The Net Worth Of Every Main Character From Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead, a post-apocalyptic horror drama and companion series/prequel to AMC’s The Walking Dead, has been airing since 2015, with its fifth season underway now on the network.

The cast has changed dramatically from the beginning, with favorite characters like Madison (Kim Dickens), Nick (Frank Dillane), and Travis (Cliff Curtis) all gone. Only a few originals remain, along with a pair of characters who crossed over from The Walking Dead.

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Many of these actors are seasoned ones who you’ve seen in other projects, while others were stage actors, and one even a politician and musician.

How much are they all worth? Here’s a breakdown of the net worth of each main character, with most figures according to CelebrityNetWorth.com.

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10 Alycia Debnam-Carey - $3 million

This Australian actor, who plays the quiet and reserved turned vicious and strong Alicia Clark on the series, was best known prior to this role for playing Commander Lexa on The CW series The 100.

In addition to being a core cast member on this series since the beginning, Debnam-Carey has also appeared in several films, including most recently the 2016 horror flick Friend Request and crime drama film A Violent Separation, which was released in 2019. Acting since she was 8, she has also appeared in a few music videos.

9 Colman Domingo - $2 million (approx.)

While his current earnings might be higher since starring on this series from season one as the charming con man Victor Strand, Domingo’s approximate $2 million net worth is based on his career to date as an actor, playwright, and stage director.

He has appeared in many off and on Broadway plays, including starring as Billy Flynn in Chicago. His role on FTWD started off as a recurring character, but he was promoted to a series regular in season 2. He also earns coin as a playwright and has done some directing as well for the show.

8 Danay Garcia - $3 million

Joining the show in 2016, Garcia, who plays Luciana, previously appeared in Fox drama Prison Break. Hailing from Cuba, she has also worked as a model.

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Her first feature film role was opposite Marisa Tomei in Danika, after which she appeared in a number of other series, including CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, and The Cleaner. In addition to acting, she also earns a living co-writing and co-creating film and TV projects. She currently has two projects in the working, so expect to see more of Garcia coming soon.

7 Ruben Blades - $15 million

It might surprise you to discover that Blades, who plays Daniel Salazar on the series since its beginning, has the second-highest earnings of all the cast members. That’s because this acting role, and acting in general, is just a blip on this talented man’s resume.

He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and worked in an office as Minister of Tourism in his home country of Panama from 2004-2009. He also has a long list of other acting roles dating back to 1983, including Predator 2, Safe House, and The Josephine Baker Story, the latter of which earned him one of three Emmy Award nominations to date.

6 Lennie James - $4 million

As the first character to crossover from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead, James was on the original series from its inception, and his character Morgan Jones has played an integral role in both series, oftentimes as the moral compass.

In addition to acting, he is also a screenwriter and playwright, both of which contribute to his earnings. He has also appeared in many films, including Snatch and Blade Runner 2049, as well as on TV in his home country of England in Critical, and in the U.S. on CBS series Jericho.

5 Maggie Grace - $8 million

Best known for her roles on LOST, the Taken trilogy of films, and The Twilight Saga, Grace has been acting since 2001 and has racked up a serious resume that contributes to her high earnings.

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Her modeling career has also helped pad her wallet, including appearing on the cover of international fashion magazines like Saturday Night and Viva. She’s currently filming a romantic comedy movie called Love, Weddings & Other Disasters, which will also star Diane Keaton, Jeremy Irons, and Jesse McCartney. She currently stars as Althea on FTWD, a journalist who is hellbent on capturing everyone’s story on film.

4 Garret Dillahunt – $4 million

It’s surprising that Dillahunt’s net worth isn’t much higher given the number of high-profile projects for which he has been involved. Prior to snagging the role of the sweet yet sharp-shooting John Dorie on FTWD, he appeared in Burn Notice, Raising Hope, Justified, Deadwood, and ER.

He has also played supporting roles in movies like No Country for Old Men, Winter’s Bone, and 12 Years a Slave. Additionally, you can see him in the first two seasons of Amazon Prime Video series Hand of God, and as a recurring character on anthology comedy series The Guest Book. Prior to his time in film and TV, he also appeared in both on and off-Broadway plays. He has plenty of film projects in the works, so we expect his net worth to continue to rise.

3 Jenna Elfman - $16 million

Known for her roles in the sitcoms Townies and Dharma & Greg, and the film Grosse Point Blank, Elfman is a multiple Primetime Emmy-nominated actress and Golden Globe winner who has appeared in films and on TV since the 90s. She currently appears as the once-closed-off loner and nurse June (first revealing herself as Naomi), now engaged to John Dorie.

She started her professional career appearing in music videos and touring with the band ZZ Top as a “Legs Girl.” But once the acting jobs started flooding in, her net worth took a massive hike. While she makes a good chunk of dough, she also works heavily in fundraising and charitable ventures.

2 Mo Collins - $600,000

It’s surprising that this comedic talent, who is best known for her long-running role and memorable characters and celebrity impressions on sketch comedy series MadTV, hasn’t yet hit the million-dollar mark. She plays the beer-loving, tough trucker gal Sarah on the series.

Following her time on MadTV in the 90s and early 2000s, she appeared on the sitcom Parks and Recreation, and has had guest roles on a number of popular series including Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and small roles in films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Having battled a rare form of cancer in 2011, she has bounced back in full form.

1 Austin Amelio - $100,000 - $1 million (Under Review)

Once one of the most hated villains on The Walking Dead, Dwight has redeemed himself and left his old group behind, after which he came upon the group in Fear the Walking Dead, which marked Amelio’s official crossover to that series this season.

Amelio (who doesn't really have burns on his face) hasn’t yet racked up many credits, which may be why his net worth is still “under review.” He has appeared in some short films. In addition to acting, he is also an avid skateboarder. He recently appeared in the horror film, Mercy Black.

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