Every Cast Member Of The Crown's Net Worth

The third season of this hit British historical drama just premiered on Netflix. The Crown is our favorite royal family adaptation, and this season we even got a whole new cast. While we know you're probably a die-hard Margaret fan, or maybe you live and breathe Queen Elizabeth, we're sure you're also fans of the actors and actresses that bring these amazing people to the big screen.

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So, in case you're wondering who these people are, and what projects contribute to their fame, we've made a list. Here are 10 of the main actors from the show and their net worth, taken from Celebrity Net Worth.

10 Pip Torrens - $1 Million

Pip Torrens plays Tommy Lascelles in the first two seasons of the series. He was King George's private secretary, and then was Elizabeth's for a period of time. He actually has A LOT of acting credits under his belt, and we're actually surprised he doesn't have a higher net worth. He has recurring roles in many British shows, but he's also been in a few blockbuster films, including The Aftermath, The Danish Girl, and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. It's clear he's not new to acting, and we kind of loved his character from the show.

9 Victoria Hamilton - $1.7 Million

This lovely lady plays the Queen Mother in the first two seasons. She actually has quite the background in theater, and she's done plenty of work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theater.

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In case you're not a theater lover, she also has a recurring role on a handful of British series, including The Game, Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned and Lark Rise to Candleford. In fact, she pretty much only acts for television, but we love her nonetheless.

8 Jeremy Northam - $3 Million

You'll remember this man as Anthony Eden from the first two seasons. He appears in 11 episodes, and plays the Prime Minister who takes Winston Churchill's place. He has also been in a few other shows, including Miami Medical and White Heat. He actually started in film, and has quite a few acting credits under his belt from the '90s. Of course, we think this role was one of his most popular, and he played it pretty darn well.

7 Claire Foy - $4 Million

Honestly, all hail Claire Foy. Obviously, she's the Queen in the first two seasons. This series definitely made her name known to the world, and her career is only going up from there. She actually has appeared as a leading role in a few recent blockbuster films, including Breathe, First Man, Unsane, and The Girl in the Spider's Web. We're totally convinced her net worth will get higher within the next few years, because this woman has so much talent and brilliance to offer.

6 Vanessa Kirby - $4 Million

We're kind of love with Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. While she's also been in a few television shows, she mainly has moved over to the big screen, much like Claire Foy.

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You can find this bombshell in A Streetcar Named Desire, Everest, Me Before You, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and most recently, she had a large role in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. She's brilliant, to say the least, and we definitely haven't heard the last from her, either.

5 Olivia Colman - $6 Million

Olivia Colman has taken over as Queen Elizabeth for the newest season. She's also just recently made a name for herself, but she's been acting since 2000. In fact, she has a ton of acting credits, most of which are television shows. Most recently, she had a recurring role on Fleabag. If you're a movie buff, you can find her in Murder on the Orient Express or The Favorite, where she also plays a Queen, and actually took home an Oscar for her incredible and mesmerizing role. We want to protect this woman at all costs, and we're sure that net worth is about to get even more impressive.

4 Tobias Menzies - $6 Million

This man is the new Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, this isn't his first television role. You might recognize this famous face from Outlander, where he appears in 24 episodes as Frank Randall.

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Or, for more medieval fans, he also plays Edmure Tully on Game of Thrones. We know you're going ah, that's where he's from! Well, you're welcome, and we definitely expect more greatness from this man. Plus, he's pretty perfect at playing Philip.

3 Matt Smith - $9 Million

Of course, we'll never forget that Matt Smith originally brought the role of Philip to life. Clearly, he actually has one of the highest net worths of the original cast, and has quite a few acting credits to prove it. In case you didn't know, for whatever reason, he's actually the doctor on Doctor Who from 2010-2014. Yeah, mind blown. He's also been in a handful of movies, but we think he's most iconic as the doctor and as our wonderfully courageous Prince Philip.

2 John Lithgow - $45 Million

John Lithgow is probably not surprisingly the highest-earning actor from the first two seasons. In fact, we're kind of surprised it isn't higher. This man has quite the impressive roster, and he even has two Oscar nominations for roles back in the '80s. More recently, you might recognize him from Pet Sematary or Daddy's Home 2. But mainly, we're most excited for this man's role in the upcoming film Bombshell, where he'll take a leading part as Roger Ailes.

1 Helena Bonham Carter - $60 Million

This brilliant and talented woman is honestly one of everyone's favorite actresses. It's not surprising that she's at the top of this list. She took over as Margaret for the third season, but she is certainly not new to acting. In fact, she's Tim Burton's favorite actress, and she works alongside Johnny Depp A LOT in his films. But most recently, she's shown us her brilliance in Ocean's Eight, where she's absolutely amazing. Of course, we also love her from the Harry Potter franchise, where she plays Bellatrix Lestrange. Honestly, just go re-watch all of her movies. We love what she brings to The Crown, and we're not surprised to see her net worth take the top spot on the list.

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