Every Cast Member of Dawson's Creek's Net Worth, Ranked

The success of the series Dawson’s Creek made it a popular show among the teenage demographic in the late 90s and early 2000s. WB wanted the show to break new ground on their network by portraying real stories teenagers dealt with that was often considered too risqué for most shows. The main characters of Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter, Jen Lindley and Joey Potter attempted to figure out life, love, friendship and everything in between throughout six seasons.

We will look at just how much success the actors and actresses from the cast would achieve in their careers. Net worth figures typically show the value a celebrity has by looking at just how much they accomplished to reach that level. The ten names with the highest figures from the show will be featured here. Find out who is ranking the highest when it comes to the net worth of every Dawson’s Creek actor.

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10 Meredith Monroe: $1 million

The career of Meredith Monroe peaked during her time on the cast of Dawson’s Creek. Producers wanted to add some new characters to the mix after the first season. Monroe was casted to portray the role of Andie McPhee starting in the second season.

Andie became part of the gang and a romantic interest of Pacey. Monroe held the role from seasons two through four until the character left the show before the college years. The run helped her net worth reach the $1 million total as a solid number for a forgettable acting career.

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9 Kerr Smith: $2 million

Kerr Smith played the role of Andie’s brother Jack McPhee and actually had a longer run than Andie. Jack was a gay character that dealt with the struggle of coming out in Dawson’s Creek. Jen became his best friend and he remained in the series until its end after joining in Season 2.

Smith has a net worth of $2 million for his impressive acting career. Dawson’s Creek is likely still the role that people most remember him for. Smith surely made the most of his opportunity to set up a good future for him and his family.

8 John Wesley Shipp: $2 million

The parents of Dawson played a huge role on Dawson’s Creek in the early seasons of the show. John Wesley Shipp was a highly respected actor and received the important role of Dawson’s father Mitch Leery. The role lasted four seasons as a regular with a few appearances after that.

Shipp was known for playing The Flash in the early 90s and has a role on CW’s The Flash as Barry Allen’s father. The net worth of Shipp is $2 million as his acting career is still going in the later years of his life. Many actors would find ultimate pride in having such longevity in Hollywood.

7 Sasha Alexander: $6 million

Sasha Alexander joined the cast of Dawson’s Creek as a regular for Season 4. The role of Gretchen Witter featured her in stories as both Pacey’s sister and Dawson’s love interest. Once things go sour with both Jen and Joey, Dawson falls for the older woman in college.

Alexander only spent that one season on the show before moving forward with her career as the show reached the college years. The various roles throughout the years have seen Alexander become a successful actress as her net worth is an impressive $6 million.

6 Joshua Jackson: $8 million

Many would have predicted Joshua Jackson to have the strongest career of the Dawson’s Creek cast back at the start. Jackson was already beloved by many for his role in the Mighty Ducks movies as a young child actor.

Dawson’s Creek was his first major television role entering adulthood and he played a huge impact in the success of the success. Pacey dealt with the most changes and overcame it all as Jackson delivered some deep acting. The net worth of Jackson is still impressive today at $8 million.

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5 Oliver Hudson: $10 million

Many people will forget that Oliver Hudson was a part of the Dawson’s Creek cast since he only joined the show in the final season. Hudson plays the role of Eddie Doling when the show needed a new character to enter a love storyline with Joey.

Doling did not have a significantly memorable impact, but he was a main part of the storylines in the last season. Hudson continued scoring relevant television roles throughout the years in shows like Rules of Engagement, Nashville and Scream Queens to get his net worth at a tremendous $10 million.

4 James Van Der Beek: $10 million

The lead role of Dawson Leery gave James Van Der Beek a huge acting role early in his career. Dawson was the heart of the show as the series focused on his relationship with friends and family. Van Der Beek spent the entire series in the title role as the face of Dawson’s Creek.

Despite it taking some time to break out of the role after the series end, the career of Van Der Beek continued picking up steam with many television and movie roles. His net worth is currently at $10 million to show just how much value James held in Hollywood.

3 Busy Philipps: $12 million

Busy Philipps was one of the later additions to the show that fans would have liked to see earlier. The character of Audrey Liddell becomes Joey’s close friend in college and part of the gang for the final two seasons of Dawson’s Creek.

Philipps had great chemistry with the rest of the cast that had us wondering if the show would have been even better with her in it from the start. The net worth of Philipps reached an impressive $12 million as her career continued progressing after the series ended.

2 Michelle Williams: $16 million

The role of Jen Lindley was played by Michelle Williams as the newest member of the community trying to make new friends with the gang. Dawson dates Jen in the first season of Dawson’s Creek to cause friction with Joey as the twists and turns keep coming.

Williams has been arguably the most successful person from the cast with four Oscar nominations, one Tony nomination and a Golden Globe win. The net worth of Williams is at $16 million thanks to incredible performances in movies like Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine and Manchester by the Sea.

1 Katie Holmes: $25 million

The highest net worth for anyone from the cast of Dawson’s Creek is Katie Holmes at $25 million. Holmes was a huge part of the show with her friendship with Dawson serving as the backbone of the series. The career of Holmes continued thriving with consistent roles in movies and television shows.

Holmes’ relationship with Tom Cruise made her an even bigger name in the public eye that added to her star power. The time on Dawson’s Creek introduced the world to Holmes and set the stage for her to become a massive star in Hollywood.

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