Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: The Cast's Net Worth

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend focuses on Rebecca Bunch, a successful lawyer who lives in New York. After meeting her ex-boyfriend by chance, she decides to move to West Covina to chase love. During the first season, the public follows Rebecca's audacious plans to reconquer her ex and also getting involved with other people along the way.

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However, the show is not exactly about love, but rather about mental health. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has no heroes or villains, and all characters go through a lot of changes during the seasons. Every episode brings at least two musical scenes, another strong feature of the show. So most of the actors have a significant background in theater musicals. Keep scrolling and find out the net worth of each actor.

10 Vella Lovell - Unknown

There is no information about Vella Lovell's net worth. She plays Heather, Rebecca's neighbor, and a student who is still living with her parents. Heather evolves a lot during the show. Lovell doesn't believe she has much in common with her character.

"I care deeply about what people think about me," she told The Muse. "I like people, please. I think what was really freeing about playing Heather is that she doesn't. The heart is still the same, but she doesn't care about what other people think. She'll think a thing and say a thing."

9 Pete Gardner - Unknown

There is no information about Pete Gardner's net worth. He plays Darryl Whitefeather, who owns a Lawyer firm and is also Rebecca's boss. In the middle of season one, he finds out he is bisexual.

"Honestly, I've just treated it as any other romantic storyline," Gardner told EW. "It's just about falling in love, and that's what's so great about this show. It hasn't been like one episode, and all of a sudden, Darryl's gay. It has been very slow."

8 Vincent Rodriguez III - $300.000

Vincent Rodriguez III plays Josh, Rebecca's ex-boyfriend. It is the first leading role of the Philipino-American actor. "The musical element was very exciting, but really the first appeal was reading that breakdown of Josh," he told Variety.

"It was shocking. It was me. And it's rare you find one that really resonates with you, specifically as a minority. I've been in this business a long time, and never had I seen that — a breakdown that depicts my attributes, my history." He has a $300.000 net worth.

7 Scott Michael Foster - $500.000

Scott Michael Foster has a net worth estimated at $500.000. He entered the show in the second season, and he plays Nathaniel Plimpton, who buys the law firm where Rebecca works. He has a complicated relationship with his father and also with Rebecca. Like other characters, he also evolves a lot during the show.

"He spirals a little bit, and then you start to see him take a stand and make a decision, and then he realizes he's not quite strong enough to make a decision yet," Foster told Variety. "He does a little bit of back and forth."

6 Gabrielle Ruiz - up to $1.000.000

There is no precise information about Gabrielle Ruiz's net worth. Some sources say it is between $100.000 and $1.000.000. She plays Valencia, Josh's girlfriend, and a yoga instructor. She has a theater background which helps her on the several musical scenes in the show

"Coming from the theater world, I'm used to rehearsing from noon till six and then eight to 11 schedule on stage," she told Hollywood Life. "A lot of my live theater skills came in handy where you just are given choreography." She added, "Our choreographer would send us a song that we were parodying and I stayed in my lane and I would do my homework on the theme of the song."

5 Santino Fontana - $1.000.000

Santino Fontana has a net worth estimated at $1.000.000. He has a significant theater background and has received a Tony Award nomination for his role on Broadway's Cinderella, as the Prince Topher. In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, he plays Greg Serrano, who is Josh's best friend and also falls in love with Rebecca. Fontana almost missed the role because he thought he would not be the right person for it.

"Initially, I turned down the audition because I thought, Well, they're not going to want me for this, this isn't a thing, they're going to cast Zach Levi", he told Vulture. "This isn't for me! The casting director, who's a friend here in New York, reached out to me personally and was like, "Please come in. Let me tell you what I think they really want."

4 Skylar Astin - $1.000.000

Skylar Astin has a net worth evaluated on $1.000.000. He replaced Santino Fontana as Greg Serrano because Fontana was committed to a musical on Broadway. Greg comes back and sees that his feelings for Rebecca are still alive.

"When he decided that this show didn't work for his schedule, we took that Greg storyline and moved it all up," co-creator and showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna said. "In thinking about bringing him back, we reached out to let him know we were doing that."

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3 David Hull - $1.500.000

David Hull has a net worth estimated at $1.500.000. He plays White Josh, and he is also a friend of Josh and Greg since high school. White Josh also starts a relationship with Darryl during the first season.

"I was in that phase where I didn't know if I was going to go back to NYC or stay out here," he told Vulture. "I had always planned on going back. I don't know what they would have done if I didn't do it. I don't know if there'd be a reason for White Josh without me!"

2 Donna Lynne Champlin - Unknown

Donna Lynne Champlin plays Paula Proctor, Rebecca's best friend. She also faces many struggles while trying to find balance with work, college, and family. There is no information about her net worth.

"While prepping for my audition, I googled both Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna, and I realized I was already a big fan of both of them," Champlin told Tell-Tale TV. "I had seen many of Rachel's YouTube videos from them just popping up on my Facebook feed over the years and had never even realized that she was the same woman in all of them.

1 Rachel Bloom - $2.000.000

Rachel Bloom has a net worth evaluated on $2.000.000. She is the star and co-creator of the show. Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a successful lawyer in New York who leaves everything behind to stalk her ex-boyfriend in West Covina. The character has several ups and downs and raises the discussion about mental health with a comic and sensitive approach.

"The show was always about one person's quest for who they are inside. For me, it was always about, how do you find out — not who you are, because that's a", Bloom told Hollywood Reporter. Ongoing journey — but how do you get in touch with your inner happiness and then actually execute that? How do you marry the inside with the outside?"

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