Every Cast Member Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Net Worth

We all know and love this sitcom surrounding the 99th Precinct. The seventh season of this hilarious show is set to premiere in February 2020, and we're  excited to get some more of this stellar cast and crew. Of course, we probably all have our favorite characters, and we're also probably obsessed with the wonderful actors and actresses that bring them to life.

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While we know a lot about the characters, have you ever wondered just how much this cast makes from the show? Of course, some of them have dabbled in other projects, and others dedicate their life solely to BNN. So, to satisfy your curiosity, here are the main cast members of the show and their net worth, taken from Celebrity Net Worth.

10 Marc Evan Jackson - $1.5 Million

This man plays Captain Holt's husband, Kevin. He's a comedian and an actor, but he's only had a few roles here and there. Most recently, he's had a recurring role in The Good Place as Shawn, and he's also in a few other series where he plays a character for a couple of episodes. He also had a role on the big screen for Kong: Skull Island and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. You can also find him in the upcoming film Bombshell alongside Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman, where he plays Chris Wallace.

9 Melissa Fumero - $2 Million

Melissa Fumero is our favorite totally organized and completely quirky female cop. This lady is a full-time mom, but she still makes time to play Amy Santiago. Of course, she doesn't really have a whole lot of extra time, so this show is pretty much the main attribution to her net worth. We respect the hell out of this woman, and we're so happy she's our Amy.

8 Chelsea Peretti - $3 Million

Chelsea is a comedian, actress, and writer. She actually has a recurring role in Big Mouth as Monica Foreman-Greenwald. Of course, we know and love her from this sitcom, and it's probably her most famous role.

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Gina is always right, and we couldn't imagine anyone else playing this iconic and hilarious role. She's actually married to Jordan Peele, and also has a little munchkin, so we're sure her hands are full.

7 Dirk Blocker - $3 Million

This man actually has a ton of acting credits under his belt. His most recent thing is this show, although he's had a couple of one-time roles on other TV series. Dirk actually starting acting in the '70s, and he's played roles on a ton of series, as well as dabbled in some films. He was Jeff Shaw in Poltergeist (1982)which is one we probably all know. It's safe to say he's had his share of characters.

6 Stephanie Beatriz - $3 Million

This bombshell is also best known from this show, but she's also had a recurring role on Bob's Burgers, BoJack Horseman, Human Discoveries, and Modern Family. She actually does a lot of voice acting, which might surprise you to know. Still, we love her the most as Rosa Diaz, and we are absolutely blessed with this brilliant and stunning actress.

5 Joel McKinnon Miller - $3 Million

This man may play a simpleton on the show, but he has a ton of acting credits to prove his worth in the industry. Sure, we know and love him as Scully, but he's been acting since the early '90s. He's had a small role in many television series, but he's also dabbled in film. Much like his buddy, Hitchcock, most of his roles are one-time appearances in a single episode. Honestly, we love every one of his cameos.

4 Joe Lo Truglio - $5 Million

This man is often the hilarious and quirky guy in any movie or show. He has many, many acting credits, from multiple appearances on hit shows to a hilarious part in blockbuster films. He's also in Bob's Burgers, and he has a small role in Wet Hot American Summer. As for movies, you can find him doing some voice acting, but he's also in Pitch Perfect 2 and About Last Night. This man also has a little toddler, so give him a break before he hits the big screen again.

3 Andre Braugher - $8 Million

This man has become iconic for his role as Captain Holt, but he's actually quite the veteran when it comes to acting. He's had a recurring role in many television series, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, BoJack Horseman, and Hack. 

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However, he's been in films and television since the early '90s, and you might recognize him from some crime classics such as Primal Fear and Thick as Thieves. He is said to make $100,000 per episode on BNN, and his net worth is definitely up there for this cast.

2 Andy Samberg - $16 Million

Seriously, what would this show be without Andy Samberg? Andy is not new to the big screen or the television screen, but he's definitely Jake Peralta in our hearts. He's actually a prominent actor for Saturday Night Liveand we're guessing you probably know this man from his iconic and hilarious group, The Lonely Island. He makes about $125,000 per episode as Jake Peralta, but he's definitely made a name for himself in Hollywood and on the small screen. In fact, he also does voice-acting, and our new favorite role is Johnathan from the Hotel Transylvania franchise.

1 Terry Crews - $20 Million

It's probably not surprising that this man has the highest net worth of the cast. Terry used to play for the NFL before he moved on to acting. In 1996, he produced the feature film Young Boys Incorporated. Since then, he's pursued acting, and he's dabbled in many small roles on television, but also on the big screen. You can find Terry in Draft Day, Scary Movie 5, The Ridiculous 6, The Expendables, and many more! Also, in case you really want to see this man's amazing personality, he's now the host of America's Got Talent. So, it's safe to say that net worth will likely increase. However, this many also has a little "crew" of kids, so he's a busy man.

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