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Rachel and Ross fans got the ending they wanted during the series finale when Rachel got off the plane and decided to stay with Ross. She was supposed to go to Paris where this amazing job was waiting for her. Instead, she threw it all away to rekindle her relationship with Ross. The problem was it left her life in the air and we have no idea what kind of job she had afterward. She can’t go back to her old job and she tossed Paris away, so what is left for her?

4 The Lost Wedding Venue

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Monica made such a big deal about getting married at the museum that it was kind of weird that she didn’t end up getting married there. Before she got engaged, she stated that the perfect venue for her wedding would be the museum. She got herself on the waiting list even though she wasn’t engaged yet. Then we see Chandler freak out on the phone when he receives a call from the museum letting him know there was a cancellation. After all that drama over the museum, they never did end up getting married there.

3 What Did They Study in College?

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Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Ross all went to college, but there wasn’t a whole lot discussed about what they studied while they were there. We have to assume that Ross studied palaeontology. Rachel apparently started studying psychology, but at some point, switched her studies, but it was never revealed what she studied. When she became friends with Monica again, she stated how she was “qualified for nothing” and eventually started working at the coffee shop. Would she not have been college educated and found a job related to her studies?

2 Chandler Forgot He Said "I Love You" already

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We already know that Chandler has memory loss issues or so it seems anyways. When he told the group that he was in love with Monica in the episode called "The One Where They All Find Out," she hears the declaration and comes out stunned that he said he loved her. Even though in an earlier episode called "The One With All The Thanksgivings" he had already announced he loved her when she was walking around with a turkey on her head. So, why is Monica shocked that he said it again, she already knew that he loved her when she stated "I can’t believe it. You love me!"

1 Judy Doesn’t Apologize to Monica

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The running joke throughout the series is that Monica’s mother, Judy, criticizes everything about her life. From her job to her clothing, Monica can never catch a break when it comes to her mother. At one point during the series, her father Jack apologizes for favoring Ross over the years and gives her his Porsche to make up for it. But not once does Judy ever apologize to Monica. It’s weird that throughout ten years on the show, Monica never really resolves her issues with her mother.

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