Can Disney+ Really Make It To 90 Million Subscribers By 2024?

10 million people signed up to Disney+ on day one. Disney has given itself five years to multiply that number by at least six.

Most assumed Disney+ would be welcomed with open arms considering the buzz that has surrounded the new streaming service for the past few years. However, even Disney wasn't prepared for the popularity of its newest product on launch day. 10 million people signed up for Disney+ on day one. So many that it caused the service to immediately crash for a lot of people.

As reported by Variety, Disney admitted that it was a little overwhelmed and only expected a maximum of eight million subscribers so soon into Disney+'s existence. After just one day the brand new streaming service had already surpassed HBO Now and CBS All Access/Showtime which have accrued eight million subscribers each during their entire respective tenures.

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10 million in one day is all well and very good, but what exactly is the ceiling for Disney+? Well, the original goal was somewhere between 60 and 90 million subscribers by the year 2024. To put that into perspective, Netflix currently has 158 million but has taken 12 years to make it to that lofty number. Then again, Netflix didn't have the name recognition and hype surrounding it that Disney does when it launched.

On the downside, that 10 million figure isn't as solid a foundation as it might seem. Disney+ offers a free seven-day trial so by the time you read this, a large chunk of that base may have already disappeared. Another section is made up of Verizon customers who get Disney+ free for an entire year. At least they won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Following the success of its launch, analyst Daniel Ives believes the five years Disney has given itself to hit the 90 million mark is a modest one. Even with people leaving after their free trial, Ives is now of the belief that Disney+ will be closing in on the nine-figure mark within three years, not five. Perhaps another two years after that they'll be closing in on however many subscribers Netflix has by 2024.

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