'Baby Yoda' Toys Will Be Here In Time For The Holidays

Disney's original Star Wars series The Mandalorian is two episodes old and fans have already decided who the show's star is.

Disney+ has officially launched in the US and with it, the streaming service's first original series, The Mandalorian. A TV show set in the Star Wars universe that follows the exploits of a bounty hunter. The series takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi and although it is only two episodes old, fans have already settled on their favorite character.

Baby Yoda. Well, not technically Baby Yoda as the place on the timeline where The Mandalorian takes place means we are well past Yoda's infancy. Instead, it appears to be a creature from the same species as Yoda who is far younger than the iconic Star Wars character. Viewers have not yet been told the little guy's name and he is simply being referred to as The Child.

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The Child has become an internet sensation and even if you live in a country where Disney+ isn't yet available, chances are you will have seen countless 'Baby Yoda' memes. Fans will also be able to buy Baby Yoda merchandise before actually seeing the show, reports CNBC. T-shirts sporting the character's likeness are already being sold on Amazon.

That's just the start of it. By the time Christmas rolls around, there will be a whole line of Baby Yoda merchandise available from various retailers including pluses and toys. Show creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni didn't want to reveal the products along with the rest of the line as it would have spoiled The Child's surprise appearance at the end of episode one.

The irony of the hype surrounding The Child is rooted in how Star Wars fans reacted to the introduction of Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. Ewoks were written into the movie so Star Wars had characters to turn into soft toys and sell. This feels a lot like history repeating itself and fans are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Us included. Do you think we're going to pass up on a Baby Yoda plush? Think again.

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